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Boston University

guccigangguccigang 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hey guys it’s my first time here so apologies ahead of time if I’ve done anything wrong. Boston University has always been my top 1 school, the problem is I need to know my chances of getting in to stop all the stressing I’ve been doing lately (I’ve been having breakdowns non stop because of this).
I’m a junior in high school and have a 3.55 gpa (unweighted at the moment), 100 hours (from junior year) only of community service, have been playing tennis since sophomore year for my high school and am in HOSA (since this year). And that’s all I’ve done, I would also be a first generation student and my parents are both immigrants to the USA if that makes a difference at all. I see so many people with better stats then me so please give me a overview of what my chances are. Also I haven’t taken the sat but I got a 970 on the psat in 10th grade without studying
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 5680 replies1 threads Senior Member
    I think that you need to stop being obsessed with one university, and start thinking about what you want in a university. There are a lot of very good universities, and with a 3.55 unweighted GPA you can find one which is a good fit for you. Whether it will be BU is not clear at this point.

    What majors are you considering?

    BU is relatively large and right in a city. Would you prefer a university that is right in the middle of a city? How do you feel about really large classes (a few hundred students in the room) versus a smaller school with smaller classes?

    What is your budget? Have you discussed budget with your parents, and have you run the NPC for BU?

    For us, BU was tied with Northeastern as by far the most expensive two schools that either daughter was accepted to. It was way over budget. Neither was the top ranked university that either daughter got into, they were just the most expensive. Both daughters did find other schools that we could afford and that were very good fits for them.

    You will want to do some preparation before taking the SAT or ACT exams. Preparation can be quite helpful.

    Also, if you can pull up your GPA for the rest of this year this is likely to help you.
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  • BostonKnowsBostonKnows 19 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Work very hard to score high on the SAT test---70% of BU's students scored in the 700 range for Math and 42% scored in the 700 range for Critical Reading & Grammar.
    College Board offers free study tests and Khan Academy tutorials. Community Service is just icing on the cake, so invest your time in raising your grades and SAT/ACT scores. You will need a minimum of a 3.8 GPA and several AP courses.

    If you need financial aid it will be more challenging as only 51% of the current students even applied for financial aid. If you do need scholarships, standardized tests, and AP courses become very important. Go on a tour to show interest.

    Fortunately, you have plenty of time to prepare. Use Collegeboard.com to see information about any schools you are interested in.

    Good luck!
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  • sunnryzsunnryz 92 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Good luck to you! BU looks at numbers but your essays are also super important. Specifically why this particular school appeals to you, not just the Boston area. And definitely go on a scheduled tour. Make sure you look at other schools. BU was my daughter's top choice. She got in but was awarded absolutely no money. We could not afford the $72,000 bill and she had to decline the acceptance and go with a school that offered her money. Make sure you have safety schools to apply to as well!
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