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Should I be looking into different schools?

Tori999Tori999 11 replies6 threads Junior Member
Demographics: I'm a white female from the a very small town in the state of Maine, I'm currently attending a small highschool.

Classes: All honors, currently taking an EMT certification class, 3 AP classes (APUSH, AP English, AP Government), I will have over 15 college credits by the time I finish highschool.

GPA/SAT: Well my GPA sucks with a weighted GPA of 3.7, oh well nothing I can do about it now. I did pull a 1600 on my SAT's (perfect score). I really just didn't care about school as much as I should of before Junior year.

Job's: I had a job for a year and a half from the beginning of Sophmore to the summer of my Junior year waitressing. That restaurant closed and now I'm working at a different one, I'll probably work there until I graduate

Volunteering: I have 50 hours at a Mental Health organization, 200 at my local hospital, and various other jobs totaling up to about 75.

Extracurriculars: Speech team (J,S), Drama (J,S), Student Gov (F,S), Prom commitee (J,S), Tennis (J,S), Traditional Kung Fu(F,S,J,S), Woman's Self Defense class teacher (F,S,J,S), Frshman Football Team (F) yes I did play football until my freshman year in highschool and yes I'm a girl

My list of schools to apply to next year (I'm a junior) include:

Clemson (Top school other than Hamilton)
Syracuse University (very interested, touring in February)
Hamilton College (Major reach i know, but I plan on applying ED)
Boston University
Florida Atlantic University
University of Alabama
Arizona State

Will I get into any of these school since my GPA is so bad?
Should I be looking at any of schools?
Is there anything I can do to up my chances of getting into these schools?
ANY help would be appreciated!!

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Replies to: Should I be looking into different schools?

  • evergreen5evergreen5 2003 replies38 threads Senior Member
    What is your unweighted GPA? The weighted is not useful.

    What is the financial situation - will you be eligible for financial aid? Have you run the Net Price Calculators for each college on your list?
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  • Tori999Tori999 11 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I don't know my unweighted GPA, my school doesn't report it, I mostly have B's and A's. And I will definitely be eligible for financial aid.
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  • evergreen5evergreen5 2003 replies38 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2017
    I suggest calculating your unweighted GPA yourself. The colleges are going to do just that. It sounds like you are avoiding unpleasant news, but you will want to be realistic about your chances.
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  • NASA2014NASA2014 2383 replies135 threads Senior Member
    When did a 3.7 consider a bad GPA?
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  • citymama9citymama9 2502 replies142 threads Senior Member
    What confuses me is that the schools you like are night and day. Hamilton and small school with a lovely campus in a rural area. BU with not much campus in a huge city. Clemson a big state school in the South, etc. I suggest you try to visit a small LAC in Maine and the state university and see what you like better. With a 1600 SAT you should have lots of options.
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  • Tori999Tori999 11 replies6 threads Junior Member
    @citymama9 yeah I know they're all very different, I'm trying to decide what colleges I should tour in the upcoming months. I don't want to tour schools I don't have a real chance at getting into, because of my average GPA. I've toured a big school in Maine (UMO) and a small school (UMF) and liked both vibes. I definitely do not want to go to school in Maine though.
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  • citymama9citymama9 2502 replies142 threads Senior Member
    Since you like all kinds of schools then see which ever ones you want. With a 1600 you have a shot at all of them. Hamilton will be the most competitive though.
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2902 replies8 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2017
    Don't beat yourself up too much. Here's what I copied/pasted directly from the University of Alabama website that I think you're going to like. That's a full tuition scholarship. The scholarship deadline is Dec 15 of next year.

    Presidential Scholar

    A student with a 33-36 ACT or 1490-1600 SAT score and at least a 3.5 GPA will be selected as a Presidential Scholar and will receive $100,000 over four years ($25,000 per year). Students graduating with remaining scholarship semester(s) may use these monies toward graduate school and/or law school study at UA.

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  • Tori999Tori999 11 replies6 threads Junior Member
    @coolguy40 Thank you so much that definitely eased my nerves!
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  • proudmama2016proudmama2016 166 replies5 threads Junior Member
    A few questions to ask yourself as part of coming up with a cohesive list:
    1. What is your intended major? Sciences? Poli Sci? English? Comp Science? This could help you look at schools that have strong depts in your area of interest.
    2. Do you prefer an urban, suburban or rural setting?
    3. Do you prefer a large (10k+), medium (3k-10k) or small size school (think size of classes, limited/quotas for majors,big D1 sports)?
    4. What experience do you want to have from your college? Want big tailgate parties, greeks, small community setting where everyone knows each other, strong religious student body, liberal leaning, conservative leaning, or what?
    5. How much aid do you need and will you need to supplement "need-based aid" with merit aid? Some colleges give generous merit aid in addition to financial aid.
    6. You said you don't want to be in Maine; do you want to focus on a particular part of the country? I noticed that you have several southern schools -- there are lots more if you are interested. (High Point, Elon, Rhodes are all great schools that could be a match for you, too)
    7. Can you attend the spring college fair in either Portland or Boston? We unexpectedly found it helpful; it wasn't nearly as overwhelming as expected and my D talked to several schools, ended up feeling much more excited about two of them after talking with the reps there.

    Some advice as you hone your list and interests:
    1. Research schools that have strong departments in your intended area of interest. (i.e. American University is awesome for Communications, International Relations and Political Science; not so much for Chemistry or Artificial Intelligence.)
    2. Begin drafting your response to why your school "lightbulb" didn't ignite until junior year and how you are now motivated. Colleges like to see an uptick in grades each year, so you certainly can romance your story.
    3. Write KILLER essays. Go online and read a bunch. Many schools post their best ones. Hopkins and Emory have some good ones. Be true and authentic. Some of the most compelling essays are about everyday life things about you, and what you learned from a particular experience. Google "String Theory" essay from a student at Johns Hopkins (Essays that Work). It's cool. Don't try too hard to impress the reader with your intellectual prowess -- just share a critical moment of realization or a challenge that you embraced and what you learned about yourself in the process.
    4. Apply to schools you really really like. Your passion for them will come thru in your application. (Be sure to show passion and interest in your apps.)
    5. If you don't have resources to visit schools, see if any of them are traveling to Boston or Portland and attend a reception or presentation. Don't know how far a drive from ME this would be, but just a suggestion.
    6. SHOW INTEREST in the schools you're applying to. Build a relationship with the Admissions officer for your school or region. This paid off for both of my kids in a big way.
    7. Follow the money: research schools that give good merit aid.Apply for outside scholarships (sign up for Fastweb, Cappex).
    8. Stay active on College Confidential -- I've learned many helpful tips and have had lots of support (when I was a fretting parent). The postings for just about any topic can be a resource for you -- and keep in mind that a lot is just our opinion, but some of that is solid advice.Careful of "fake" news, right?

    Your current list, with comments from me;
    Clemson (Top school other than Hamilton) Match
    Syracuse University (very interested, touring in February) Match
    Hamilton College (Major reach i know, but I plan on applying ED) Reach
    Boston University Reach
    Florida Atlantic University Match
    Colgate Reach
    University of Alabama Match (or Reach if doing Honors)
    Fordham Match
    Arizona State Safety

    Note: State universities do not give much aid unless you are in the honors programs.Univ of Florida is an option. If you like Alabama and Clemson, look at Georgia and Maryland, but know that they might not give merit aid to out of state (OOS). Private colleges are more generous with merit. If you like Syracuse, look at Univ or Rochester, Univ of Denver, or Gonzaga in WA state. If you like Hamilton, consider St. Lawrence, Union, Skidmore in NY; Allegheny College, Dickenson, Franklin & Marshall (all in PA), or Denison, College of Wooster in OH (D's friend got 30k per year/120k), and Wheaton, Clark in MA. Whitman College in WA, Willamette in OR, Chapman in CA. Maybe look at St. Olaf in MN, Lawrence Univ in WI, Beloit in WI. If you like BU and Fordham, then consider George Washington and American in DC and Northeastern in Boston. Arizona State is the outlier on this list as I review it. Why is it of interest to you? UMO should be your safety, too.

    What would help you in the immediate timeframe? If you could narrow down location of school, size of school, and what you might want to major in, you could figure out where to go visit over spring break and the summer. Both my kids started with long lists and both narrowed it down to under 10 schools.The good news is that you've got some time to whittle it down.

    Hope this helps.
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 2902 replies8 threads Senior Member
    @tori999 You are most welcome B-) . Here's the link to the scholarship page for Alabama. Alabama and Auburn so far have the most generous scholarships for nonresidents.

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  • Tori999Tori999 11 replies6 threads Junior Member
    @proudmama2016 Thank you so much! So much of what you said helped me! I'm definitely interested in some of the other schools that you listed,
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  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threads Senior Member
    An OOS student who needs aid should not be looking at Georgia & Maryland.
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  • ScooterDeeScooterDee 34 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2018
    It’s good to spend a little while on different types of campuses, even when you have no interest in that particular school, just to figure out your preferences. If you spend an hour wandering Colby, Bates, or Bowdoin you can think about how a small LAC feels for you. It will save you time and $ in the long run just to go hang at local schools. Also, with an SAT like that your GPA isn’t so bad at all. It can be explained in essays.
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  • TQfromtheUTQfromtheU 1540 replies17 threads Senior Member
    edited January 2018
    What about the University of Miami, with their competitive scholarships?
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  • Tori999Tori999 11 replies6 threads Junior Member
    @ScooterDee what do you mean it can be explained in SAT's?
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