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Undergrad+Grad School

goodschoolboundgoodschoolbound 12 replies12 threads Junior Member
Hey. I had a question about what I should do. One of the options I am considering is to major in Computer Science in undergrad and then get an MBA for grad school. My goal is to hopefully work my way up to the top of a company. Would it be necessary to get an MBA after undergrad? Thanks.
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Replies to: Undergrad+Grad School

  • snarlatronsnarlatron 1595 replies45 threads Senior Member
    I’m not in business but everyone I know who got an MBA did so after several years of business experience, not right out of undergrad.
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  • RiversiderRiversider 934 replies111 threads Senior Member
    Often finances and circumstances are the deciding factors behind gap between undergrad and grad degree. Also getting accepted into top graduate programs right after undergrad isn’t possible for most.
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  • tk21769tk21769 10709 replies27 threads Senior Member
    You're getting ahead of yourself.
    Many college students change majors at least once.
    You may not even like computer science once you discover what college-level courses are all about.

    But to answer your question:
    no, it is not necessary to get an MBA.
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  • airway1airway1 783 replies7 threads Member
    You will be overqualified with the MBA but under-qualified with no job experience. MBA usually requires work experience. Which university is offering this? Most go for a masters of finance or related to your major
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