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Thinking of switching majors as a junior

refreshmymindrefreshmymind 0 replies1 threads New Member
So I was accepting into my sonography program and I’ve started my classes and I’m realizing I’m not interested in anything I’m doing. I’ve had doubts before but I kept pushing them off because I thought I was overthinking. I didn’t realize how much anatomy this program was and I barely passed anatomy. The only really I passed A&P 1 with lab and A&P2 with lab was because my professor had a grading curve and without that I would of failed. I feel so lost because for the longest time this was the only thing I wanted to do. Mentally I feel like I’m in a bad head space. It’s effected my day to day life.
I’ve been thinking about switching to public health because I’m still interested in health just not the clinical aspect of it. I’ve also thought about psychology.
I’ve talked to my parents about everything and they saw how my mental well-being was being affected by everything. They suggest I should take a break from school and work on myself and figure out what I want to do.
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  • bopperbopper 14299 replies101 threadsForum Champion CWRU Forum Champion
    1) Get evaluated for depression to make sure that this isn't an underlying issue
    2) Why did you want to do Sonography? Did you think it would be a good job? Are you interested in anatomy? Did you think you would like working with people? Did you think you would like helping people?
    3) You may have discovered you don't like working clinically...But what would you do with psychology?
    4) Your parents may want you to take a break from school to address any underlying depression and get that under control before they spend more money on school.
    5) Before you leave school, talk to different professors...talk to your A&P professor and see what they would suggest you do...it coudl be they say "I agree, you are not strong in A&P, so Sonography may not be a good career option. " or they may say "You passed and you will learn more by doing. " Or talk to professors in classes you did do well in and see what they suggest for career ideas.
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  • MistySteel27MistySteel27 55 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Radiology fields are all very anatomy dependent. My husband does cat scan and you really really need to be strong in anatomy. Sonography is not for everyone and is a difficult major plus very difficult to get into a program. The fact you got in says that someone saw in you the potential to be a good sonographer. This might sound insane but have you considered nursing? You probably already have the prerequisites done for it and once you have your BSN you don’t have to do direct patient care for long. You can work in public health or government in an administrative capacity. Every hospital has infection control nurses who keep track of the infectious diseases and do employee education about good infection prevention practices. RNs have so many options
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