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Occidental College vs. DU?

clairetomanclairetoman 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi! So I'm a current senior and among other schools, I've been accepted into Occidental and DU. Oxy is my top choice school, while DU is my second. However, financially, I will be ~50,000 dollars in debt if I choose to go to Oxy, but ~25,000 in debt to go to DU. Occidental isn't exactly my dream school, but definitely my first choice.

So to anyone who has experience with DU or Oxy, what would you suggest I choose? Go to a school that I prefer better but that costs more, or a school that I like less (but still like) and be cheaper? And also if anyone has insight on what both schools are like socially, as well as how well each school will set me up for life success (especially to pay off the debt).

Also, for background, I want a smaller school but not too small (I like DU's size better), I like both locations pretty equally, I'm pretty liberal (something I like about Oxy), and am looking to get a good education w/ teachers who care, but also enjoy myself (parties lol).

Please respond, I have to make a decision in 2 weeks and I'm stressing thank you!
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Replies to: Occidental College vs. DU?

  • KimberleyinCOKimberleyinCO 1 replies1 threads New Member
    My daughter transferred to DU this year from a private east coast college and she loves it. She joined a sorority and is loving her classes and professors. What impresses me about DU so far is that they take your future seriously. She has a dedicated academic advisor as well as career advisor. They really want you to succeed after college so it isn't just learning for learning's sake. There is a lot of money at DU (students and the college itself). It is a beautiful campus and they keep building more buildings and making improvements. My feeling is that DU is only going to get more prestigious in the future.
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