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Post your own state's college reputations'

firewalkerfirewalker - Posts: 2,409 Senior Member
I thought it'd be interesting to see how colleges are perceived from students inside their states :)

I live in NOVA, heres the rundown of VA schools

Radford = STD's + party school
Virginia Tech = sociable, lots of parties, but at the same time a great education, good engineering program
JMU = good social life, good education
William and Mary = smart kids go there, seems somewhat more "southern"
UVA = elitist, kids either LOVE uva or think its full of stuck up asses
Northern Virginia Community College (aka NOVA!) = the N stands for knowledge! basically, all the high school knuckleheads go to nova
Virginia Commonwealth University = somewhat of an obscure college, good med program, good diversity
Old Dominion University = similar to VCU, but more slackerish
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Replies to: Post your own state's college reputations'

  • schoolisnotforfoolsschoolisnotforfools Registered User Posts: 137 Junior Member
    the Sunshine State. Remember, this is how kids around me perceive it.

    U of Florida- Your best bet if you're on a tight budget or don't want to go out of state (Miami is way too expensive, and it's private anyways). Lots of smart kids, but also lots of partiers and stoners, too. Nice facilities (dorms, not so much), great community, and huge football following. Some say Gainsville slows down big time after football season.

    FSU- For those who didn't get into UF or are just diehard Seminoles for some reason (rarely for academic reasons). Home of SUPER-hot girls, but also home of SUPER STD's. Crazy party school where attending class is optional, but drinking is a must.

    FAU- Pretty cool honors program, but not known for anything else.

    FIU- Sounds too similar to FAU; no idea.

    UCF- Most kids' third choice behind UF and FSU. This school is starting to get huge, like 15,000+ kids. Not much else.

    USF- If this is the University of SOUTH Florida, why is the campus in Tampa?

    Florida is too big to get a good feel for all of the campuses.
  • firewalkerfirewalker - Posts: 2,409 Senior Member
    wow, what great timing. i have 2 girls in my senior class that are going to FL schools, both got in ED

    one going to UCF on a hefty scholarship, the other got into USF
    but i can see why people would want to move out of NOVA
  • schoolisnotforfoolsschoolisnotforfools Registered User Posts: 137 Junior Member
    firewalker: Congratulations on your kids' acceptances! Florida is a great place to live, and I'm sure will be a great place to experience college for your daughters, as long as they don't mind the heat (I actually love it). Sorry I couldn't write anything more about UCF or USF; they are two of the lesser-known publics in the state, and are only now receiving some big-time recognition. Go Bulls and Golden Knights!
  • bobisbobbobisbob Registered User Posts: 228 Junior Member
    ...lol. I'm pretty sure that firewalker is referring to 2 classmates, not daugthers :)
  • pacific_fleetpacific_fleet Registered User Posts: 242 Junior Member

    Oregon State: first choice for science + engineering students
    U of O: Ducks. prefered for buisness majors.
    U of Portland: can't tell you much except they have a good women's soccer team
    Reed College: Pretty good liberal arts college
    OHSU: Great medical school
    Portland State U: hardly anyone goes here
    Oregon institute of Tech: For those who want "hands on" education
  • dgo123dgo123 Registered User Posts: 242 Junior Member
    SUNYS- Stony Brook, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Albany
  • troublesomejasontroublesomejason Registered User Posts: 369 Member
    i'm kinda thinking that all this anxiety driven college application process is good for developing our sense of the colleges that are out there
  • schoolisnotforfoolsschoolisnotforfools Registered User Posts: 137 Junior Member
    haha...I'm a little bit slow today. I saw the word "girls" and I automatically thought daughters for some reason.

    Well, in that case, congratulations on your friends' acceptances (I know they may not be friends, but help me out a little here)!

    Now I wish I would have at least applied to UF. I knew I would miss the people, weather, atmosphere, etc. but it didn't really hit me until now. If I decided on UF, it would've saved me a whole lot of hassels.
  • glucose101glucose101 Registered User Posts: 5,264 Senior Member
    UT: Party central!!!
  • bing121086bing121086 Registered User Posts: 1,097 Senior Member

    UGA--this is where half of everyone's graduatuing class will end up, usually the upper middle half of the graduating class; big into beer and football but it's getting much more competitive with free attendance with a B average for GA residents

    GSU--Georgia Southern is a step down from UGA, smaller, and (in my opinion) in kind of a bogus town, same amount of beer but less competitive

    Georgia College, GA College and State U, GA State, Valdosta State, N GA, W GA, and a few others, the remainder of the college-going will end up sprinkled among these schools with Valdosta and GC being the better schools.
  • munkeegirlmunkeegirl Registered User Posts: 801 Member
    what about georgia tech?
  • myweatherbymyweatherby Registered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    I'm from NC.

    UNC-CH--One of the most popular schools around; where everyone goes if they want a cheap education and have at least an A/B average. I think 1/3 of my graduating class goes here.

    NC State--Where the other 1/3 of my graduating class goes. Excellent design school and engineering program, good ROTC program, but sucks if you want to do anything with the liberal arts/humanities.

    Appalachian, UNC-Wilmington, and ECU--Gigantic party schools, but easy to get into.

    Duke--It's impressive if you get in; most NC kids with a high GPA/SAT scores apply. However, I have known many people to pick UNC over Duke, simply because UNC is only a small fraction of the price, and gives very good scholarships.

    Elon--Good musical theatre and physical therapy programs, among others. That's about all I know.

    Wake Forest--The kids that go there love it. Everyone else could care less. It's a tad bit too expensive, from what I hear, but gives out some nice scholarships. You either love WF or you're completely apathetic; there is no median.
  • RyanOG88RyanOG88 Registered User Posts: 288 Junior Member
    Mississippi- they all suck.

    U of M (Ole Miss)- go here if you have to go somewhere in Mississippi. The Croft Institute for International Relations is a hidden gem.

    MSU- I guess if you have no ambition but want to go into engineering this is an acceptable school.

    Millsaps- a great place for rich, stupid people
  • kcirschkcirsch Registered User Posts: 2,265 Senior Member
    ^If I lived in NC, no way would I pick any school over UNC.

    I live in TX.

    UT-Austin - HUGE school, reputation for partying but also top notch academics at one of the cheapest flagships in the country - particularly known for business and engineering (go horns! hehe)

    A&M (College Station) - also a very large school, the more conservative and rural version of UT basically; there is a serious tension between Longhorns and Aggies...no one really knows what an Aggie IS either lol i'm kind of biased against this school...

    Texas Tech - Seems like the alternative for people who don't want to go to A&M and couldn't get into UT; Lubbock sucks but this school bleeds school spirit and most ppl I know that go there are kind of ambivalent about the academics...good honors program

    SMU, TCU, and TrinityU - these schools have pretty similar reputations - rich, preppy private schools, all about the same size, for less than stellar students who have lots of money and want to have someone take care of them; SMU probably the best known of the bunch and known for business and fine arts, and Trinity known for business; very regional schools...seems like everyone in Dallas went to SMU - IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN DALLAS AFTER GRADUATION GO TO SMU

    Rice - Ahhh...Houston's pride and joy - The Ivy of the Southwest. Nerdy students. no thanks.

    Southwestern and Austin College - Schools for kids who wanna stay in TX but don't like the preppy ones mentioned before or the behemoth state schools...these schools both have about 1000 students and are really great in my opinion for LAC people
  • mattd1688mattd1688 Registered User Posts: 660 Member
    Worcester state - Small college that keeps building new buildings so they can compete. A good basketball coach and a good team, atleast they have to be fast. No parking and the stupid students park on both sides of the street in a snow storm. Campus police are there but never bothered me. I dont know about the academics. Trying to get more into the sciences, they graduate a lot of teachers.

    Umass, there are like 5
    Amherst - THe only one that is good. Overpopulated and a place for people to go because they dont have enough money.
    THe other 4 - Not good, place to go when ppl dont get into other schools + have no money.

    Fitchburg State - Similiar to WSC,trying to build their reputation. Very good spec ed program, and are trying desperately to grow their computer science dept.

    Quinsigamond Community College
    They are really really easy. One girl said that she was scared passing in a paper 2 weeks late because of some family thing. The professor laughed and said, youre the only one who has passed this in so far.
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