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Indiana Uni -Purdue Uni Fort Wayne and Mississippi State University

billy9797billy9797 1 replies2 threads New Member
Hi guys
Ok here's my situation
I am going to college next year and I have to choose between those two school. I got a scholarship on both so money is not a problem. My intended major is engineering
So, can everybody compare these two schools for me? Be as detailed as possible about everything that you think make up a good school please
My current inclination is Indiana Uni -Purdue Uni Fort Wayne, mainly for the reason that it belongs to the Purdue University system, which is a very good school, and its degree is the same as that offered in Purdue University. However, I still have concern over it being a satellite campus. So is this a sound reasoning? Is it a good(better) school as itself?
Thank you for reading and answering
2 replies
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Replies to: Indiana Uni -Purdue Uni Fort Wayne and Mississippi State University

  • 50N40W50N40W 960 replies3 threads Member
    I think IPFW needs a 3.5 to KEEP it's top scholarship while Miss State is closer to a 3.0.
    That would fix it for me.
    Also, I wouldn't worry about the satellite nature as much as I would the quality of student life. I don't know much about MS State, but IPFW appears to be strongly aligned with commuting students.

    IUPUI is a little like IPFW, and the guys I know who went to IUPUI because it was a good fit are generally a lot better adjusted than those who say (occasionally) that they got a Purdue degree. So if you want to go IPFW, go, but go because it has the major you want, because you can afford it, and because it's a good fit.
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  • GoodkidsdadGoodkidsdad 271 replies3 threads Junior Member
    edited November 2015
    It's true that IPFW and IUPUI still pull local kids who want a good degree. And save money. IPFW just finished a new construction on some very good housing. IUPUI has great freshman housing athe tower. And just broke ground on a huge complex. I think IUPUI might have evolved recently into less of a commuter school. With more housing options and a bunch of apartments right off campus.

    I am a huge fan of IPFW fan as the school feels like a community. Everyone knows each other, and to your point you can get the curriculum of the flagship school. Pretty good basketball and elite volleyball division 1 sports.

    I would apply to Iupui too as I think you have another 2 weeks for priority placement. You might get full tuition there with honors too. Over 250 degrees there. Including engineering. That way you have options.
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