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UC Davis or University of Florida?

paxromana200paxromana200 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
Which one has a better International Relations/International Studies/etc. program? And which one would I have a better shot at? Consider that I am female, Asian, ranked #2 in my class with about a 4.1 GPA, involved in many extracurriculars, and from California. If you need any more info about me, I'd be happy to provide that. But mostly, I'd love to know which one has a better IR/IS program. I'm looking for a safety/low match, by the way. Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Replies to: UC Davis or University of Florida?

  • kmazzakmazza - Posts: 864 Member
    Umm, well UF's IR/IS program is a certificate not a degree if I recall. In regards to UCD, realize it is still primarily a AG school but always had a strong social science education due to it's proximity to Sac. There are many tracks to take at UCD as they encourage a foreign internship unless would like to study more AG/Environmental Science stuff. The IR program is still primarily upper division so you would be best served to attend a CCC to complete and do well in all your lower division requirements prior to transfer. If you would like more information on requirements or different tracks feel free to post, hope that helps.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 83,184 Senior Member
    ^^^ LOL....

    Isn't it really hard to get into UF from out of state?

    Aren't there any other UCs with a good IR program? What about some other schools? What about American U?

    Pax...will your parents pay for whatever school you go to?
  • UCBChemEGradUCBChemEGrad Registered User Posts: 10,277 Senior Member
    RML, Davis is far from a dump and boring. I have a suspicion you've never set foot on the Davis campus.
  • sentimentGX4sentimentGX4 Registered User Posts: 1,691 Senior Member
    RML wrote:
    Go for UF. UF is fun and highly respected.
    Stop right there. Did you just call one of America's top party schools highly respected? You really use positive terms far too loosely. -.-
    it's the worse UC after Merced, in my personal opinion.
    Davis is clearly better than Riverside and Santa Cruz. There really is no contest.
  • paxromana200paxromana200 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    @kmazza I've actually gotten most, if not all, of my General Education classes done through the community college system. My high school is located inside of one, that's why. I have heard that UCD does focus more on engineering and sciences, but I looked on their website and they actually offer International Relations as a major. As for UF, I think I'd like the atmosphere, and I thought I saw International Studies as a major on their website as well.

    @RML I definitely didn't see Davis as anywhere near the level of Merced and Riverside. I honestly thought it was higher up there but definitely not to the status of Berkeley and LA.

    @momtocollegekids I'm not exactly sure how hard it is to get into UF if you don't live in Florida. There are a handful of students outside of the state that do make it. I'm assuming they're very qualified, and I'd like to think that I am too. I have looked into other schools with IR programs. My list of schools stands at CSULB, Georgetown, UCB, UCLA, Columbia, Harvard, JH, Brown, and Stanford. I was just looking for another safety school. As for my parents paying for it, I'm pretty sure they'd be willing to pay more for my education.

    @UCBChemEGrad How beautiful is the Davis campus, in your opinion?

    @sentimentGX4 You don't think UF is a respectable school?
  • redteabagredteabag Registered User Posts: 230 Junior Member
    davis is more or less a college town in most respects. flat, very large, a lot of bike trails, medium amount of trees, inland californian weather (if you can even extrapolate anything from that), some what modern architecture.

    rml must love to **** =/
  • kmazzakmazza - Posts: 864 Member
    Well Davis has really grown over the past decade and is a well kept modern school and never thought a dump. It's really boomed due to research dollars going into biological and environmental sciences but besides an AG school was the main social/political science UC due to its holdings and proximity to the capital. It's highly regarded in those aspects and has rapidly become a very desirable UC to go to on a national scale. The UC of the south that has IR is UCSD but I don't know anything about it even though intuitively UCD makes more sense for having a well supported strong program. Other options in Nor Cal for IR/IS would obviously be Sac State but Chico State also has an excellent and flexible International Relations program that you may find more enjoyable over UCD. Chico State is still a very good and actually nationally highly competitive state school with great programs plus is nearly just as hot as Davis but a bit more fun, all depending on who you are hanging with granted.
  • CorbettCorbett Registered User Posts: 3,023 Senior Member
    UCD is a dump and boring!
    Davis is clearly the least urban of the UC campuses (except for Merced). The City of Davis is relatively small (~60,000), remarkably flat, and surrounded by farmland in all directions.

    If you want urban excitement, then Davis would not be an ideal choice; it would definitely be a "boring" place for some people. On the other hand, Davis is one of the friendliest, safest, and cleanest of the UC college towns, so it seems unfair to characterize it as a "dump".
  • redteabagredteabag Registered User Posts: 230 Junior Member
    @rml so other than visiting the colleges you have no other significant experience in both the colleges? unless you actually took higher division equivalent classes in both those schools, it would be hard to convince people in terms of academics at least.
  • UCBChemEGradUCBChemEGrad Registered User Posts: 10,277 Senior Member
    IMO, Davis is not nearly as boring as UCSD.
  • kmazzakmazza - Posts: 864 Member
    ^^^^^ I tend to agree and found such a statement strange. True, Davis is nothing exciting, but have you seen all the cuties attending there recently?!?! I'd pick UCD over UCB just because the quality of girls is so much better (soz UCBCHemDude) and many of UCD's academic programs are fantastic.
  • DunninLADunninLA Registered User Posts: 4,271 Senior Member
    RML wrote:
    Academic wise, UF > UCD. people who think otherwise are probably not aware of UF's academic strength. UCD is overrated on CC.
    RML, I think you need to revisit the USNWR rankings, and those of the newly published NRC. They appear to be as ignorant as we who post here. :)

    In the USNWR undergraduate rankings:

    UC Davis #39
    Florida: #53

    NRC 2010 Ph.D. program Rankings, with ranking position arrived at by counting the # of times one of the 59 Ph.D. subFields was ranked in the top 3 (they give ranges now)across all 59 disciplines,

    UC Davis: #22
    Florida: #29

    RML, where exactly are you getting that Florida is higher ranked academically than UC Davis?
  • kmazzakmazza - Posts: 864 Member
    RML does seem to be contradicting himself on the academic issue based more upon his feelings of each campuses/surrounding environment aesthetics. You Senior CC'ers certainly catch on to these things and like to call each other out huh haha
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