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International/Global Studies and Psychology Double Major?

em0218em0218 0 replies1 threads New Member
I am planning to become a missionary psychologist overseas after college, and I think a Global Studies major may fit well with a Psych major. After doing more research, it seems as if most GS programs are geared towards political and business type careers, not so much psychology. I was thinking a GS degree could be helpful while working overseas, but is GS really more for political/business careers? Not sure if I should pursue the double major, or just single major in Psych.
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Replies to: International/Global Studies and Psychology Double Major?

  • juilletjuillet 12734 replies162 threads Super Moderator
    I'm not really sure what a missionary psychologist is! (I'm a social psychologist.) Is that like a counseling psychologist who uses a Christian/ministry-focused therapeutic lens in overseas contexts?

    Very generally speaking, liberal arts majors don't have to be geared towards any one type of career. A global studies (or international studies) major can go into politics, business, nonprofit, government, NGO, or any other kind of work. The key determinant of whether you should choose it should be if you are interested in the academic work you'd be doing and if you think that the knowledge would be personally or professionally useful to you. It sounds like it would be.
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