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Reverse Chance Me!

stressedsenior20stressedsenior20 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi! I'm a rising senior in a suburban, unranked high school in the south. I'm looking for some suggestions for colleges I should apply to, including reaches and targets. Not looking to go to any particular regions in the U.S., all suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!

Major: Double major in Political Science and Journalism, looking to go to law school after undergrad.

Demographic: White, female, 60k household, South. (Financial aid is preferred, but not most important factor).

School: Public, unranked, suburban.

GPA: 3.5 UW, don't know weighted gpa (11th grade: 3.95, upward grade trend)

ACT: 32

SAT Subject Tests: US History (800), Math (780), English (780)

AP Tests: Human Geography (4), World History (no test), English Language & Composition (4), U.S. History (5), U.S. Government (future), Literature (future), Psychology (future), Computer Science (future), Chemistry (future), Biology (future)

1. Varsity Swim Captain (9th-12th): (Summer-Fall), Major weekly commitment (40 hours), meets 2x/week, 3 hour practices 2x/day. Division 2 High School State Qualifier. Organize fundraisers, apparel, team suits, parent night, senior night, etc.
2. Show Choir Vocal Captain (11th-12th): (August-June), Teach new songs for our 3 annual shows, lead warm-ups, direct and create competition show, order costumes, etc.
3. Musical (11th-12th): (Fall), Played lead role in both productions
4. Swim Coach (8th-12th): (All year), Coach kids 3x/week and travel to meets regionally every weekend.
5. Fundraising Committee: (All year), Student Representative for local fundraising committee, 10 hours/week, all year
6. President of Student Government (10th-12th): (All year), organizes and runs meetings, volunteer/campaign for local political organizations and candidates, organized a school-wide gun violence walkout.
7. Intern (11th-12th): (Summer), intern with state political lobbyist group alongside college students.
8. Tutoring (10th-11th): (Fall-Spring), tutoring 4th graders from my school district every school night.
9. Freshman Orientation Leader (9th-12th): (All year), lead freshman through first week of school; teaching responsibility and kindness through weekly lessons, etc.
10. 400+ volunteer hours, silver cord at graduation
11. Principal violinist (10th-12th): (Fall-Spring), 1st chair at my high school, solos at concerts and festivals.
12. Songwriter (9th-12th): (All year) writes pop/indie songs for local band, sometimes adds backing vocals to tracks put on Spotify

Extenuating Circumstances: Parents both lost job in the last 4 years (both in very public ways) I was bullied for it during school, led to extremely poor mental health and poor grades the first 2 1/2 years of high school, realized I needed to get back on track (now on high honor roll). In no way am I using this as an excuse, just putting my stats in perspective, this info will be put in the additional information section of my app (Writing main essay on something completely separate). I understand colleges are meant to judge you based on your high school record, but I also know that miracles can happen and the more holistic colleges may give me a chance based on my extracurriculars, upward grade trend, test scores, essays, etc.
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Replies to: Reverse Chance Me!

  • jackhitch1jackhitch1 7 replies1 threads New Member
    University of Georgia is a very good match for you. They would most likely waive half of out of state tuition with a 32 on the ACT if you ask. Also, UGA has an amazing journalism program.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30394 replies59 threads Senior Member
    With a $60k household, money is going to be an essential part of your college choice. How are you expecting to pay for college? What can your family afford and are willing to pay? What kind of financial aid are you eligible to get?

    You need to sit down and talk to your parents about what is affordable to them. Then run a FAFSA estimator based on their 2018 tax AGI numbers and estimated assets. Then run NPC s for some schools on your list and see what’s affordable. If there is a gap, you might want or need to look at meri awards that schools have.

    What is your state? Some have programs like PROMISE, Hope, Bright Promise, Zell Miller, Excelsior etc that make in state reasonable. You might get s big tuition break. Some states give no such thing.
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