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What are some reaches, some matches, and some safety schools ??

umkavaskaumkavaska 0 replies1 threads New Member
I had a 3.0 GPA unweighted in 9th grade, moved on to a 4.0 in 10th grade and around a 3.7 11th grade. My current SAT score is a 1330-1350. I took several APs and multiple honors classes. It's estimated that my cumulative GPA over high school should be a 3.6.

EC and Awards. I am the Vice President of Poetry and President of Photography club at my school. I have volunteered at a farm, I spent over 300 hours designing and participating in a construction of a sauna, and planning its thermodynamics. I helped at the Tufts University Veterinary Department in cleaning equipment and doing other tasks. I started my own photography business and was paid for a variety of things. I would shoot commercial and fashion photos for a online editorial and for clients. I learned to micro manage funds and money, plan accordingly for clients, and master creating legal papers. I learned to be acutely skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and other programs necessary to edit photography and retouch clients. I was assessed in the National Latin exam and I placed in the top fifteen percent of the test takers, and received an award. I partake frequently in my high school's newspaper.

Sports. Alpine Ski Racing (qualified for Nationals and Regionals several times) (outside of high school sports)
JV Cross Country in 10th grade. (NOT PLANNING TO SKI IN COLLEGE)

I am looking to major in Biochem, (or something science related).

Could I possibly get into Oberlin?
Where are some places I have a shot at???!!!?
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Replies to: What are some reaches, some matches, and some safety schools ??

  • aquaptaquapt 2469 replies51 threads Senior Member
    Either you have posted before under another name, or you have a twin out there somewhere that you should meet!

    Oberlin looks a little reachy for your stats, on the surface, but reachy doesn't equal impossible.

    You have diverse and interesting EC's. Which of them do you want to be able to pursue at college? Biochem and other mainstream sciences are available most places, so it would help to give some more parameters that you are looking for. Do you particularly want a small, suburban-or-rural LAC? Earlham could be a nice match. So could many of the other CTCL colleges. https://ctcl.org/category/college-profiles/

    Then again, maybe you'd enjoy a more hands-on program where you could combine your interests in photography and sciences: https://www.rit.edu/programs/photographic-and-imaging-technologies-options-biomedical-photographic-communications-imaging-and-bs

    Just examples. Say a bit more about what you're looking for and it will be easier to make suggestions.

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  • tk21769tk21769 10710 replies27 threads Senior Member
    edited June 2018
    IMO Oberlin would be a reach, but isn't completely out-of-reach ... as long as you think you can afford the Estimated Family Contribution. Run (or ask a parent to run) the online Net Price Calculator for Oberlin and any other schools that interest you.

    If you think your family can afford Oberlin, then check out some of the Colleges That Change Lives.
    These are LACs, like Oberlin, but most of them are a bit less selective.
    Consider Earlham College, for example.
    edited June 2018
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  • HapworthHapworth 578 replies0 threads Member
    edited June 2018
    Oberlin might be a reach, but LACs are much more holistic than other places; they'll truly consider your entire application. Plus, as well respected as Oberlin is, its location in OH means that it's probably a bit less intense, admissions-wise, than Bowdoin or Middlebury, which have become insanely competitive (the Ivies have become so cutthroat that the schools viewed as "next tier" are now as reachy as the Ivies were twenty years ago).

    So, yeah, go for Oberlin. Go for Kenyon. Go for--oh, I don't know--Macalester. Just understand that they'd be reaches (Mac might be a lower reach).

    Matches? Oberlin is a very progressive place, so if that's sort of your vibe, maybe Macalester is a reachy match? Lawrence U. and Kalamazoo? Denison and Wooster? If you're willing to go out west, there's Whitman, a school I really love from afar. The northeast is pretty competitive, but places like Muhlenberg, Hobart and William Smith, Wheaton (the one in MA, not IL), and St. Lawrence could be in the mix.

    Safeties? For many, this is an in-state public. For LACs, you have a lot to choose from. To be honest, a 3.6 would get you into most of the CTCL schools that I haven't mentioned: Beloit, Earlham, Knox, Ohio Wesleyan, Allegheny, Juniata, etc.
    edited June 2018
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  • peyre1peyre1 26 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Hello! Oberlin is a great school! Some other colleges that you might consider could be Denison, William and Mary (might be a reach), Elon (safety), Case Western (you might like it), and Brandeis!
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