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Rutgers NB or NJIT for Computer Sciecen

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First off I know both schools are good but this is more having to do with money and commuting time. I don't know which school to go to

Rutgers NB
1. Will only be there for about two years because less classes are required
2. Tuition is $2k cheaper
1. Commute time is anywhere from 26min-30min, and then certain classes are on different campuses and expected wait time for the bus is 40min so I need to leave almost 2 hours early ahead of time for class everyday. ATM my trip to my community college is 20min so I guess an extra 10minutes isn't too bad, the problem is having to wait for the bus for 40 minutes.
2. About $196 a month in gas

1. Commute time is about 15min, can walk to all classes
2. Spend less on gas, about $27-$30.
1. Will end up being there for another year entirely because more classes
2. Tuition is $2k more
3. I will have to take an extra Science + Lab Elective and 3 more math courses as opposed to 0 extra Science + Lab course and 1 math course at Rutgers. NJIT also has the stupid capstone and seminar thing that is time consuming.

I don't know what to pick, if I lived closer to Rutgers it would be a no brainier but I don't know how well I can handle a 30min commute. I am thinking of just driving out to Rutgers NB for the hell of it to see if I can handle it.
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