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krishdoikrishdoi 24 replies1 threads Junior Member
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I had committed to UMich LSA for economics and computer science, but got off the waitlist for NYU Stern on Wednesday. I need to make my decision by tomorrow (5/9) afternoon.
I am having a very tough time deciding, and any advice/help would be appreciated.

A bit about me: I eventually want to go into business, not fully sure whether that would be finance or consulting or something else. Right now, I'm mostly interested in Investment Banking or Management Consulting, but I'm somewhat flexible there. I also want to go to a school where I can enjoy myself, and have a good sense of community. For sure, wherever I go, I plan to work hard, and having the option to play hard would be nice. Also, the money is a factor, but not a huge deal.

The case for UMich:
- Well known and respected university
- Great sense of community and school spirit, sports are amazing (I'm a huge sports fan)
- Econ+CS opens a lot of doors (If I end up deciding to pursue the tech side, I'll be in a good position as well)
- $15K cheaper than NYU
- Has the full college experience and a campus
- Has 25+ business clubs to be involved in, through I am not in Ross (got rejected pre-admit). However, the club process is very competitive, though I think I can do well
- Solid recruitment in consulting as well as finance, though I'd be at a slight disadvantage since I'm not in Ross
- Further away from home
- People seem like the type I'd vibe with

The case for NYU Stern
- Very prestigious school - #2 for Finance
- I'd be doing undergrad business instead of economics (studying business is just a preference, not a dealbreaker)
- Very good recruitment in Investment Banking and Finance, but not as much in Consulting
- Excellent faculty, especially in finance, and a smaller class size
- I'd be closer to home (I'm from NJ)
- Lack of community and school spirit - feels more like a graduate school
- Competitive and stressful culture with grade deflation
- People seem slightly weirder/quirkier, but could be fine as well
- NYC would make finance recruiting a lot easier, but I also feel as if I have several years to spend in NYC after graduating

Overall, I might be leaning slightly towards UMich, but would I be dumb to turn down NYU Stern for Michigan LSA? I personally feel as if I can succeed from either school if I work hard, and that I'd have a better time at Michigan.

If there is anything I missed or have wrong, please let me know. I know this was long, but thanks for reading this. I'd appreciate any help or advice since I need to decide quickly. Thank you!!
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Replies to: UMich LSA Econ+CS vs NYU Stern - URGENT PLEASE

  • mathcsbmathcsb 54 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I think NYU is better in terms of entering world of finance in NYC. I think you are better suited for UMICH in terms of lifestyle. You will have to work harder to distinguish yourself coming from UMICH to get into a Goldamn Sachs type position. But since you arent sure which way you will go in the biz world, go to UMICH.
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  • sbdad12sbdad12 278 replies13 threads Junior Member
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    If you are committed to finance and nothing else, I would go with NYU. Otherwise, pick Michigan. They are likely the same cost OOS. Ann Arbor is a great town and having a CS degree is invaluable. Very marketable degree these days. I'm a Michigan grad so I'm a bit jaded.

    If after graduation and working a few years you want to work in finance, you can go back to Stern and get your MBA in finance which is a more valuable degree anyway.

    I've said this in other threads..I think going to NYU as an undergrad for a lot of kids is a mistake. You don't have the sense of community that you would in a college town. This is the only time in your life to do something like this. Being in the city for grad school seems a better choice.
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  • CaligorillaCaligorilla 96 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I would pick ny stern hands down. You will do much better getting a great job out of stern. Ny students have a lot of fun and there is a strong sense of community. It's just not centered around football. By is a fantastic place to be a student.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
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    OP: Since your decision deadline was 3 weeks ago, which school did you select to attend ?

    According to another post by OP, OP selected Michigan.
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