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Are these schools for me?

poopmanpoopman 2 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
Hi so I'm confused about whether or not these schools are for me; I believe that once i refine my SAT score and SAT essay score I'll be in the okay range for my top tier schools (but I'm not entirely sure as per reason I'm writing this). I'm planning to major in a science (bio or chem) or public health.
STATS (going into Senior year):
4.0 (UW) 4.62 (W) (on track to be valedictorian)
SAT- 1340 R:660 M: 680
Essay: 13/24 (yikes)
APWH: 3 (gonna prob get rescore)
AP Seminar: 5
AP Lang: 4
AP Psych: 5

Red Cross: Very Active, started in Summer after Sophomore; Blood Health and Safety Officer for city's youth corp

NHS: Active During School, started early Junior; Health and Medicine Service Project Advisor; (prob gonna be president)

Key Club: Not Active (dead club), started Freshman year; member

The Children's Clinic: Only Active for big events (big events are uncommon); general and reading volunteer( read to kids)

Health Department Paid Internship: Started summer in Junior year, intern worked for 100 hours in public health emergency management dept.

Health and Medicine Pathway Board Member: started Sophomore year; represent and talk about the pathway (specialty high school with 3 career focus areas: H&M, Engineering and Criminal Justice)

So what my plan is to raise my SAT Score and begin college Apps, subject test scores for Math II I probably wont include since my practice test scores were usually in the middle 600's. Now the colleges I wanna apply to are the:
CSU's (Def. CSULB others TBD)
UC's ( UCLA UCB UCI others TBD)
God Tier Schools: Stanford, Princeton and Yale

Any tips, questions, comments, college recommendations please comment!

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  • poopmanpoopman 2 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Also, GPA is very inflated my school is very new and is garbage in test prep and actual teaching
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  • inthegardeninthegarden 1087 replies22 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
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    @poopman, Stanford, Princeton and Yale are extremely high reaches for everyone. Unless a student has a strong hook (extreme athletic talent, wealthy donor/legacy parent, etc), they'd need to have SAT scores well into the 1500s and outstanding ECs just to get a second look. Even with these qualifications, these schools are known as lottery schools for a reason. For every applicant accepted, there are scores of HIGHLY qualified applicants rejected. I'm not as knowledgeable about California schools but I believe the UCs you mentioned (except maybe UCI) would be out but I feel you would be fine for many CSUs. Congratulations for doing your best in a school that may not have challenged you enough to prepare for the elites but your scores and grades will be fine for many good colleges/universities. As many say here, it's not where you go that will define you, but what you do once you get to college!

    The most important thing to do right now is to find out what your parents will be able to pay! Find out what your schools of choice will cost. Look into the financial aid forum her if you need it (most do). Don't get hooked on the idea of a dream school that your parents will not be able to pay for.
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  • inthegardeninthegarden 1087 replies22 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Also, for schools you are considering, find out what the middle 50% of test scores/GPAs of past admitted freshman were to get a sense of whether you would be a competitive applicant. look into the "freshman" profile" of thoses schools by googling "Common Data Set<name of college/university> and look at sction C of the common data set. The closer your scores approach the 75% or higher mark, the better chance you will have for acceptance. Also, if the school has a high percentage of applicants accepted, your chances, of course, will be higher too.

    Keep up the good work at school and keep those senior year grades high....admissions counselors do check to see your mid-year grades even if you have already submitted applications!
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  • poopmanpoopman 2 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Thank you so much for the reply! Money isn't an issue since I qualify for FAFSA, would you recommend I apply to more lottery schools? I plan on going full drive in my SAT prep so I'm sure my scores will increase relatively. Do you think I'll still get a chance? And would awards surrounding my EC's qualify as a hook? Thanks for such an indepth response!
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 41730 replies450 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    It means money is a big problem in fact. :S
    FAFSA is very little - $5,500 in federal loans. What's your EFC? Do you qualify for a Pell Grant? Cal grants?
    Are you on free/reduced lunch?
    There are lots of good universities you can get into (assuming your sat gee up a bit). The tricky thing is finding affordable universities.

    Your GPA and ECs are very good - apply to UCLA, UCB, 2 from UCD, UCSB, UCI, ans definitely apply to UCSC as a safety.
    CPP may offer you Honors college (UCSC too).

    Run the NPC on Pitzer, Occidental, Chapman, LMU-LA, Whitman.
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