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Should I do political science at a top school, or double at a good, but "lesser" school?

bonusoceansbonusoceans 35 replies16 threads Junior Member
So, I've always been interested in politics and philosophy. When I applied to schools as a freshman I applied strictly as a philosophy major and got into Middlebury, which I heavily considered. Eventually, I was accepted to Berkeley and was not a fan of how analytical their courses and department were so I switched to my 2nd option, political science. I didn't really have a clear career goal in mind. I'm definitely not going into law school, but I was vaguely interested in things like PR specialist, consultant, working directly on political campaigns, etc.

I'm not set on a career path, but I love learning for the sake of learning and would pursue academia if it were financially and economically viable. I'm heavily considering becoming a high school teacher because my teachers are huge inspirations for me and made high school oddly enjoyable.

Anyways, I withdrew from Cal for a plethora of reasons. My 2nd option is UCSB, and if I don't get accepted then I will return to Cal.

Which brings me to my next point, I am absolutely enamored by my religious studies class here at CC. And I come to learn UCSB has the best religion department in the state, while Cal recently retired their major. If I were to do religion at UCSB, I would throw in polisci or philosophy as a double major.

My philosophy professor coincidentally went to Cal and did a religion and philosophy double. He also had some criticisms of the department there and what to expect if I follow the same path he did (but he was surprised to learn Cal no longer offers religious studies). He did praise and encourage me to give Santa Barbara a chance, though.
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Replies to: Should I do political science at a top school, or double at a good, but "lesser" school?

  • doschicosdoschicos 25944 replies257 threads Senior Member
    Seems like waiting until you get accepted at UCSB would be a good idea before you worry about "what ifs".
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  • bonusoceansbonusoceans 35 replies16 threads Junior Member
    To clarify why I chose Cal over Middlebury: I wanted to stay in California after Vassar College flew me out to visit their campus and I discovered I'm not the biggest fan of the East Coast. Both schools costed roughly the same, but I preferred the urban setting and I have family in the Bay Area.
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  • bonusoceansbonusoceans 35 replies16 threads Junior Member
    I get that. But if I meet all the requirements for TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee), which I currently am. I have little reason to believe I wouldn't make it to UCSB. My GPA is strong, I was able to make it in as a freshman, and I'm not applying to an impacted major.
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  • juilletjuillet 12737 replies162 threads Super Moderator
    I'm not sure what your question is. Is it should you return to Cal or should you attend UCSB?

    I think this question is difficult to answer without knowing why you withdrew from Cal. You said that there were a plethora of reasons, so it wasn't just the analytical nature of the philosophy department (which, quite frankly, baffles me. A philosophy major is *supposed* to be analytical; philosophy is about using logic to think about things). What else was it? Because to me, that makes all the difference.

    UCSB is a great school and you can have a bright future from there.
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  • albertsaxalbertsax 298 replies5 threads Member
    If Berkeley isn't the right fit for you go to UCSB. A future employer isn't going to look down on you for attending a "lesser school" (and if they do, you shouldn't be working there).
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  • Dancer14Dancer14 154 replies27 threads Junior Member
    It seems like you are way more enthusiastic about the prospects of UCSB
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