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I didn’t take the highest level math and science classes. Issue?

mohagenkamohagenka 11 replies12 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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Hi! I just recently posted here about my stats looking for suggestions on where to apply.
I’m happy with the list I’ve made (which I didn’t post in its entirety on CC, but has a good mix of safety mid reach etc). I looked at schools where my test score (33 ACT) and GPA (projected 3.6) would fit well. I will graduate having taken 11 APs. I have ECs that I think are decent plus national awards (writing) and publications.

However, I’m beginning to worry because I haven’t taken the most rigorous math and science courses available. I want to be an English major, but I know that taking challenging courses all around still matters.
For instance, I got a B in Honors Bio freshman year. Then, I took Academic (one step below honors—just basic) Chemistry sophomore year. Junior year I took AP Environmental and got a B too. Next year I’m taking AP Computer Science. So overall, only 3 lab science and just barely, because Enviro is no physics.

And math wise I have taken Academic courses freshman thru junior year, also with B’s. My senior year I am taking AP Statistics.

Everyone has told me not to worry because I want to study English, but I know that ALL grades matter.
With ACT score 33 (36 36 Eng/Reading and 29 29 Math/Sci) and good ECs/essay and this 3.6 GPA,..are these non-rigorous classes going to hurt me? I’ve felt confident about my matches like Bucknell seeing that I am above their 28-31 ACT there and their 3.55 GPA (class of 2021 data) but Now I’m worried that I’ve overestimated myself.

Other schools I like are U Rochester. Am I totally kidding myself? Help.
(my ultimate reaches are Cornell and Emory, but I know those are way gone lol)

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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 41736 replies450 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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    Your strong Humanities background will help you if you apply for English or other Humanities.

    That being said, Bucknell and URochester are reaches.
    Do apply, because they're not out of reach but they remain unlikely.
    Try to look at LACs in the 30-60 rankings as well as national universities ranked 40-60.
    Run the NPC on each.
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