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Vanderbilt ED chance me

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I am a Senior who is applying ED 1 to Vanderbilt class of 2024 to the College of Arts and Sciences, and would love it if someone could chance me.

White Male, I go to a private High School in Texas (class size of about 120) so we do not rank due to competitive nature. (I think it is stupid)

ACT: 35-E:35 R:35 S:33 M:35
GPA: W-4.3( big upward trend, junior year was 4.5), UW 3.9
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Math II, 730 U.S. History
AP Tests: APUSH-5, AP Physics C-4, AP Euro: 3, Plan to take AP Bio, AP Lit Comp, AP Calc AB, and AP U.S. Gov in May, I also took AP Lang Comp but didn't take test, and school doesn't offer many APs so I took most rigorous schedule possible.

Extra Curriculars/Awards:
Started my own 3D printing business-this is also what my essay is about, but I sell things that I design and 3D print online.
Captain and founder of Ultimate Frisbee Team at my school, started the team for kids who don't have a spring sport.
Helped found a food and cultural diversity club at school
Worked at a popsicle place over summer where I made the popsicles- not sure how important that is though
I play baseball and soccer and play baseball on a club team as well
Won award for highest grade in Algebra 1
National Honors Society
AP Scholar

about my 3d printing company and how I have discovered my passion for business through my love for 3d printing. Hopefully that does some good considering my intended major is Economics

Also, both of my parents attended Vandy for undergrad and my aunt and uncle also attended for undergrad.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!
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