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Help me decide: Vanderbilt vs. Harvey Mudd (Please help)

WeCanDOthis32WeCanDOthis32 6 replies2 threads New Member
I want to pursue Civil/ Environmental Engineering as well as Public Policy. I hope to work for the government or an NGO someday.

I am very social. I like to run, play lacrosse and I love to go on adventures (hiking, city, party, etc.)

I love the academic atmosphere of Mudd, but Im not sure I would fit in socially. I do want the typical college experience but I am willing to sacrifice that for a tight-knit community.

Both cost the same.
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Replies to: Help me decide: Vanderbilt vs. Harvey Mudd (Please help)

  • MWolfMWolf 2597 replies14 threads Senior Member
    Hands-down, Harvey Mudd.

    HMC provides one of the very best undergraduate programs for engineering that there are. They do provide an amazing college experience, which is enhanced by the fact that it is one of the Claremont Colleges, and you can also take classes at Pomona, Pitzer, Claremont-McKenna, and Scripps. These other colleges also provide an expanded social life (all are next to each other), and the area has many other opportunities for social life, as well as hiking and other nature-related recreation. While Vanderbilt is an amazing college, it will not provide the same level of engineering education and opportunities as HMC (few colleges do).
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  • PublisherPublisher 11376 replies152 threads Senior Member
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    OP: Does Vanderbilt offer your desired major or majors ?

    If so, I would lean toward Vanderbilt for the better college experience. You don't need the intensity of Harvey Mudd for civil engineering or for environmental engineering / public policy.
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  • aquaptaquapt 2438 replies51 threads Senior Member
    I'm a 5C's parent and a big fan of Mudd, but what you are looking for I think Vandy may be a better fit.

    It seems like for what you want, the specific CivE degree at Vandy may fit your goals better than the very broad and rigorous general engineering degree at Mudd. You can get the poli sci & public policy stuff at either school; but I suspect you may have more time to devote to it at Vandy vs. Mudd. (Look at the curriculum road map for both and compare for yourself, how all the classes you want to take would fit in.)

    There's lots of social fun to be had at Mudd, but it's not so much of a "partying in the city" flavor like you'd get in Nashville at Vandy. Claremont itself is very pleasant but pretty boring. There's plenty going on on campus, but it's a long way to any truly urban recreation in LA.

    I dunno... I think Mudd is amazing, but when you describe what you are looking for, it sounds more like Vandy to me.

    (OTOH, if you're sure that you want the longer arc of pursuing these interests in grad school, then the Mudd foundation could be a better choice. So, it depends.)
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  • WeCanDOthis32WeCanDOthis32 6 replies2 threads New Member
    @aquapt hi! I actually like the engineering core because I think environmental engineering cant fit into the box of "Civil Engineering". However, I have not been able to visit Harvey Mudd due to COVID and I don't really have a good idea of the social atmosphere. While I do like Vanderbilt's social life, I am afraid it won't meet the engineering level at Harvey Mudd.
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  • simba9simba9 3372 replies20 threads Senior Member
    I know a few people who graduated from Mudd. They're fantastic engineers and very intellectual, but definitely not the partying type. If you're looking for a strong social scene, I'd think Vanderbilt is for you. Nashville is the perfect environment for a college like that.
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