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Looking for reaches, matches and safeties

coIlegecoIlegecoIlegecoIlege 3 replies2 threads New Member
Hi! I am a rising senior and am trying to find some schools to look at before the school year starts. I'm a pretty average student, not many hooks to my app. I'm looking for a medium sized school (4,000-10,000 undergrad) in the northeast and I want to major in psychology. My stats look a bit like this:
- 3.87 GPA (not sure if its weighted or not, probably is), 36/232 students
- 1190 SAT, 25 ACT (not too swell)

Thank you!
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Replies to: Looking for reaches, matches and safeties

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 80226 replies720 threads Senior Member
    Cost constraints?
    Unweighted GPA?
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  • eb23282eb23282 696 replies19 threads Member
    I'll play...
    Fairleigh DIckinson
    Roger Williams
    Some of the SUNYs
    Rhode Island
    UMass - Lowell
    West Chester
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  • joecollege44joecollege44 220 replies17 threads Junior Member
    SUNY New Paltz is a fun place to go to school for people who like the outdoors.
    Muhlenberg is an up and coming school with really happy students.

    And of course there are the schools that don't look at test scores...
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  • MAmom111MAmom111 241 replies13 threads Junior Member
    UMass Lowell

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  • TheodenTheoden 247 replies7 threads Junior Member
    edited July 2019
    How much is financial aid a factor?

    You could be a candidate for merit scholarships at some Liberal Arts College (but they are smaller than your range)

    SUNY's have Low tuition and Room and Board in-state, not too high out of state. Need-based financial aid.

    SUNY: Geneseo (Reach/High Match)
    SUNY: New Paltz (Match)
    SUNY: Oswego, Oneonta, Potsdam, Plattsburgh. (Safety)

    Ithaca College (Match) Good Merit and need based aid.

    If you would consider something smaller these are all excellent schools and offer good merit and need-based financial aid:

    Muhlenberg College (Match)
    Allegheny College (Match)
    Ursinus College (Match)
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  • ChillDadChillDad 251 replies20 threads Junior Member
    @collegecollege -Clark University in Worcester is well known for its psychology program. (Sigmund Freud delivered a series of lectures on campus in 1909!). Merit aid available.
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