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(chance me?) What is the best school that I could possibly get into?

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I'm a junior this year and will graduate in 2019. Freshmen year I took 6 honors classes and 1 regular class, made almost all A's except for a B in chemistry the first semester. Sophomore year I took 4 AP classes, AP World AP Design AP Chem AP Physics, I got a 4 on Chem, a 3 on Design and World and a 2 on Physics. This year I am taking 6 APs, physics 2, bio, apush, lang, drawing, calc AB. I have so far made almost all A's for sophomore and junior year, except for one B in first semester Lang. I was in band my first two years of high school and was a captain of my section but I quit band due to disagreements with the teacher. I haven't done much at school since that other than UIL academics and UIL theatre.
I volunteer to clean up playgrounds and I have been apart of a program to build playgrounds and I clean up schools and local areas sometimes. I also volunteer at my local hospital frequently during the summers and I plan on taking only 5 classes my senior year to take a half day to try to spend more time working and volunteering. I've tested out of health and speech and I'm doing online classes for my language credits because I felt that my school lacked good teachers in that area. Will colleges not like that?
I feel like I've taken a very specialized approach to academics but I'm actually becoming more bored with and less attracted to healthcare, which is what I've been trying to push towards. Did this ruin my chances to transfer to other fields??? Also how bad is it that I'm taking online substitute courses for my language credits? I end up arguing with most of my administrator a lot too and I don't talk to a lot of my teachers so I lack valuable relationships with adults or authoritative figures.
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