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Campus Vibe Reports

inthegardeninthegarden 1704 replies30 threads Senior Member
I've noticed that just about everyone posting on CC eventually goes on campus visits, tours, admitted students days, and a few actually go on to college ;)

So, why are there so few reports in the campus vibe section of this forum? Seems like everyone loves to talk about their experiences at various schools, but so much is embedded within various and sundry threads. But so many colleges/Universities are not reported on in the "Vibes" section, and, of those that do, the often the only reports are dated years ago.

How can we reinvigorate the submission of these reports? Or should we? Seems like they could be very useful. Of course, they're subjective, but that's why having a solid sample size from each school could be helpful....any thoughts?

I can't help out yet, as my daughter's still a H.S. freshman and we haven't done any official visits, but I promise to contribute when "our" time is here!
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Replies to: Campus Vibe Reports

  • PengsPhilsPengsPhils Forum Champion Northeastern, Forum Champion Math/Computer Science 4225 replies34 threads Forum Champion
    edited February 2018
    I think they'd be absolutely useful, but no one knows they exist and doing them would be the equivalent of writing an essay and shouting it into a void sadly. I think any change in that would have to come from the site itself making them visible easily. I don't even know where they are, and I've been on here for 4 years!

    Edit: After finding them, I think because it looks so old and disconnected from the forum community. It just doesn't look well designed. Too bad really.
    edited February 2018
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  • inthegardeninthegarden 1704 replies30 threads Senior Member
    It’s pretty visible on my laptop but not when I access cc via my phone. Maybe everyone’s just on phones these days? Anyway, some of the reports are pretty brief, but even a few observations from any one poster could be informative if a lot of people would do them.
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  • PengsPhilsPengsPhils Forum Champion Northeastern, Forum Champion Math/Computer Science 4225 replies34 threads Forum Champion
    I always browse on my computer and I never noticed it unless it was linked on the top of college forums, which it isn't anymore. Think they're trying to phase it out. I do notice it now on the right menu, but it's just one item of 25 or so rows of text, buried in the middle. I don't count that as visible from a UX standpoint.
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  • millie210millie210 524 replies24 threads Member
    I’ve been reading CC regularly for well over a year, usually on my iPad, and had no idea there’s a campus vibe section. If I’m looking for info about the atmosphere at a particular school, I look in College Search & Selection or at the thread for the particular school.
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  • KimV2015KimV2015 69 replies6 threads Junior Member
    That’s pretty good info! It’s a shame the most recent tour reports are 4+ years old.
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