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Advice for Comp Sci Major (International Student) to choose btw 2 colleges

IamScared2020IamScared2020 6 replies5 threads New Member
so I am international and I am worried about career fairs, and getting a job easily after my undergrad:
1) . U of Minnesota TC: Its cheaper for me as got to pay 30k per year. Ranked 25 ish for CS
2). U of Wisconsin Madison: Its expensive for me (probably take out a lot of loans) but CS is super strong , ranked 10 for CS

Please help me choose from an international's point of view who wants to work in the US
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Replies to: Advice for Comp Sci Major (International Student) to choose btw 2 colleges

  • merc81merc81 11809 replies201 threads Senior Member
    You didn't cite a source, but It seems you have consulted graduate department rankings for the figures above. Since you will be pursuing an undergraduate education, I recommend you disregard that source since it is potentially counterproductive to your interests. For undergraduate-level CS, your choices represent equivalent levels of program strength.
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  • Groundwork2022Groundwork2022 3445 replies78 threads Senior Member
    Have you already been accepted to both?
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  • momofsenior1momofsenior1 10193 replies119 threads Senior Member
    It’s very difficult for international students to remain in the US after graduation. I would choose your college with the assumption that you will need to return home.

    You can also talk to the offices for international students at both schools and ask for the data on job placement.
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