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art school or university with art major?

squizzersqoosquizzersqoo 14 replies5 threads New Member
I'm currently a junior right now..and I have this art teacher/tutor who's kind of my mentor :) and she's helping me with art schools and other universities right now..But my mom and my art tutor/teacher is sort of pushing me towards the idea of going to a university (usually liberal) and major art with something else. I can see the benefits of going to a university with a major in art like having a better university experience, taking other classes, and getting a lot less stress compared to the work load in just art schools...but I'm also really passionate about art and I'm worried that in universities, I just won't have the same in depth experience of art I would have in art schools like risd. I'm new to this idea because I've only considered art schools like art center, risd, cca, and mica..but I want your guys' opinions..

because I"m new to this, I don't know a lot about liberal art colleges..but I do know certain reputable places like Syracuse, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts, UMich, Washington University in St.Lois.. Can you guys give me any personal experiences you had going to just an art school or going to a university with a major in art and something else? What is it like? Do you regret not going to a art university?

So far, I think RISD is my top art school choice based on the reviews I read about risd being the top in education..and food hehe and I read how competition can be reallly hard and being a downer..but in the end its all worth it.. so i'm planning that if i don't get accepted into risd, i would rather go to liberal art schools with a minor in art since i don't think it will be worth it when you're comparing pratt,parsons,mica, saic with strong art programs in liberal art schools...ugh sorry Im just rambling on and on..I just need your help.. what is your view on this?
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Replies to: art school or university with art major?

  • nwhitsettnwhitsett 16 replies4 threads New Member
    I'm not in college, but I am a senior in high school and went through the same dilemma you're going through right now. I think it just depends on how academically driven you are. If you like to learn about other subjects, then you may want to lean towards a LAC or University. Otherwise, you'll be taking mostly art classes at art schools, which is what a lot of art kids want (not that I'm saying you won't take other classes at art schools, you do take english, art history, etc.)

    What do you plan on going into? Fine arts, design, architecture..? Because some universities actually have some of the top programs that trump even art schools, like University of Southern California (animation) and University of Cincinnati (architecture). If you're really set on RISD, you could maybe shoot for the Brown/RISD joint program, but it's pretty selective. I guess I would just suggest staying open minded to both kinds of colleges, and really look into the fine arts programs, like how popular the major is, how many/quality of professors, state of facilities, etc. You also might get more scholarship opportunities at non-art schools, which is always a plus :)
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  • FancyWolverineFancyWolverine 49 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I'm also a senior, but I can definitely relate to you! NYU also has good academics coupled with a great art program. The schools you listed are all good choices for you though. Also, any school that offers a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) will give you an in-depth art experience. I'm ended up choosing UMich and I'm going there next year : )
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  • squizzersqoosquizzersqoo 14 replies5 threads New Member
    hey guys! I decided to choose to go to an art school - despite the disagreements my parents and relatives made- *ahem*. I think the easiest question I asked myself that really helped me to choose was.. at the end of the day, would you rather sign up for more classes that related to art, or had to do with academics (science, math, english).. i shuddered at the thought of forcing myself to sign up for more classes that would require me to fill up my "required course list/credits" for a regular university rather than being able to explore photography, painting, sculpting, printmaking, and all that crazy awesome art stuff :D i wish everyone luck!
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  • findingneemafindingneema 34 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Congrats on your decision :) Best of luck!!
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