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Tips on finding an ideal price range for colleges when parents won't help?


Replies to: Tips on finding an ideal price range for colleges when parents won't help?

  • Sportsman88Sportsman88 Registered User Posts: 1,570 Senior Member
    edited September 4
    SMU doesn't have a strong religious affiliation at all, no where as much as Baylor which is middle of the road, but I understand. The UT Dallas is a great option that is similar to SMU's.
  • culaccinoculaccino Registered User Posts: 105 Junior Member
    @sportsman88 oh I didn't realize, I just assumed from the name. I'm kind of confused--why do some schools have religious names, or official religious affiliations, but in reality isn't religiously oriented at all? Are they the same as schools with no official affiliation?
  • GWYalie1994GWYalie1994 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    edited September 5
    @Theminkim I'm sorry to hear that you're in a tough situation- you have very good stats but even still I would apply to a few easy colleges. The University of New Haven is right next to Yale and gives out scholarships like a fast food chain- it's a growing university that's trying to develop and gain reputation.They will give you a scholarship. Period. So trust me at least you have that option. Anyways, what are some colleges that would be an ideal fit for your stats and that you should realistically be applying to for a scholarship? U.C Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Pomona, George Washington, Georgetown, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, NYU, American, University of Texas-Austin, Carnegie Mellon, UNC, William and Mary, University of Richmond, Vanderbilt, University of Rochester, University of Connecticut, University of Chicago, Tufts, University of Michigan, Tulane, Notre Dame, Northeastern. I normally don't like to write advice for much younger students but I saw this post in my own boredom and genuinely think it would be a shame to see a talented individual such as yourself not get into some prestigious schools...where you should be. You honestly even have a chance at the Ivy's.
  • GWYalie1994GWYalie1994 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    edited September 5
    @MYOS1634 Yes but I also listed some other schools and an absolute fall back school. And George Washington doesn't have "lousy aid." It's an expensive school, yes. However, there are some kids here on scholarships whose parents make significantly less than the national median income and those kids are doing well here and enjoying themselves. There's this huge misconception that Ivy League schools such as Yale favor rich kids with connections. I've actually taken classes at Yale and I've met plenty of incredibly talented individuals who come from low income families and at that families that certainly make less than a number of families at other prestigious universities. The reality of attending such a university, even for a short period of time, is that I saw that all the jealousy and critcisms toward Ivy League schools is really just a hoax. Other than being superb student, many of those students are just normal suburban kids...seriously. Also the University of Virginia has the Jefferson scholarship and is ranked higher than UT. I know quite a few people who have been in similar situations but made things work out. I'm also kind of offended that about your comments about George Washington- I'm not insisting that this student go here or any other high ranked university immediately if accepted. What I'm saying is that with her stats here are some fairly high ranked schools that she can get scholarships from and that would open doors for her after college. I've deliberately listed a broad range of schools and you've attempted to undermine credibility on the basis of a few drawbacks of "some" of the schools listed, drawbacks which you are making crass generalizations about and that grossly misrepresent the financial aid opportunities at some of those schools. This student is clearly very talented and should be applying to a lot of those colleges to increase her chances of getting a scholarship.
  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 Registered User Posts: 4,234 Senior Member
    It's the "some kids" that is the key.

    @GWYalie1994, not sure if I am reading your post right, but most on CC know that Yale does not favor 'normal rich' kids with connections, and that there are students from a range of economic backgrounds at both places. However, Yale promises to meet 'full need' of admitted students and GWU does not, and debt is a bigger part of the package at GW (and NYU and American) than at Yale.

    Schools like Yale and scholarships like the Robertson (UVa) or Morehouse (UNC-CH) are lightening strikes for all students, including this highly-qualified OP, simply b/c there are so many outstanding applicants. For a student with limited finances, and a med school goal, finding good options that result in little (or, better) no debt is the goal. Given the OPs options, schools that are known to be more restrictive with financial aid, and/or that use loans more heavily, are less attractive. Similarly, most of the state universities you list are not good options for an out-of-state student: UNC-CH does meet need for OOS, but afaik, none of the rest of the publics you list give finaid to OOS students.

    Your point that most Yale students are just nice, normal, hard-working, talented kids is completely fair, and one that few people on CC would argue with.
  • GWYalie1994GWYalie1994 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    edited September 5
    @collegemom3717 Yes thank you I don't mean to be any type of aggressor here- though when I went said "normal" I meant like just plain middle to lower-middle class kids from suburban areas or cities. And yes admissions committees make mistakes and sometimes not all the qualified candidates get in. But I think that this student would easily be able to get something from schools at around VTech's ranking- there was something mentioned about going out of state. This also just my opinion, anyways. It's not a smart idea in general to take what read on CC as the gospel truth or as accurate reflection of what policies are really at certain universities when you can ask the universities over the phone or via email about certain policy. You also never know what opportunities OP will get. My mom got into Georgetown out of community college as a refugee from Laos - so I've come from that type of family. She lived in an apartment with five siblings and had to care take of them while attending George Washington, which she elected to go to because of some poor advice. OP will be fine. I mean I'm also Indian and Chinese and I've come from a family of scholars who have faced poverty and child abuse.
  • suzyQ7suzyQ7 Registered User Posts: 2,985 Senior Member
    @theminkim Have you looked at University of Alabama?
  • Sportsman88Sportsman88 Registered User Posts: 1,570 Senior Member
    @theminkim Some schools once had a religious affiliation but don't anymore. Others still have an official officiating but religion isn't a strong part of the campus vibe.

    Liberty University is going to be mandatory chapel and strong Christian influence.
    Baylor is voluntary chapel services but middle of the road for a Christian college.
    Georgetown is a Catholic University (Jesuit) but many students are not Catholic and still consider Georgetown regardless of religious affiliation.

    SMU has a reputation of being a somewhat preppy school for rich kids but the Hunts and Presidential Scholars come from all backgrounds. I would worry more about whether you fit in the student body profile than Methodist in the title. Whether you are a fit is a personal question that can only be decided with a visit when school is in session.

    Good luck in your search! You will have great options if you are NMF. You will need to apply to schools before you know Finalist status.

    Two other schools not mentioned are Univ. of Arizona and Arizona State. Not sure how close to full ride. I think Arizona waives OOS fees for NMF. My D would have been a net cost of a few thousand per year if she had decided on U of A as a NMF who qualified of in state tuition.

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Registered User Posts: 62,870 Senior Member
    edited September 5
    And George Washington doesn't have "lousy aid." It's an expensive school, yes. However, there are some kids here on scholarships whose parents make significantly less than the national median income and those kids are doing well here and enjoying themselves. There's this huge misconception that Ivy League schools such as Yale favor rich kids with connections.

    These days, Yale financial aid is much better than GWU's financial aid in general. For example, the net price for a maximum financial aid student from a very low income family is over $20,000 at GWU but under $5,000 for Yale, according to their net price calculators.

    However, Yale undergraduates are still skewed toward scions of wealth. According to https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/?q=yale&s=all&id=130794#finaid , only 52% receive any financial aid grants (meaning 48% are from very high income/wealth families who do not get financial aid even with Yale's generosity), and only 14% receive Pell grants (an approximation of the below median income families).
  • culaccinoculaccino Registered User Posts: 105 Junior Member
    I was not expecting this many posts...thank you everybody!

    @GWYalie1994 Woah, I'm honestly a little shocked (in a good way) that you think I would be able (maybe) to get into selective schools like Vanderbilt, Tulane, etc...and the Ivies?! I've had my scores for a while, but I guess it still hasn't caught up in my mind that I actually have a chance in competitive colleges now. Thank you for the compliment!!

    @MYOS1634 Actually I haven't done the NPC yet. My parents have some work-related issues going on and I don't want to stress them out more than they already are. I will do it sometime this week, though.

    @Sportsman88 I see, thanks for clearing that up. I was strictly towards no religious affiliation for the supermatch, but now I'll expand the category! Hmm, I'm not sure about Arizona weather-wise, but I'll definitely do some research on it (after my mountain of homework).

    Also, thank you to @ucbalumnus (and everybody else) for the financial aid information. I can't stress it enough, CC has given me loads of information and advice. This is an amazing site...as long as I don't wander off into the notorious chance me threads.

    I know there's a small debate about Yale, but I think I'll look into that later--I'm trying to focus on match schools for the moment, while I adjust to school work.

    @suzyQ7 U of A? I did look into it for a little bit, but I don't think it would be a good fit for me. Thank you for the suggestion though!!
  • inthegardeninthegarden Registered User Posts: 621 Member
    Let us know how you narrow the list and how your application process goes! I think lots of folks will be interested in your journey this year.
  • GWYalie1994GWYalie1994 Registered User Posts: 74 Junior Member
    edited September 5
    @ucbalumnus Kind of yes- well part of it is also families who can really just afford to get their kids SAT tutoring and help with putting together college applications, not to mention families who can do that and have kids with legacy status. But @theminkin this young lady seems naturally brilliant, which I respect. I come from a very academic family as I am Indian and Chinese. Oldest sister got a 2250 SAT cold with no prep and had 4 point something, mother got into Georgetown from community college, father graduated summa cum laude from George Washington Business, grandfather and a few uncles were scholars, a friend who scored 179 on the LSAT at YLS, another friend who got 750 on the GMAT. I don't mean to admonish the families that get their kids tutoring but perhaps mean to attribute more praiseworthiness to this young lady because it's tough when all you have is yourself- I myself have been preparing for the GMAT and LSAT for the past year with no tutoring and took five five week courses at George Washington and Georgetown this past summer in preparation to apply for some MBA scholarship programs. It's very tough and these kids are under a lot of pressure.
  • intparentintparent Registered User Posts: 29,501 Senior Member
    @GWYalie1994, you are woefully uninformed on the topic of financial aid. For a student whose parents make a reasonable salary but may not want to pay any of their EFC, it doesn't matter if the student can get in or not. A school like GW isn't going to be affordable unless the parents will pay their expected portion. Literally 20 of the schools you listed (at least) are not likely to be affordable unless the OP's parents are willing to pay more than they have indicated so far.
  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 82,539 Senior Member
    Do your parents own a business
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