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What colleges would be a good fit for me?


Replies to: What colleges would be a good fit for me?

  • peyre1peyre1 26 replies5 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    Hello! I am a rising senior in NC as well. I think UNC is def a reach for you but I think that you could get into NC State and VT. Clemson is also a good choice. With your GPA being a lil low for UNC, I would suggest that you look into other schools like Elon (ik it was already mentioned), University of South Carolina (they have a cool deal with tuition for NC residents), and maybe University of Georgia (good academics and sports). Your test score is fine in my opinion for schools like NC State. If money is a big factor in your college decision, you would probably get a good amount of money from HPU and smaller schools. I think you should look into the University of Miami too (it is very pretty, great academics and sports!). I also love NYU and if you want to be in NYC, I would also look at schools such as Fordham and St. Johns. Fordham is very cool and I think you would get in since it is less selective than NYU. Have you looked at schools in the D.C. area? You might like UMD, American, GW, or George Mason (Mason could be a good safety). Hope this helps!
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  • lbflbf 388 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 388 Member
    UNC is the hardest school to get into of all of the NC schools so you might want to broaden your horizons a bit. I agree naviance is a tool you should definitely use.
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  • coolguy40coolguy40 1934 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,936 Senior Member
    Right now, your stats give you a 55% chance at NC State. UNC is about 2%. UNCC is 69%. Another consideration is Alabama and Oklahoma State. Your stats would actually get you a nonresident tuition waiver scholarship, which puts it at the same cost level of NC. I would avoid out of state unless you can get it pared with a scholarship.
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  • scmom12scmom12 3062 replies21 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,083 Senior Member
    What is your budget?

    NC schools will be a much better deal for your than out of state (public universities). NC State would be a good school for you for your intended majors. @peyre1 Not sure what "cool deal" you mean with UofSC. It can be a good deal if you are a strong student. All OOS students that are in top percentage of applicants are given tuition waivers but that's not just NC students. OP, that would get your cost down but not lower than in-state schools.
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  • compkhakiscompkhakis 8 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 9 New Member
    I would say 35-40k a year IF it was worth it. So Clemson and NYU might be a little or way too much
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 41267 replies445 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 41,712 Senior Member

    Look into College of Charleston, JMU in Virginia, FSU, Ole Miss, UKentucky Honors.
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  • PortChar031PortChar031 37 replies0 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 37 Junior Member
    If you're ok with a solid state school, look into UCF. It was originally made to be a technical institute to feed into NASA. Their College for Engineering and Computer Science is ranked in the Top 50 nationwide, their cyberdefense team has won multiple national championships, and their programming team recently placed 10th worldwide being the highest ranked American team beating out MIT, Harvard, and Stanford.Their business school is pretty god and they're great about getting their students networking and many are able to start off in positions in Orlando. All in all it's an affordable uni that's considered to be one of the country's biggest up-and-coming schools
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  • amxn15amxn15 183 replies15 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 198 Junior Member
    Looking at your replies on other threads, are you sure you don't work for UCF's admissions or something? You've put the same thing on everyone's thread telling everyone to consider UCF
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  • AlmostThere2018AlmostThere2018 1216 replies42 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,258 Senior Member
    @amxn15 -- I wondered same thing.
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