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PLEASE help me find some colleges to apply to, given my unique situation


Replies to: PLEASE help me find some colleges to apply to, given my unique situation

  • equationloverequationlover Registered User Posts: 828 Member
    edited December 2018
    @MYOS1634 @Knowsstuff Family will not let me apply to Cinci because of the experience they had when they were on campus visiting with sister a few weeks ago (shooting.) Ohio U apparently had a scandal with their engineering college the other year, and based off from what I heard about other’s experiences going for a tour, they said the engineering program seemed very elementary.

    Ive heard great things about Miami engineering. Not sure about honors college, I’ll have to look that up.

    I looked into OWU; unfortunately if I wanted to switch to straight engineering, they don’t have that. Though it is a very beautiful campus right by Delaware which is a cute town.

    I have fee waivers so applying shouldn’t been an issue. Sending ACT scores is the only thing. Thankfully I save my money a lot, so I can afford to send more ACT scores out.

    I looked into U Iowa already; it is way more expensive than ISU so I didn’t put an app in.

    I’ll have to look at the others! Visiting to see family in CA so I will look at those later. The issue is I’m undecided between CS and Engineering like CompE, EE, or ME.

    That is true. Just choices!
  • equationloverequationlover Registered User Posts: 828 Member
    Update: Michigan State would cost $26 K a year including government subsidized and unsubsitized loans. That is lower than Dayton and every other school I have applied to, so far. I realized that this was based on my 28 ACT score, so I’m sending them my 30 and seeing what can be done. I haven’t been notified of honors status, I’m thinking it’s my 28 ACT score keeping me from that. I’m going to send the emails now!
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 39,162 Senior Member
    Compare costs WITHOUT the loans.
    but you do have excellent choices so far. :)
    And you're right, your new score is likely to bring more scholarship money :) - can't hurt to try anyway.
  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff Registered User Posts: 1,758 Senior Member
    Did you rule out ISU? Wouldn't that be cheaper?
  • equationloverequationlover Registered User Posts: 828 Member
    edited January 11
    @Knowsstuff ISU hasn’t let me know about financial aid yet, so I’m still waiting.

    @MYOS1634 Yup, I emailed and I’m still waiting on a response.

    I also emailed Rose-Hulman re: financial aid and sending in the new ACT score, they said they would consider it- also I’ve read they superscore the ACT so that should get me lots more merit (I have a 32 ACT superscored.)

    I also emailed Dayton and I apparently already got the max merit aid amount, which I wasn’t aware of. So I officially got half tuition off there, I have to verify the FAFSA for them still for aid.

    I’m filling out scholarship forms for Valpo and the ASU honors college, and I have to fill out a verification form for my FAFSA.

    I still have not heard back from MSU re: sending in new ACT score.

    Also, I have the appointment with the surgeon next week.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 39,162 Senior Member
    Thanks for the update.
  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff Registered User Posts: 1,758 Senior Member
    Rose hulman might still be to expensive at half scholarship. Also with them you have to make sure it's for all 4 years.

    Email /call ISU. Let them know you want to make a desicison now and not wait. They should be able to get you information since you were excepted. Same with state.
  • equationloverequationlover Registered User Posts: 828 Member
    edited January 12
    Ahh okay, I will once I get the chance.

    Also, I don’t think my sister understands about debt. She want to attend a school (UK), which would be $30 K a YEAR (including PG). She’s going to be in debt a lot. She wants to be a nurse, so I’m guessing she probably has to get a master’s, too.
  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff Registered User Posts: 1,758 Senior Member
    Remember she can only take out so much in loans. Your parents might not be able to co-sign for both of you depending on their income. I would have a family talk about that.
  • aquaptaquapt Registered User Posts: 1,557 Senior Member
    Does your sister have the stats for St. Olaf? They have direct-entry nursing and they meet 99% of documented need. 1/15 deadline. Why UK? The MSEP schools like Kansas State and Truman State, or SIUC where residency for tuition purposes is available to all students, would have a considerably lower sticker price. If your sister gets a BSN, she'll be very employable without/before grad school. But employable doesn't make an unreasonable amount of debt okay, if she can even get that much in loans.

    Have you done the separate application for the ROSE-BUD scholarship at RHIT? (2/1/ deadline)
  • equationloverequationlover Registered User Posts: 828 Member
    edited January 13
    @Knowsstuff @aquapt she has a 3.5 GPA and 25 ACT. I think that’s below St. Olaf’s regularly admitted students stats?

    Actually I already looked into the Midwest exchange program, and it turns out a lot of those school’s don’t really grant the tution decrease. I emailed like three of them to ask. One of them was KSU. Actually, after I emailed one of them inquiring about it, they took the scholarship off their website.... I have no idea what’s going on there.

    She’s been admitted to
    - Miami (OH) (4K year off, but Miami OH is verryyy expensive in state)
    - Florida Gulf Coast
    - Ohio University (4K off but still quite expensive)
    - Ohio State University- Marion (didn’t get into main - got $1.5 K off a year of 7K cost)
    - University of Kentucky (6K scholarship)
    - Wittenberg University (half tuition scholarship)
    - Xavier University (half tuition scholarship, will also pay for books)

    She visited Xavier and didn’t like how small it was. She also does not like how small Wittenberg is, either. She wants to go to a large school with the party/sports life.

    She’s waiting on Purdue, Penn State, Dayton, and Indiana University - Bloomington. I know Penn/Purdue are going to be too expensive to attend.
  • equationloverequationlover Registered User Posts: 828 Member
    edited January 13
    @aquapt thanks for that! I will apply! Also I emailed admissions again re: considering aid with new ACT score, and they said they wouldn’t consider it? But the assistant director at the university admissions said they would at a later appeal date... I don’t know. Obviously there is miscommunication there.
  • aquaptaquapt Registered User Posts: 1,557 Senior Member
    Yeah, she *might* be able to get into St. Olaf if she applied EDII (it's a reach but the ED admit rate is 80%), but she wouldn't get direct-admit to nursing, and then she'd have to get near-perfect grades to get into the major later. And not at all the atmosphere she's looking for anyway, sounds like.

    In-state in OH is expensive! It doesn't seem like you guys have great state-level grant aid. I was looking at U of Akron, because they have a nursing program and I thought it might be cheaper, but it's still $27K for in-state living on campus. Those other OOS publics don't sound promising, affordability-wise. Truman State has potential (she's just barely in the $5K OOS auto-merit category with her stats https://www.truman.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/TruMerit-Out-of-State-Chart.jpg?x39143 , in addition to the $3K MSEP discount, which I believe they really do give) - it's around the same size as Xavier but the public-LAC vibe might feel more lively to her. Excellent nursing program, and $24K OOS sticker price minus $8K = $16K, which is pretty great relative to her other options. Website says "Apply by March 15th for fullest scholarship consideration" so she really might consider adding this to her list - it's a really good school for a remarkably good price.

    I think you're a great candidate for the ROSE-BUD diversity scholarship, as a woman with multiple disabilities. They essay prompt asks about overcoming personal challenges, so... I think your application will stand out. That money could turn RHIT into a full-need-met school for you.
  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 Registered User Posts: 39,162 Senior Member
    Seconding Truman State for her.
    I don't think St Olaf is the right fit although it would likely be the least expensive.
  • equationloverequationlover Registered User Posts: 828 Member
    edited January 13
    @aquapt Yes! I still have to sent in my FAFSA for Rose. So I will once my mom hasn’t had too much to drink so I can ask for her password for signature (yeah- that’s an issue at our house. It sucks. I am NOT going down her path.)

    @Knowsstuff I will talk to my mom about a family meeting. I think it might be better if I have my grandma do it though, since my mom is not a very responsible person. My mom is a waitress and my dad is an Uber driver, so I DOUBT they’ll be able to take out very much. Also my dad has extremely bad credit, my childhood home was forclosed back in 2016 (both of my parents do, because my mom and dad both bought that house.) Not to mention he USED our previous college funds my mom had saved up. They have no money saved up, but my grandparents have $30K saved up total for both my sister and I. (So $15K each— and that’s it. Not per year, that’s total.)

    Also I think I’m going to apply to Alabama Huntsville. I’d get automatic full tution there and even if it might be a little bit dead on the weekends (huge commuter school), and isn’t big as a BIG 10 school, it’s still somewhat big and has good engineering, and a VERY feasible option for OOS.

    I’m finishing up the app for Miami, applying to FSU (likely to get Fee waiver for OOS, so Pell Grant would cover remaining funds), and thinking of Washington State as a final app? They have a good engineering program and it’s out west (ideally where I want to live someday.) I’m going to wait on that until I hear back from OSU, their deadline is Jan. 31st.

    @MYOS1634 Thanks all, I’ll let her know about the suggestion. She is DEAD SET on going to UK though, she keeps talking about housing deposits and what not. My dad isn’t too happy with her that she’s passing up doing a year or two at OSU Marion and then transferring to main campus.
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