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repeating course/getting into major

elstudentttelstudenttt 58 replies53 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 111 Junior Member
hey guys,

I need some help/advice. I'm currently a sophomore in college and am on the brink of not getting into my major. I came in as a pre-bio major. After two quarters of taking chemistry and thinking more about the future (do I want to be a bio major? medical school? etc.) I decided I didn't want to. I tried taking econ 1 in the spring, I enjoyed it and found it interesting, but I didn't do as well as I could (got a C). Still despite that I decided I wanted to major in Econ. Well fast forward a year, I'm probably not gunna pass Econ 2 for a second time. This year has kind of been a rollercoaster for me and academically I have suffered. The fast pace of the quarter system hasn't been helpful for learning material (still no excuse i should have worked harder). The first time I took the class I bombed the first midterm got scared and took it p/np and resigned myself to retaking it again (should have never done that). The second time around once again i did not apply myself properly until it was too late. I have the final tmrw and idk if I'm going to get the grade that I need (depends on how my class does as well because it's graded on a curve). Basically Im not sure what I will do going forward and could use any advice. Thanks
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