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Help us balance out a visit/explore list!!!


Replies to: Help us balance out a visit/explore list!!!

  • ItisatruthItisatruth 320 replies22 threads Member
    Just saw these Mount Holyoke 2023 admissions stats on their website. Such a big drop in RD admissions rate (36%) from prior year, and an attendant widening of the gap between ED & RD rates (which used to be almost the same). Zoinks! @allyphoe

    Admission Statistics
    First-year applicants 3,908
    Early Decision applicants 397
    Transfer applicants 187
    Total First-Year acceptances 1,491
    Total Early Decision acceptances 227
    Total Transfer acceptances 66
    Total First-Year acceptance rate 38.2%
    Early Decision acceptance rate 57.2%
    Total Transfer acceptance rate 35.3%
    Total First-Year matriculants 509
    Total Transfer matriculants 26
    International matriculants 145
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  • Dancingmom518Dancingmom518 401 replies3 threads Member
    @Itisatruth Would you be willing to elaborate on why your D dropped Macalester from her list? My D20 added Mac to her list based on what she has read, but we won’t be able to visit before she apples. Any feedback would be helpful.
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  • ItisatruthItisatruth 320 replies22 threads Member
    Hi, @Dancingmom518 sorry for the late reply, not here on CC that much since the redesign. No specific negatives on Macalester -- it was the school she liked the most from our Summer 2018 trip (summer before junior year) but it was always a "maybe". She's kept only one school not within driving distance on her list (Reed), and is trying to keep her list fairly short (7). Macalester just wasn't in the top 7. I think it's a great place, and we know a sophomore boy there who loves it, and one of D20's good friends is applying and also pursuing athletic recruitment for XC.
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  • Dancingmom518Dancingmom518 401 replies3 threads Member
    Thank you @Itisatruth , it is difficult to judge these schools when you are unable to visit. I hope your daughter has a successful application season.
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  • mommdcmommdc 11518 replies31 threads Senior Member
    You can send a transcript for Pitt, instead of doing SRAR.
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  • ItisatruthItisatruth 320 replies22 threads Member
    Thanks @mommdc -- her school did actually send out a helpful memo right before school started on how to categorize classes for the Pitt SRAR, so D20 got that app submitted on 9/3. And as of this morning, thanks to some helpful tips from @TheVulcan over on the Pitt 2024 thread, it appears that she has been accepted!
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  • OHMomof2OHMomof2 13154 replies246 threads Senior Member
    I noticed Agnes Scott on all kinds of "best" lists in the latest USNWR.
    Agnes Scott College Rankings

    #58 in National Liberal Arts Colleges (tie)
    #4 in Best Undergraduate Teaching
    #25 in Best Value Schools
    #1 in Most Innovative Schools
    #2 in Top Performers on Social Mobility
    #1 in First-Year Experiences
    #3 in Learning Communities (tie)
    #7 in Senior Capstone (tie)
    #23 in Service Learning (tie)
    #14 in Co-ops/Internships (tie)
    #15 in Writing in the Disciplines (tie)
    #10 in Study Abroad
    #27 in Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects (tie)

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  • silverpurplesilverpurple 148 replies38 threads Junior Member
    Hi itisatruth, I went to barnard and live on long island, if she has any questions. Both our daughters are applying to Mount Holyoke. My daughter is working on her activity sheet. Have you found a good template or sample? One is not to describe the club, right? Just use verbs to describe what one does?
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  • ItisatruthItisatruth 320 replies22 threads Member
    @silverpurple Ethan Sawyer/College Essay Guy is our go-to for all things essay and Common App. He has a good, brief overview on writing the activities list here: https://www.collegeessayguy.com/blog/guide-college-activities-list-common-app-example-application
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  • ItisatruthItisatruth 320 replies22 threads Member
    edited October 19
    Update following Mount Holyoke Shadow Day last week: The college put on a really great Shadow Day, including immediately separating the parents and the kids first thing in the morning and keeping them separate and busy for the day.

    Parents got to attend an Admission/FA panel, an outstanding student panel, a nice lunch across the lake at their Conference Center, and then a tour with two students who complemented each other really well in terms of background, interests, academic focus, and tour guide style.

    Students meanwhile did a tour, got matched with a host, had lunch, and then could attend one or more classes with host or on their own. D20 was with a group of about 6 prospies, and their host didn't have any afternoon classes, so they hung out in the student center together for a couple of hours and then went to two psychology classes.

    Overall, D20 was really delighted with the campus vibe, the other students and prospies, and the glimpse of academic life she got. Mom also very impressed! It's a long drive from Philly area but I think just about a perfect distance from home during college.

    With EA deadlines looming, D20 has decided to get Sarah Lawrence and Reed EA apps in but push Bard back to RD, or possibly drop from list if she gets good news from Sarah Lawrence in December. MHC, BMC, Barnard for RD still -- I was wondering if MHC Shadow Day would bump her into ED territory there but it did not. Can't pick a favorite from the three historically women's colleges!
    edited October 19
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  • allyphoeallyphoe 2489 replies60 threads Senior Member
    Woohoo! Congrats! My kid's cousin's cousin is a Sarah Lawrence grad, and a totally awesome person.
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