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Feeling lost and breaking down


Replies to: Feeling lost and breaking down

  • LoveTheBardLoveTheBard Registered User Posts: 1,490 Senior Member
    edited October 2017
    @Kelvin82 -

    Thanks for the Swarthmore report. It sounds like Swat ticked several of your boxes, but missed the mark on some pretty significant ones -- size, for one. And that's a biggie. Your other concerns, specifically the lack of quirkiness and the fact that there was little integration among students of different racial/ethic groups is also reason for concern.

    The more I think about it, the more I like the Claremonts for you. CMC's PPE program, modeled after Oxford's, is quite impressive, although the school's non-quirky pre-professional bent and its history of the administration being less than supportive of students of color and those with disabilities, and what I perceive as the school's more "macho" feel might make it less of a good fit that either Pomona or Scripps might be. The consortium itself will provide the size and resources you seek, and I think that Pomona's PPE program, while perhaps not as cohesive as CMC's, would serve you well, and I think its student body is closer to what you seek. Scripps might be a good safety -- you can get the best of both worlds: the nurturing environment of Scripps and the intellectual environment of Pomona.

    I also think that I might not have answered your question to me earlier re: Rice. My daughter liked it very much when she went to their multicultural visitation program (SOAR) and did indeed apply. She thought the kids were very bright, quirky, warm, and inclusive, and she very much liked the residential college system and its system of self-governance. She was accepted to Rice with generous merit aid, but ultimately decided that there was not a large enough cohort of humanities majors there and looked more favorably on her other choices. While she applied to and was accepted by Swat, she would only have seriously considered it had she been granted the McCabe full scholarship, which, alas, she wasn't (they only give out two of 'em to people not from the area.) Since you're QB, none of that matters in your case.

    Hope the SAT went well. Keep us posted on your choices!

  • Kelvin82Kelvin82 Registered User Posts: 316 Member
    edited October 2017
    @OHMomof2 Thanks! Collegeboard sent me 8 additional fee waivers for score report sends, so adding the four score report waivers, I will have 12 in total. I know that the CSS Profile will waive up to 8 schools, and that some schools will waive the CSS Profile for me if I contact them about it.

    @aquapt Thank you! As it turns out, someone from my high school (graduated in 2006) went to Carleton. I was talking to my AP Calculus teacher. who mentioned that said classmate was accepted to UC Berkeley and Carleton and ultimately chose the latter. Right now, she just finished getting her PhD in biology from WashU. I tried contacting her, but unfortunately didn't get a response.

    @LoveTheBard Thanks for sharing about your D's experience at Rice! Yes, I felt that Swat, although nice, was a bit too small. I really like Pomona, especially the environment. In my high school, people have gone to Pomona, and they love their time there. I really like Scripps too; I want an environment that is nurturing, deeply intellectual, and friendly and Scripps definitely ticks all those boxes.

    Thanks for all the well-wishes on the SAT! I feel like I did well; all the practice on Khan Academy helped so much. I am eagerly waiting for October 19th (for Questbridge Finalist decisions) and October 20th (for SAT results). Really nervous.

    To be honest, my mom and my brother dislike the idea of LACs because they feel that LACs would not provide enough name recognition and that I would be snubbed and looked down upon by the more wealthy students. I urged the to look more closely, using arguments past CCers have made in defense of LACs, but they wouldn't budge. They also thought the East Coast LACs were too far away. It was incredibly hard for them to accept my choice of rankings. There were compromises.

    I ranked Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Dartmouth, Wellesley, Pomona, Scripps, University of Southern California, and UPenn.
  • momcincomomcinco Registered User Posts: 993 Member
    Well Kelvin82 you did it -- the SATs are done, your rankings are in and your plans are in order. Now is the waiting.

    We had a hard time over here. Time ran out sooner than Oct 12 because there was no school on Wednesday -- which meant that Son's rankings/match agreement had to be signed off by counselor on Tuesday -- so that Dad c ould scan it at work -- in order for it to be sent before Thursday. The end was rushed and we all felt bruised.

    Dad is worried about S #2 getting matched to Carleton (where son attended a summer program which he absolutely loved) because of the distance. Yet, the financial aid of a match would be so good that if he did get matched, we could afford plane tickets to visit and to bring him home.

    I am worried bc Son ranked a school he has never really talked about! We did visit once but that was with his older brother, three years ago. And to top it all off when we looked more closely at the application requirements they are waaaay too involved. Regarding another school he ranked, I am hoping to somehow get over there before the last finalizing of order (I saw that QB does allow you to rearrange order of rankings but not to add schools). We visited once but for just a couple of hours, before Son #2 really knew what he was looking for in a school.

    This is all to say that it's a hard balance in families, getting the support you need from your folks for YOUR choice. I tell our kids that the strategy belongs to the family (since it is based so much on $) but the final decision is theirs.

    The points your mother and brother make are understandable. And I relate to the compromises and their worry about your rankings. Distance really is an issue for close-knit families.

    Yet the ball is rolling and you will have a GREAT outcome. With or without a match you are already on your way.
  • aquaptaquapt Registered User Posts: 249 Junior Member
    Congrats on all the progress, @Kelvin82 !

    It's interesting that your parents feel that economic inclusiveness is a function of University vs. LAC. My sense is that there is plenty of overlap - there are LAC's where lower-income students would not feel out of place at all, and Universities where they would. It isn't a non-issue, but it's a case-by-case thing IMHO. Just for example, WashU (which is a University, not a LAC), ranks second lowest out of almost 2400 colleges and universities that the New York Times looked at in their Economic Diversity & Student Outcomes report, in percentage of students from the bottom 20% in household income. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/college-mobility/washington-university-in-st-louis You can start at that link to check out any/all schools you're interested in. Demographics don't tell the whole story, but they're interesting to compare.

    Name recognition isn't as simple as it seems either. Sure, there are a few names that are known everywhere, by everyone. But there are also schools with fantastic reputations in some spheres, that are relatively unknown in others. If only I had a dollar for every person who has asked my older daughter why her college is named after food, or whether it's an ag school. The reaction among her high school peers when she got into Rice was mostly, "Oh... congratulations... is that a good school?" Yet Rice is a top-20 university whose reputation with employers, grad schools, etc. is excellent. The people who matter have heard of it. The same is true of the top LAC's. My younger D could have gone to UCSD/UCD/UCSC or Cal Poly SLO or UW Seattle, and she never would have gotten the head-tilt and the, "Huh... Scripps? Where is that?" reaction... but so what?

    Anyway... have you decided which UC's you're applying to? Are you considering the chem major in the College of Creative Studies at UCSB? That requires another layer of application, but it sounds like a great way to get a top-notch smaller-college experience within a big UC. (And you could double-major outside of CCS to get the econ piece.)

    Looking forward to more news!
  • LoveTheBardLoveTheBard Registered User Posts: 1,490 Senior Member
    @Kelvin82 - Sounds like a thoughtful list and ranking. I can't wait to hear the outcome!

    I must say, you've come such an awfully long way from "Feeling Lost and Breaking Down!" I am glad that you've taken us on this journey with you and look forward to continue cheering you on from the sidelines!
  • Kelvin82Kelvin82 Registered User Posts: 316 Member
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 32,498 Senior Member
    I am very sorry and ... disappointed with Questbridge for that choice.
    I still think you have good odds at other universities. Pick one of your "ranked" universities for ED/REA/SCEA, work on your UC's/CSU's essays, and add as many EA universities as you can (depending on the ED/REA/SCEA requirements).
    You can send me and other adults on this website some of your essays (the "why college" essay, the big commonapp essay).
  • LoveTheBardLoveTheBard Registered User Posts: 1,490 Senior Member
    So sorry, @Kelvin82.

    I concur with @MYOS1634's advice and offer myself as one of the adults to look over your essays.
  • OHMomof2OHMomof2 Registered User Posts: 10,576 Senior Member
    Onward and upward Kelvin, you have a lot of great feedback in the form of the fly ins - you WILL land at a great place, I know it!!
  • GnocchiBGnocchiB Registered User Posts: 1,684 Senior Member
    Congrats!! Don't let a bump in the road throw you off your game - I think you will land in a great place.
  • aquaptaquapt Registered User Posts: 249 Junior Member
    1580!!! That's fantastic!! You weren't kidding about Khan Academy helping!

    Sorry to hear about Questbridge. That's got to be disappointing. You are in such great shape now for the regular admission process, though!!! Have you decided on a binding ED school to shoot for, or are you going to stick with the non-binding EA ones so that you can compare financial aid offers before you commit?

    Now you have to pare down your QB personal statement to Common App length, eh? As others have said, happy to help any way I can, either with essays or with the Claremonts in particular if those schools are on your short list.
  • OHMomof2OHMomof2 Registered User Posts: 10,576 Senior Member
    edited October 2017
    I'm guessing QB knows you don't need their help. Sounds odd, but part of the mission is to help kids who don't have super tippy top stats.

    Congrats on the score!
  • Emsmom1Emsmom1 Registered User Posts: 869 Member
    @Kelvin82 what fantastic scores! Congratulations!!
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