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In desperate need of help- Trinity or Bates????


Replies to: In desperate need of help- Trinity or Bates????

  • PetitMananPetitManan Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    @aneranh Congratulations on your acceptances! That's great!

    I graduated from Bates in the 80s. My son will be a freshman there in the fall! I can't speak to Trinity as I don't know anything about it. Check out other threads like Bates vs. Hamilton and Bates vs. Middlebury for more on Bates. (You probably already have!)

    Re Lewiston..... I had to comment to defend Lewiston! There's a soft spot in my heart for this city. I agree with everyone else - Lewiston won't win many beauty contests, but it is definitely safe and interesting. You can easily walk to shops, restaurants, etc. The Basilica is beautiful and there is a Franco-American cultural center. The Somali community is revitalizing the town and Bates is reaching out to the community which is great. It is relatively easy to get to some absolutely gorgeous countryside, seacoast, and Portland from Lewiston. The river has been cleaned up and the college has just built a new boat house on the river for the crew team. (Boy did the Androscoggin smell bad in the 80s! But it's nice now!) The Outing Club is great and Bates has Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation area on the coast.

    @Nickar Excellent description of the Bates culture. I couldn't have said it better myself. I am still in touch with my professors (including my thesis advisor) 30 years later! The community is warm, inclusive and supportive - like a big extended family, even after graduation.

    One thing to consider is winter... One of my roommates was from Jamaica and she loved Bates but she had a hard time with the snow and cold! The campus is small and compact however, and really no longer than a 10 minute walk from one end to the other. The weather in Hartford is not as cold but really not dramatically so.

    Good luck with your choice! I'm sure you'll do great whichever you choose.
  • PetitMananPetitManan Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    Ooops! I meant @Nickaroo22 .... Sorry @Nickar!
  • aneranhaneranh Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    @Lindagaf you think it's alright to ask them for more because Trinity is giving me more? I hope it doesn't put them off!
  • LindagafLindagaf Registered User Posts: 6,895 Senior Member
    edited April 21
    They won't be put off. These requests are normal. They will either have the money or not. I would email the FA office and tell them what Trinity's offer is. Explain that you would like to attend Bates and ask if they will reconsider your FA package. It really is a matter of finances. They may or may not have the money to give you. You might even have to wat for them to see who else deposits, but if you really think you would prefer Bates, there is no harm asking. They won't rescind your offer.
  • ccacaaccacaa Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi @aneranh ,

    I was also between Trinity and Bates during my college decision time.

    Both are incredible schools academically, but host two very different scenes. I was almost positive I would be attending Bates, but returned for an overnight and completely changed my mind. I have the same ideals when it comes to social life as it seems you do, and I immediately noticed that the social scene at Bates felt like my old high school. There were too many small social groups and an overall "clique-y" feel to it. I also had the opportunity to speak to some international students at Bates. They seemed content with their choice, but several students voiced their dislike for some aspects of the school and even told me they wished to transfer. Soon after I attended Trinity for an overnight, and had a very, very different experience. I happened to like the social life much more at Trinity, and actually found it to be much more laid back and accepting than what I experienced at Bates. I also preferred the classes, as the teachers seemed more involved with the students and made every course really intriguing. Not a single Trinity student I spoke with had any complaints at all. I also honestly preferred the food at Trinity over Bates, although Bates' food is wonderful. As far as location, Bates' location is fine, but the surrounding town is not the most beautiful place I've ever seen although the campus makes up for it. Hartford can get some bad reviews, but the campus of Trinity is located a bit away from the city scene and doesn't feel urban.

    Either way, both schools are incredible and you can't go wrong with your decision. Good luck!!!
  • binky17binky17 Registered User Posts: 301 Member
    If academics is most important, choose Bates.

    Trinity is more laid back and a bit bigger, less insular. There are serious students at Trinity, by the way.

    I know Trinity graduates with great jobs or grad school admission. Bates does well too, but not enough to warrant spending more.

    Bates is stunningly cold for a long stretch -- are you used to a real winter? It's not for everyone.

    For your interests and money situation, I would choose Trinity.
  • binky17binky17 Registered User Posts: 301 Member
    @PetitManan forgive me, but I do think there is a dramatic difference in temperature. I know things are changing with global warming, but I do think the old North of Boston rule (it's cold) still stands, as does the North of Portland rule (it's seriously cold).

    I am a winter person myself and I love Maine winter (I think Bates is great), but Connecticut and Maine are two different animals.

  • binky17binky17 Registered User Posts: 301 Member
    @Lindagaf is right. You should negotiate your offer (and soon). They expect it.

    Then, if you decide you definitely prefer Bates, you might consider telling them that if they match Trinity's offer (have the offer on hand for proof), you will commit on the spot.

    Good luck! Two great schools -- you can't go wrong.

  • merc81merc81 Registered User Posts: 7,229 Senior Member
    edited April 21
    Average January Low (F)

    Hartford: 18°

    Lewiston: 9°

    Post edited by MaineLonghorn on
  • LindagafLindagaf Registered User Posts: 6,895 Senior Member
    @binky17 , I don't know how dramatic it really is. Both are cold, both will have long winters and subzero days. Maine is colder, but Lewiston isn't dramatically colder. It definitely does seem to snow more in Maine. My D likes that, as it happens. She thinks it might as well snow if it's cold.

    Overnights are such a mixed bag and should not be a deciding factor, IMO. I have seen many stories of overnights gone wrong, overnights of nonstop fun, and eveything in between. When the time comes for my son, he will not do overnights. I think they warp perspective. What seems to be very common is that a host/hostess signs up to host, but then has exams/sports/performance, etc...and is unable to host. The visiting student gets shuttled over to someone else. Or a student offers to host and just isn't up to the task. This happened to my kid, who happened to enjoy her overnight. She did not overnight at Bates however. I think so much of an overnight experience depends on the host and the student.

    Both colleges will give you a good education and I am sure you will find friends wherever you go. I still think that if you can find a way to make Bates more affordable, it seems to be a better fit for you.
  • PetitMananPetitManan Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    @binky17 Yes, Lewiston is colder. :) I agree! I guess that was the point of my post - Bates may not be the best place for someone who really hates winter/snow. But the weather shouldn't scare someone off either, especially if the school is a good fit otherwise. Just something for OP to consider. Bates makes a big effort to make winter comfortable and fun.

    Anyway, good luck @aneranh ! Let us know what you decide.
  • aneranhaneranh Registered User Posts: 5 New Member

    Another update:

    Well, I heard back from Bates and they cannot raise my financial aid offer. It's going to be a tough decision- I guess I'll talk to my parents again and see what they say.

    This is so not fun!
  • gardenstategalgardenstategal Registered User Posts: 3,059 Senior Member
    Remember as you read posts that you are never going to find someone who split himself in two and attended both and can report on the two experiences in a dispassionate way. The people who chose Bates didn't choose Trinity and vice versa, so of course, whichever one they prefer, they prefer strongly!

    It's helpful to get the opinions of others, but don't lose sight of the fact that if you had been accepted to only one, you'd have been thrilled to have the opportunity. If finances are the driver, that's a different version of having one (good) acceptance.
  • merc81merc81 Registered User Posts: 7,229 Senior Member
    edited April 23
    With Trinity you would get an excellent political science program and, if history might be an associated interest of yours, an excellent department there as well. By academic standards, then, these schools would be very close. Though we would all want you to see you attend your first choice school, whichever that may be, if finances tip you toward Trinity, then that should work out fine for you, @aneranh.
  • JanwelJanwel Registered User Posts: 98 Junior Member
    Hartford, while located between NYC and Boston, is not a nice or interesting city. It's kind of a dump and economically depressed. My husband went to school in Hartford and we ruled it out as a college location for our children. That said if you like doing community service I bet you'll find plenty of opportunities in Hartford.

    I've never been to Lewiston, but I can't imagine it being worse than Hartford.
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