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Please chance me for NYU LSP ED1

fenway1fenway1 30 replies9 threads Junior Member
Hi all hope you are having a good holiday season! I have applied to NYU CAS ED1 with interest in the LSP program. I was wondering if I have a chance of being admitted. I go to a very rigorous high school (top 5 in MA). I participate in my schools 3 year global program which is basically like LSP at NYU with a close-knit community focusing on English, history, and science.
Stats: 3.33 UW GPA, 3.95 W with a very big upward trend from 2.9 freshman year to 3.7 junior year. SAT: 1250. 590 math, 660 English. I can’t take AP’s until senior year because of the global program I’m in but I did take APUSH. Other courses Ive taken throughout high school include honors biology, honors history, honors world history, honors lit. Senior year first marking grade which are being sent to NYU today is a 3.7 UW, 4.5 W in AP Psych, AP gov, Honors Film Studies, Honors Marine Biology, Advanced Pre Calculus and French5. I think my common app essay is a 9/10 and Why NYU is a 10/10. I talked about how I want to be a lawyer and other good stuff like that. I got a bad SAT math score like 590. Will the admissions officer not care that much about math as I am demonstrating my interest in being a lawyer - honors history, AP Gov, Class President? I also did get an A- in pre calculus for first term of senior year. Recs are from my APUSH teacher and advanced French which will be good.
I have a lot of EC but I’ll name the big ones.
- class president (2017)
Varsity golf/baseball
Award of excellence for both baseball and golf (pretty rare at my school to win back-to back awards)
- head coach of a youth basketball team (3 years)
- Rigorous internship at Harvard Med School
-Secretary of Investment Club
- very important* lead organizer (with just my family) for the annual childhood cancer awareness day at Fenway Park each year. I help bring Dana Farber kids who have cancer to a Red Sox game to be a bat boy/ girl and throw the first pitch. I supervise them and honor them at the game.
- job at golf course
- on NEPGA jr tour
- Made onto all- state D1 golf team
- Basketball sportsmanship award winner.
Basically do I have a shot at all?
Thank you for reading.
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Replies to: Please chance me for NYU LSP ED1

  • MWolfMWolf 1805 replies13 threads Senior Member
    Here is the thing. According the NYU's CDS, you are in the bottom 10% for math, and at the bottom of the mid 50% (650-720) for EBRW. You are in the bottom 30%-25% for GPAs. The problem is that many of those low GPAs and SAT scores are of students being accepted to Tisch, for which portfolios/auditions are just as important as academics, and an amazing performance or art portfolio can compensate for mediocre academics.

    Great ECs, but NYU has academics at "very important", while ECs are "important".

    The upward trend is very good, and much better than having a steady 3.33 GPA, but you are competing with applicants who have had high GPAs (UW above 3.8) throughout their high school years.

    Add to that the fact that acceptance rate to NYU last year was 17%, making it a reach for everybody.

    So, not impossible, but likely an extremely high reach.

    Good luck!
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  • SJ2727SJ2727 1997 replies6 threads Senior Member
    I can give you a long reply (my daughter got into LSP ED1 as alternate from CAS last year) but the short version is I agree with @mwolf that it’s a reach for you. My daughter got in with better stats than you, and she seems to be pretty much the lowest among her peers. That said, ED will be your best chance. Good luck.
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