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Help me choose the b-school I'm going to transfer to.

philbegasphilbegas Registered User Posts: 2,922 Senior Member
So some of my deadlines are coming up fast on May 1st, so I'm trying to get a conversation started regarding where I should attend.
As always, any help is appreciated. I know I've started a lot of threads on CC but hopefully I've paid it forward with the 1k+ posts I've made by now.

My field of study is Finance
So far I have been accepted to:
Seattle U

Rejected from:
Clark (mgmt)

Just for the record, I'm a transfer student.

All of the schools I have been admitted to have offered me generous merit scholarships with Drexel and Seattle U being the most affordable (especially if I get the avg co-op salary at Drexel), and Temple being about 12,000$ more debt over 2 years than the others. I'm thinking it's not worth it, and I'm probably going to decline their offer. I'm still awaiting my JKC scholarship response, but since there's the chance I won't get notified until after I have to deposit for a school, I should pick a school soon so I'm not freaking out scrambling for information/answers on Sunday April 30th lol.

Schools I'm still waiting for responses from:
Boston College
Bentley U
NYU (Stern)
CUNY Baruch (won't be direct admit to b-school I realized)
Brown U (lol!) (Their BOE program isn't accredited though)
Villanova (can't even apply until after spring semester).

Before somebody asks (and somebody will), I wanted to say I applied to these more prestigious pricey schools because JKC likes when you reach high, and on the off chance I get the scholarship (and gain admittance) maybe I'll be able to attend one. But I'm not one of the kids who will come on here here heartbroken if/when I don't get in :). In order of current preference:
1. Drexel (co op income/experience/connections, interesting minors, I like Philly)
2. Bryant (liberal arts minor is integrated into their b-school)
Between Temple, Seattle, and URI I'm somewhat ambivalent, but that might change. The thing that sucks about Seattle U is they have a big core curriculum which could mean I'm stuck spending extra time there, no matter how well my classes transfer. I was also raised religious, so IMO the religious courses are a waste of my time. Seattle is also expensive to live in right now. Is there anything you think I should be considering about these schools? I was looking at the salary data and it seems like Bryant and Drexel students end up being the best off, with URI being the worst off.

Thanks in advance!

Replies to: Help me choose the b-school I'm going to transfer to.

  • LBad96LBad96 Registered User Posts: 3,499 Senior Member
    ...how did you get denied from Rutgers, TCNJ, and Clark?
  • philbegasphilbegas Registered User Posts: 2,922 Senior Member
    edited April 12
    Genuinely surprised I was denied from ALL of those.

    I'll copy and paste what I said on another thread about rutgers:

    "Basically, I graduated high school in 2011, and in 2011/12 I screwed around and failed/dropped all my community college classes. Fast forward to 2015 when I re-enrolled after I had figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I re-took the exact same classes at the exact same college, and petitioned to have these grades removed from influencing my GPA. However, Rutgers decided they didn't like that, and re-calculated my GPA and give me a significantly lower GPA. I'm honestly not even offended I was rejected. It's a mildly selective institution. I'm offended that after years of working my a** off to fix all the mistakes I made, Rutgers decided that they still counted. "

    GPA is currently 3.8, Rutgers decided to give me a 2.4
  • philbegasphilbegas Registered User Posts: 2,922 Senior Member
    edited April 12
    Perhaps Clark did the same, and TCNJ said they didn't do an official re-calculation but they "considered" the grades from years ago, whatever that means.

    My high school GPA was terrible too, but I graduated in 2011 so..... I maybe they're assuming that somehow I'm still the same person I was when I was 17 (despite the fact I've been working full time for yrs while doing school)
  • LBad96LBad96 Registered User Posts: 3,499 Senior Member
    That's pretty dumb. Wow. Sorry about that.
  • philbegasphilbegas Registered User Posts: 2,922 Senior Member
    Yep. It's making me feel like I'm probably not going to get into the more competitive options on my list. So that's why I'm preparing by looking into the less prestigious ones. If I get the jkc scholarship I can always add a second major
  • me29034me29034 Registered User Posts: 1,228 Senior Member
    It seems like you like Drexel best and it's one of your more affordable options so it seems like an easy choice. I think you should pick Drexel.

    BTW, what is JKC?
  • philbegasphilbegas Registered User Posts: 2,922 Senior Member
    Jack kent cooke transfer scholarship.
    It's up to 40k a year for 3 years
  • MassDaD68MassDaD68 Registered User Posts: 1,427 Senior Member
    Hmmmm.... Bryant looks good. :)
  • happy1happy1 Registered User Posts: 18,471 Senior Member
    edited April 13
    The choice seems pretty clear to me based on your post -- your top choice (Drexel) is also one of your most affordable options and you like both the location and the unique co-op program aspect that school offers. Sounds like a good fit if the other schools don't pan out.

    Other comments:
    --I would not put a ton of stock in the salary data as Drexel and Bryant seem more overtly career oriented than other schools on your list and that will impact the salary numbers.
    --I agree that Seattle U with the big Jesuit core could make it very difficult to transfer into and graduate on time. At this point in your life I don't think that spending the extra time to complete such a large core would be a worthwhile expenditure of time/money.
    --Would also agree that Temple doesn't seem worth the extra debt over your other choices.
  • philbegasphilbegas Registered User Posts: 2,922 Senior Member
    That's what I was thinking, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything else since I don't see URI or Seattle U talked about much on the forum. I agree that they're more career oriented, and since Bryant is mainly a b-school they'll have higher salaries than schools that have majors like art history, literature, etc. Drexel has also been really personalized and helpful ever since I was admitted and it gives me a good gut feeling. I would also be eligible for their honors program I believe, but as a transfer student I don't want the honors classes/capstone to extend my education if it means more tuition cost.
  • happy1happy1 Registered User Posts: 18,471 Senior Member
    The attributes of honors programs can vary wildly from school to school so if it is an option at Drexel then find out exactly what it would give you and what extra work/classes are involved before you decide if it is worthwhile.

    I don't have any first-hand experience with Drexel but my friend's son graduated from there a couple of years ago and got a job quickly -- he enjoyed the school and thought the co-ops were valuable.

    Congratulations on getting your life onto such a great track. I have the sense that you will do well wherever you end up.
  • philbegasphilbegas Registered User Posts: 2,922 Senior Member
    edited April 13
    Thanks :D I think the honors program adds 7 units between capstones / honors classes.

    I emailed Drexel just to make sure the scholarships they gave me (which are per quarter based on a 3.0 min gpa and full time enrollment) will last over the whole time I'm there.

    My parents like Drexel too so if I go there (and my parents come into any money) I think they'd help me out a little bit.
  • philbegasphilbegas Registered User Posts: 2,922 Senior Member
    edited April 13
    @MassDaD68 Bryant definitely looks appealing. If I were to have the scholarship I would be considering it more strongly, but I question whether it's worth more money. Even without co-op income to drive down Drexel's cost, Bryant is still about $8k more over 2 years. And I'm not sure it would leave me in a better position from a career standpoint. Damn the more I think about it, it really seems like Drexel is the sensible option. My GF is in Philly right now and she said she'd visit the campus for me and take some pictures. I'm also meeting with an admissions person from Drexel when they visit CA on the 21st.
  • MassDaD68MassDaD68 Registered User Posts: 1,427 Senior Member
    Honors programs I feel are most helpful at large flagship schools where the honors would give you smaller classes. the benefits even at these school lessen as upper classes tend to be smaller anyway.

    The honors at Bryant or Drexel are not needed as much due to the small class size anyway. Honor kids do say they like the classes best because the classroom interaction is higher level and more engaging. It does seem that many just drop it before the capstone because of the added work needed for that and most have a job lined up at graduation.

    If my son ends up at Bryant he most likely will give the Honors program a shot but then drop towards the end also. He is hoping he too has a job offer from the internships he does.
  • MassDaD68MassDaD68 Registered User Posts: 1,427 Senior Member
    You really cannot go wrong with either one. Have you checked out youtube videos of them? They got a few with a drone flying around filming the campus. very cool. It seems lots of colleges are doing this. Check on Drexel as well. I would bet there is one. It would give you a good feel for dimension.

    Edit to last post. Drexel is a bit larger than I remembered. You would want to see how large the lecture halls are there. Maybe doing the honors program there would be very good to avoid large halls.
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