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Where do the casual, non-hipster, jock/outdoorsy kids go to college?


Replies to: Where do the casual, non-hipster, jock/outdoorsy kids go to college?

  • PostmodernPostmodern Registered User Posts: 1,201 Senior Member
    Congrats Lindagaf!
  • gardenstategalgardenstategal Registered User Posts: 4,912 Senior Member
    Yea!! Curious to hear about your IU visit....

  • LindagafLindagaf Registered User Posts: 8,734 Senior Member
    edited February 26
    Son and hubby visited IU this past week and had a great time! @gardenstategal
    They went to the Speedway Museum and the IU v Purdue basketball game. They enjoyed the campus next day, despite awful weather. They liked the town and the trip to and from the airport was easy. The journey time was really manageable and not expensive.

    We can afford these schools, but in terms of total COA:

    Binghamton. Can't beat the price. When my son is being practical, he says he should just go there because it's so much cheaper than everywhere else.

    IU. He's been awarded a scholarship which makes it more affordable. He liked it. He doesn't love it more than Penn State and Syracuse.

    PSU. No extra money of any kind, apart from federal loans. So not super affordable, but he really likes it.

    Waiting to hear from Syracuse. He understands that unless they offer a decent merit award, it won't be happening. I am very sure he will get in, according to Naviance. We do not feel that Syracuse is worth the full sticker price.

    He also has to wait on USC, which is a high reach, but both grandparents attended, so he thought it was worth a shot. He would only get financial aid. We are proceeding as though USC won't happen. If it happens, grandpa might well pay some of the tuition.

    He will almost certainly major in Econ, but definitely thinks business is possible. He is aware that an MBA is probably in his future.

    Given the price, is Binghamton the best choice for an econ major who will probably go on to do an MBA, even though it’s the school that is the least likely to be a fit for him? Or should he consider that he could transfer into Kelley if he decides to change his major to business as an undergrad, and that he would likely be happy at IU? He did think the Econ offerings at Syracuse don’t seem quite as interesting as at some of the other schools. He would say yes to PSU tomorrow if he wasn’t considering the money, and waiting on Syracuse. Syracuse is a top choice.

    Interested to hear your thoughts.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 40,064 Senior Member
    edited February 26
    Transferring into Kelley is quite difficult. Even very strong HS students who didn't get direct admit find it hard. So, he/you should proceed as if he were going to graduate with an Econ degree from IU.
    IU sounds like the best value, a happy medium between Bing and PSU.
    Fingers crossed on USC :) although it'll likely make things more difficult.
    Don't think of an MBA. The average age for MBA students is 26-27, so by that time he's be a grown adult and his company may well sponsor the MBA. So, factoring that in just muddles the choices.
    If you can afford better fits than Bing, then it makes sense to pay a bit more for a good fit. How much more is something your family can discuss (with or without strings attached such as part-time job or specific GPA).
  • happy1happy1 Forum Champion Parents, Forum Champion Admissions Posts: 23,642 Forum Champion
    Congratulations -- he has some great choices. IMO it is all a matter of degrees....but here are some random questions I'd ask myself....

    -- Binghamton is a great school and a fantastic value but you are fortunate to be in a position where fit can weigh into the equation. I agree that Binghamton is a "logical" choice. But does he think he can be happy at Binghamton or is the school a turn-off to him (other than price).

    --In terms of IU, is the price differential huge? Is IU affordable without hardship/loans? Is having that rah-rah spirit important to him? How hard would it be to transfer into Kelley if he became interested in doing that?

    --Sounds to me like Penn State is more or less out of the running due to affordability. Is that a correct assumption? And Syracuse and USC are still unknowns.

    -- Would there be a major difference in terms of helping your S pay for his MBA if he went to Binghamton over IU? If so, does he understand that? (recognizing that most MBA students work for a few years before going back for a graduate degree).
  • wisteria100wisteria100 Registered User Posts: 4,039 Senior Member
    Is Penn State cheaper than Syracuse?
  • LindagafLindagaf Registered User Posts: 8,734 Senior Member
    edited February 26
    @MYOS1634 , can I read between the lines? Do you think USC is worth the wait, and that Syracuse isn’t? And point taken about Kelley, and an MBA. That’s a ways in the future.

    I like the point an earlier poster made about jobs. As in, jobs from IU are likely to be based in the Midwest, whereas jobs from PSU and Bing are likely to be based on the East Coast. But I guess that’s crossing a bridge too soon.

    @happy1 , he has visited Bing and thinks it is a solid "ok." He believes he can be happy almost anywhere. He makes friends easily, etc...but I am asking him to do an overnight, which is going to happen very soon. Honestly, my gut says he won't like it, but I'm not him. And PSU is still in the running. Rah rah spirit is majorly important to him, and Bing has little of that.

    @wisteria100 Penn State will be cheaper than Syracuse. Syracuse would have to give him a really huge scholarship to make it the same price.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 40,064 Senior Member
    I don't think Syracuse is better than PSU (or IU) but USC in my opinion would be.
    While there'd be more recruiting in the region where the universities are located, all three have a national reputation. You can explore their respective alumni networks.
  • happy1happy1 Forum Champion Parents, Forum Champion Admissions Posts: 23,642 Forum Champion
    I'm sure you will know more after the overnight at Bing but I would not ignore your gut feelings.
  • gardenstategalgardenstategal Registered User Posts: 4,912 Senior Member
    @Lindagaf , thanks for the update!

    Made me wish I had gone!
  • LindagafLindagaf Registered User Posts: 8,734 Senior Member
    So, good news and bad news, all in the same day.

    Good news! Accepted to Syracuse! Bad news. Not a cent in merit aid, which I am a little surprised about. They did offer some FA, but it would still be $12k more expensive a year than Penn State. I honestly don’t think Syracuse is worth that much more money.

    More Good News! Offered an extra $5k annual scholarship at Indiana, meaning $13k a year in scholarships. That makes Indiana second-most affordable, after Binghamton.

    Now, we’d love your feedback please!!!

    Econ major, with an eye on business. His very simple and honest goal is to be rich one day. (I swear he’s a super likeable kid who loves his cat and his sister.)

    Penn State: Most expensive, but probably his top choice all along. Likes it a lot.

    Indiana Bloomington. Nice merit awards. Liked the school a lot, and thinks he’d be happy there. Good school spirit, good sports, beautiful campus, all of which are important to him.

    Binghamton: Super affordable. Good reputation, but no school spirit or sports vibe, and not-beautiful campus. BUT, he did an overnight a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. He was ready to deposit there a couple of days ago, but wants to think about things. My absolute gut feeling is that he will not be happy there in the long term.

    Any thoughts about where an ambitious kid who wants to get rich should go?

  • Marcie123Marcie123 Registered User Posts: 307 Member
    Last year my daughter received a half tuition scholarship from USC but not a penny from Syracuse where she’s a double legacy. 🙄

    I think Indiana sounds like a great fit for your son. Sounds like it meets his short term criteria-sports, spirit, etc. and will also help him achieve his long term goals.

  • LindagafLindagaf Registered User Posts: 8,734 Senior Member
    edited March 15
    Wow, @Marcie123 ! That’s eye-opening, thanks for the insight.

    And he hasn’t heard from USC yet, but we assume it’s not going to happen. How crazy if it does!
  • MidwestmomofboysMidwestmomofboys Registered User Posts: 3,791 Senior Member
    We are in-state in Indiana, and know many super talented, super nice kids there. Something like 30-40 kids from my kids' high school go each year. Football is not great at IU, but basketball is huge. Little 500 is a huge campus fundraising (ok, and there's some day drinking that goes with it) event. Excellent academics, not too hard to get in and out of in terms of travel, since Indy airport is about an hour to Bloomington. Bloomington is a sweet, charming college town, small enough to be cozy. Kids blossom there. A big state school kid -- anywhere (another of mine went to Wisconsin) -- need to be self-advocates, people willing to go to office hours, go to the events.

    Penn State is great too, not a bad choice there!
  • trackmbe3trackmbe3 Registered User Posts: 664 Member
    edited March 16
    @Lindagaf i would go with either Binghamton or Penn State U. (PSU) as my first two choices, then IU as third choice. Reason being because of their ability to better place kids for internships and jobs in our NYC area. I would think differently if your son got direct admit or was assured transfer to Indiana Kelly, which has a great national reputation, high stat kids, including a lot from the NYC metro area, and good alumni network in the NYC area. Syracuse Whitman business school is excellent, but not worth going to the liberal arts school there and paying the outrageously high cost of attendance (amongst the highest in the nation) in comparison to your other choices. If your son wants to be rich and have better job opportunities on the east coast, then Bing and PSU are the better choices IMO. Especially since your son visited both and felt comfortable at each place. They both have terrific career planning centers and good alumni networks for the NYC metro area. Checkout Binghamton’s NYC site visits.https://www.binghamton.edu/ccpd/students/nyc-visits.html But Binghamton doesn’t have a football team or basketball team capable of competing against the Big 10 (other than perhaps Rutgers), and it lacks the top-notch academic and recreational facilities as compared to Penn State.
    If you can swing paying the extra money for Penn State I think that is the best choice. As an alum of Michigan and with my son at Ohio State, I am partial to going to Big 10 schools with great academics, modern facilities, nationally ranked football and basketball teams and fantastic college towns. And regarding football, its more than just a game—There is lots of excitement all Fall semester in watching, attending, cheering and participating in all the activities associated with the team, including pregame tailgating, parties, pep rallies with the marching band, and there is nothing like a Penn State whiteout football game at nighttime. And as parents it makes for 4 years of fun weekend trips in the Fall to get-up in college gear for the Football game and relive the euphoria of our youth vicariously through our kids.
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