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What should I Major in if I want to be a vet?

leprechaun103leprechaun103 52 replies15 postsRegistered User Junior Member
I am about to go into my Junior year of high school and I am very confused. I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian all my life. Now that I’ve begun looking at colleges, I am unsure what major will best prepare me for getting into vet school. I’ve always thought that majors were things like “subjects” so you major in Bio or Chem or something, however now I am seeing things like “Pre-Vet” or “Pre-Vet Track”. Are those majors too? I’m so confused!!
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Replies to: What should I Major in if I want to be a vet?

  • GumbymomGumbymom 27433 replies143 postsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    Animal Science, Animal Biology, Biology, Zoology etc.. are common majors once the degree requirements overlap with the Vet school requirements. It really does not matter which major you select for Undergrad as long as you complete the Vet school course requirements and each Vet school could have slightly different course requirements.
    Pre-Vet track is usually an intention meaning you are following a specific set of courses to meet the Veterinarian school requirements.


    In General you will need:
    College Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry
    Animal Physiology
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  • momocarlymomocarly 857 replies7 postsRegistered User Member
    A chemistry major also works to easily fit requirements but as the above poster said any major will work as long as you do the prerequisites. Every vet school has different requirements so look at those you may be interested. Some have math or statistics requirements, others don’t. Microbiology, nutrition, speech, and medical terminology are others many vet schools require.

    When you visit a college and meet with a pre-vet advisor they will explain it. You will also need experience with animals and with a vet, high grades, and a high GRE score.
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  • jllmtwjllmtw 66 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    You also want to have some experience working with a vet. As stated above, Animal Science is a popular path.
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  • leprechaun103leprechaun103 52 replies15 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    Thanks everyone for clearing that up!!
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