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Help me find more match schools? Current Junior in STEM

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Hi CC Community,

I am a HS junior ('20) who is currently crafting her college list. I've found a lot of schools that I love, but they are almost all reaches. Could you help me find more matches or safeties?

Princeton (Will most likely SCEA here)

U of Toronto
U of Rochester
Carnegie Mellon

UMD College Park
Penn State

I am planning to major in a STEM field, most likely engineering. Some things I am looking at in a school are: flexibility with double major/minor, suburban or urban campus in the northeast, and study abroad opportunities.

My Stats are:
UW GPA: 4.00, W GPA: 5.41 on 6.00 scale
Rank: 2/270-ish
SAT: Haven't taken yet, but aiming for 1550 or greater. I scored a 1500 on PSAT so I think this is attainable.
SAT II: 800 Math II, will be taking Chem and Physics in the spring
AP Exams: US Gov & Pol (5), CS A (5), Calc AB (5), Statistics (5), World History (4), currently taking Chem, Physics 1, Calc BC, and English Lit

I understand that it might be hard to get a full picture of my academic standing without an official SAT or ACT. I will be happy to provide extra information if needed. Any advice is welcomed!

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