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What science class should this confused sophmore take next year?

Soph915Soph915 1 replies1 threads New Member
Hi guys. I have most of my schedule for next year planned, but I’m worried about it not being difficult enough. I’m taking duel enrollment calc 3 first semester, and I might take differential equations second semester. Since the classes only meet 3 times a week, I would have two free hours, which makes me wary of taking a study hall because I would already have one twice a week.
Also, I hope to take both AP Chem and Bio at some point in the next two years, but I don’t know if I can fit them in.

Anyways, here’s my schedule:

1. Calc 3 (semester) and Diff Eq (semester, but not sure what I would take if I didn’t take it?)
2. AP Lang
3. AP Gov (semester one)
4. AP Macro (semester two)
5. Honors Physics
6. Spanish 3
7. Orchestra
8. Study Hall...... ????

Ok, here’s my reservations and potential changes. Do I....

a) keep this schedule as is and not take AP Chem in high school at all? (I’m doing AP BIO senior year because I love the teacher and subject).

b) Replace honors physics with AP Chem and take AP BIO and honors physics at the same time senior year?

c) Cut out the study hall and take honors physics and AP chem junior year?

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Replies to: What science class should this confused sophmore take next year?

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 80128 replies720 threads Senior Member
    Is government and economics the normal 11th grade social studies in your school (as opposed to some history)?

    Looks like you have one of each of the following:

    Math (two semester courses)
    Social studies (two semester courses)
    Foreign language
    Art (music)

    What to do about the last space depends on more context about what you have taken, what is available, and what you are interested in, as well as what your counselor considers the most demanding type of schedule and most academic strength if you do well.
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  • Soph915Soph915 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Yep, gov and Econ are normal junior classes at my school. I’d say I’m interested in math and business right now, but I’m also interested in saving money in college by doing some AP’s! I was looking at general business majors, but also at accounting and actuarial science since I like the number aspect of things.

    I’m considering taking a study hall because I do have quite a lot going on outside of school, and I’m very motivated to work during my free periods. However, next year I’m cutting down on my hours at my sport (competitive dance) because it’s not a good environment, so I’ll have more time after school even though I’ll be more involved in music and volunteering.

    I don’t want to take a non-honors or non-AP “nothing class”, because I already have a handful of easy A’s on my schedule. I just don’t want to overload myself....

    I do work really really hard and my GPA and psat are looking promising (I hope!!!!), so I just don’t want to squander my admissions chances by taking a too-easy load my junior year.
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 30013 replies181 threads Senior Member
    Your schedule is quite full. Stick with the Honors Physics. And yes, it would be OK to have a free period. The math courses you are scheduled to take are second year college level classes, and are likely to require extra homework time.
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  • sherpasherpa 4798 replies96 threads Senior Member
    You're very advanced in math. I'd recommend AP Physics instead of Honors. Also, I'd go with AP Chem over study hall. Admittedly, many would disagree, and say that's too heavy a load. But as I see it, that would give you three advantages: 1) help with admissions, 2) prepare you for the rigorous academics of a top college, and 3) as you noted, more AP's sometimes means saving $ in college.

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  • mtnsun13mtnsun13 18 replies0 threads Junior Member
    It seems like in my research, most competitive colleges want to see 4 years in all major subjects:
    History/Social Studies
    Foreign Language

    Also, if you are planning to major in STEM, they want to see that you have taken Biology, Chemistry & Physics. However you can fit them all in, I would do it. I would not skip Chemistry all together. If you have already taken regular Chemistry, please disregard.
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