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Colleges that fit me?

KingCogidubnusKingCogidubnus 5 replies1 threads New Member
I’m a rising junior. Here’s my info:

Background: Asian, female, adopted
Unweighted GPA: 4.0, WGPA: 4.0 (not sure if school does weighted?)

Extra Curriculars:
-TEDx Youth organizer: 9-11 (60 hours of community service/school year)
-Orchestra Council Member: (grade 10) and President (grade 11)
-Ballet: Age 4-16, successfully passed all RAD Exams grades 1-8 and -Vocational syllabi grades Intermediate Foundation-Intermediate
Private Violin: Age 5-16
-Volunteering at my church’s breakfast program (kind of a soup kitchen??) monthly: Age 5-16, around 8 hours of community service per school year
-Taking photos to monitor restoration projects and report changes in the landscape and habitat for city government: Grades 10-11
-School orchestra (grades 9-11, section leader grade 10 and principle second violin grade 11, varsity letter grade 9)
-NHS grade 11
-Women in Science and Engineering club: Grades 10-11
-Started a campaign to get school to recycle (grade 10 but mainly will be 11)
*Some stuff includes grade 11 since I've already confirmed I'll be participating in those next year

Girls in Science and Engineering @UMich: grades 7-8
Michigan Math and Science Scholars @UMich: 10

Miscellaneous interests and other stuff:
-Adobe Illustrator: Making art projects and designing logos and such for the various clubs I am in
-Writing: Winner and Finalist at my library’s writing competition grades 7 and 10
-Solo and Ensemble: All 1 ratings grades 7-10

Test scores:
ACT: 34 C....31M 35R 35W 33S, Essay 10/12
Will retake again aiming for a 35….this first one was without any study prep
US History Subject Test: 740
AP US History: Predicting a 4 or 5
APES: Predicting a 5

College interests:
-I don’t want a super small town surrounding campus…..I toured Kenyon and Wellesley and what turned me off with both were the really small towns surrounding them.
-Suburban setting, we could make it a bit more urban but nothing as urban as boston (toured Boston University and was overwhelmed by the urban setting). I still want the town around to feel very active and alive. This is pretty important.
-Size: 8,000 to 25000
-Weather: I’m fine with temperate climates. I’d prefer climates where it’s not hot all the time and not cold all the time….but if a school is great I can deal with all weather.
-I prefer east coast and midwestern schools. I won’t go far West or far South, as far south as Tennessee and as far West as Minnesota. This is pretty important.
-Politics: I can’t deal with a heavily conservative campus. I would be fine with anything from center to liberal.
-Frats/sororities: I’m fine if they’re there, but I don’t want them to be there in such a way that they dominate campus life. If they aren’t there, it’s fine too.
-Price: Due to an inheritance from my Grandpa dying, my family’s income went up a lot from what it usually was….so we got no federal financial aid for my sister who went to college this year. I don’t know if that money flow will go down by the time I go to college in 2020, but right now I think we could pay $45000/year by ourselves.
-Colleges I’m interested in now: UMich. I live in Ann Arbor, so a lot of kids around here consider UMich, but I’ve actually looked at it and am definitely considering it. I love Ann Arbor as a town and my experience at the university has been pretty good. One thing I’m concerned about is all of the drunk college students I see frequently…..I’m not into that party scene. Also, although I think I can handle the size, maybe the classes of 500 might be a bit scary?
-Career: Definitely something in science! I’m pretty interested in Environmental Science and Biology. Those aren’t done deals, but I cannot see my career heading into any Physics or Chemistry centered-subject.

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Replies to: Colleges that fit me?

  • aquaptaquapt 2469 replies51 threads Senior Member
    URochester seems like about what you are looking for. Suburban/urban-adjacent setting. Total student population is in your range. (Undergrad population around 6500). Very strong in sciences, with multiple major options in the the biological and environmental sciences. Fairly low-profile Greek life. Top-notch performing arts opportunities, both on the main campus and through Eastman. Good chance of enough merit aid, for a student with your stats and performing arts background, to get within your budget.
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  • merc81merc81 11905 replies203 threads Senior Member
    Tufts meets most of your criteria and appears in this Newsweek article, "The 25 Most Desirable Suburban Schools": http://www.newsweek.com/25-most-desirable-suburban-schools-71867.

    URochester, suggested above, seems to match your preferences well.
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  • aquaptaquapt 2469 replies51 threads Senior Member
    Also, even though Michigan State is larger than your stated size range, you might not want to rule out the Honors College there, which gives you a smaller cohort, smaller classes, etc.. The quality of the sciences there is excellent, with phenomenal research opportunities for Honors students, and potentially merit aid off of the already affordable in-state price. It meets the neither-urban-nor-rural criterion. The range of bio, environmental science, environmental biology, environmental geosciences, etc. majors is extensive. I know multiple OOS Honors students there who had stats like yours and are 100% glad they chose MSU.
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