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TCNJ vs. University of Scranton

lesoben97lesoben97 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi everyone. I am very conflicted rn between these two schools, The College of New Jersey, and the University of Scranton. It might seem late in the game to be talking about all of this, but I have already committed to the University of Scranton. That being said, I am beginning to have second thoughts and TCNJ emailed me recently inviting me to apply until as late as June, meaning the process is dragged out a little longer than you might expect.

Here it goes: The University of Scranton is very expensive, but I was lucky enough to get a really huge scholarship meaning the price went from over $60k to under $25k. I am looking to study something in the Biology/Microbiology field and was accepted into their honors program, the SJLA. I have visited both schools and found the Scranton campus to be significantly nicer then the TCNJ campus: better dorms for the same price, a lot nicer food, and the whole campus just looks and feels nicer. That being said, here comes what I am conflicted about: The people. Now I know a few people going to TCNJ, whereas I don't know anyone going to the U. On top of that, I am concerned about the level of diversity at the U. of Scranton. I come from a very diverse h.s. with lots of people from different backgrounds. From what I've seen at the U, it seems to be overwhelmingly jock/preppy upper middle class white kids from W. Jersey, Philly, and Long Island. TCNJ is also mostly from NJ but there seems to be more diversity within that group.

I don't know what to say but if anyone from either school ould respond that would be really great.
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Replies to: TCNJ vs. University of Scranton

  • happymomof1happymomof1 30766 replies197 threads Senior Member
    Go ahead and apply to TCNJ. See if you are admitted. See what your aid package looks like and what your final costs end up being. If everything looks better to you than than what Scranton is offering you, you can choose TCNJ.

    This plan also has the huge advantage of giving you more time to sort out your feelings about both places, and to learn more about their plans for holding classes this fall. And, frankly, those plans are likely still evolving at both institutions, so the longer you can hold off your final decision, the better.
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  • frostymomfrostymom 34 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I agree with happymom....apply to TCNJ and see what they offer. Your decision may become clear one way or the other. Let us know how this turns out for you. I grew up in Scranton and am very familiar with the U.
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  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
    TCNJ is more diverse, but Scranton has accepted you with a $36,000 per year scholarship and, according to you, has much nicer facilities. Plus, you are in the honors program at Scranton.

    In the end, this is likely to be a decision based on COA with Scranton winning.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43234 replies471 threads Senior Member
    I'd go with UScranton too.
    But apply to TCNJ and see whether it could compete financially. If it's not cheaper than UScranton, I'm not sure it's worth it for you.
    You did apply to Scranton for good reasons, and you did deposit because it was your favorite among acceptances, right? So, doubting these reasons "just in case" TCNJ wants to admit you, without even access to the honors program there (due to late app), sounds a bit like "buyer's remorse" and should disappear once you throw yourself into preparing for college at UScranton.
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  • AMPietteAMPiette 2 replies1 threads New Member
    I appreciate your information about diversity. My D17 is looking at Scranton - it was the first school to send her a postcard about college over a year ago and feels she wants to check it out for the Biochem /Neuro program. I find that knowing a school's diversity is important to getting a well-rounded view of the school.
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