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Accounting or Computer Information Systems?

edwill3456edwill3456 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hey I need advice . I am decided whether to major in accounting or computer information systems. Is it possible to get a job with just a bachelors in accounting? Also which major do you think is more marketable? A bachelors in accounting or a bachelors in computer information systems? I'm not sure if I can get a CPA because im running out of time.
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Replies to: Accounting or Computer Information Systems?

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 79687 replies712 threads Senior Member
    It may help others help you if you explain what "running out of time" means, like how many semesters of college you have before graduation, and when you are required to declare a major (or subarea within business).

    For CPA, you need to look into the educational prerequisites in the state you want to take the exam in.
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