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Colby chances?

hs2020c2024hs2020c2024 3 replies3 threads New Member
I have decided to apply reg. to Colby. I have about a 92 GPA and would not send in my SAT scores. I did not take any APs last year, but I am take AP Physics and AP Calc this year (my school only offers 4 APs). I do not have the best grades, I am stronger in English and History and Science, and weaker at Math and Language. I expect my final grades to be As in history, ap physics, and English, and Bs in ap calc and spanish.

Extra Curriculars: *things I have done all four years +
- I help volunteer with open houses and tours at school*
- Apart of yearbook (just joined this year)
- Created a club with the goal to spread random acts of kindness and acceptance (just created this year)
-helped form student wellness committee (created this year)
- Dance 30 hours/wk*
- Volunteer 3 hrs/wk*
- Assist young dance classes 2hrs/wk*
- Teacher assist art at school (just started this year)
- Dance intensive in the summers*
-Work at a summer camp part-time*

I think my essay is pretty good. I have a very unique story and shared that through my essay, but my main point of the essay was again, to show that I am determined, hardworking, and kind, which I think I did very well

I know Colby is a big reach for me, but I really liked the school when I visited, but just couldn't commit. I have tried to show a lot of demonstrated interest and have been in contact with my admissions counselor. Do you think my chances at admissions are too unrealistic and unlikely?

Thank you, any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Replies to: Colby chances?

  • GaunterOfDimmGaunterOfDimm 2 replies1 threads New Member
    I have more experience with the other schools in the NESCAC like Bates so I’m going off of what they said to me and what I learned assuming Colby is pretty similar (Bates and Colby are often lumped together in many categories). They take a very holistic approach to admitting students and there are countless
    intangibles that could help or hurt you.

    If you had asked my advice in September I would have put a lot of emphasis on the interview and made sure you did one. If you did, that’s great, if not, try and make up for it by speaking with your admissions counselor as much as possible.

    Along with things you can do, there are also things you can’t control that may seem a bit unfair. For instance, I know that Bates is not need-blind so in my case, the fact that we don’t require money from the school to attend does have somewhat of an influence on their decision. Not a massive one, but one nonetheless. I’m not sure if Colby is the same way, though.

    Above everything just know that you did Everything you could and whatever happens, you gained a lot in this process!

    If you want any more advice, I probably know the answer because I was in the same boat as you about 2 months ago:)

    Best of luck!
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