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Is DePaul or UIC better in terms of a BA in Finance?

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Hi, so I'm conflicted as to whether to stay at UIC or transfer to DePaul after fall. I've heard from friends that DePaul has a better business school and thus you have more opportunities for future employers and internships. Currently, because of my situation, I wouldn't graduate at UIC for 2 more years, but if I went to DePaul it could stretch to 2.5 or 3. This is due partly because it seems like most of the gen eds here are specific to the school and around 7 of my classes are only counted as "extra credit". So I'm just wondering if it's worth staying where I am or shelling out more time and money at DePaul for a "better degree". I'd be settled if it weren't for the number of extra classes they force you to take there. I would seemingly enjoy the school more from what I hear but, I'd rather do what's best for me and sacrifice that if need be. But yeah, any insight would be appreciated, thanks.
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