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What other colleges should I apply to?

gummybear202gummybear202 8 replies6 threads New Member
I have visited a lot of colleges across the country (14 to be exact) but I am still not 100% sure where I want to go. Therefore, I am not EDing anywhere.

So far, I have 11 schools I'm applying to, but I want to add a couple "out of the box" options that I might not be thinking of, so I have as many options as possible.

For reference I have a 34 ACT superstore (33 composite) and a 96 unweighted gpa (lots of honors + graduating with 7 ap classes. (I also have a lot of clubs/sports with high leadership positions in all.)

I'm interested in journalism, communications, media studies, marketing, advertising and graphic design. So, I would only consider schools that have at least 1 of these majors as an option.

I do not want any schools in NYC (that's where I live) and I do want there to be some sort of town/city nearby while still having a campus preferably. Size does not matter; however, I would prefer at least medium size.

So far im applying to:

Northwestern, Northeastern, Binghamton, UMich, UMiami, University of Florida, USC, Emory, Boston University, Syracuse University, Cornell

LMK if you guys have any suggestions! I feel like I'm missing out on good schools just because I haven't heard of them.
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Replies to: What other colleges should I apply to?

  • buckybarnesxbuckybarnesx 89 replies9 threads Junior Member
    edited October 20
    Where are your safeties? What is your budget/EFC? Have you run the NPCs on the schools on your list? Do you prefer a LAC-type environment or a bigger school? Have you considered the SUNY and CUNY system?

    People here would be able to give you better suggestions if they knew those.
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  • gummybear202gummybear202 8 replies6 threads New Member
    safeties are Miami, Syracuse, and Binghamton. I have considered the CUNY/SUNY system, but I would prefer to go out of state. I don't really have a preference of LAC or bigger school as long as the college has school spirit and a campus plus a college town or big city nearby.
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  • AlmostThere2018AlmostThere2018 1360 replies51 threads Senior Member
    Here are two to check out:

    UNC-CH has one of the top journalism programs in the country. Lots of famous journalist grads. You can go the communications route there too. School spirit in spades, college town but also part of the Raleigh-Durham metro area which offers a lot.

    Davidson is an LAC with a communications program -- I don't know much about it, but the college itself is super. One of the few LACs with Div 1 sports so more spirit than most others.

    I am very familiar with both these colleges so feel free to PM me with any questions.
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  • HippobirdyHippobirdy 421 replies1 threads Member
    University of Iowa for writing.
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  • PublisherPublisher 8514 replies91 threads Senior Member
    What is holding you back from applying ED to Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism ?

    Once answered, others may be able to suggest a more appropriate option.
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  • rickle1rickle1 2035 replies17 threads Senior Member
    Very solid list of communication / journalism schools. Well thought out.

    Best of luck!
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  • hatchettehatchette 12 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Mizzou (University of Missouri)? Highly rated journalism school, school spirit, and I believe that OOS students are able to establish in-state residency if they live in Missouri for 12 consecutive months.
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