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best college for a 12 year old

JimPugilistJimPugilist 6 replies1 threads New Member
My son will graduate high school this November being 12 years old (he combined 6th to 12 th grade in 1 1/2 years). Straight A´s, PSAT 1250, ACT in 2 weeks.
He is begging me to go to Columbia or NYU-NYC seems to be the key here. We live in South Florida and I guessed UF would be ok, and he got already (due to DUKETIP) contacts to Duke. We are not from the US , have no experience with US colleges ourselves and therefore would love to hear what you guys think...
Please be assured: he wants it, we are no "tiger parents"-rather the opposite. But counselors, admission staff etc all assure us, he should not be held back as he is mature enough and academically so curious. We understand all the concerns being so young at a college, but other then let him go one year easy and probably some Community college classes-he still would be 13 when applying next year. Surely we will move with him, so the dorm/campus question is off and he is interested in a bachelor in German studies with a minor in history/politics or the other way around.
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Replies to: best college for a 12 year old

  • Xavier_DredoXavier_Dredo 41 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited May 28
    Home Schooled? Besides finishing school so quickly, what does he have to offer Columbia or NYU?
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  • OneMoreToGo2021OneMoreToGo2021 663 replies6 threads Member
    edited May 28
    PSAT of 1250 or 1520?? If the former, do not send him to college yet. My S21 got a 1530 on the SAT at 11 years old, and even he would not have been ready for college at 12, no way.

    If it's 1520, let's talk! We have a fair amount of experience with profoundly gifted kids, and I would be happy to share experiences, rumors, ideas, etc.
    edited May 28
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  • PrdMomto1PrdMomto1 562 replies7 threads Member
    Was he is traditional school or homeschooled? What did he get on his ACT?
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  • 2plustrio2plustrio 356 replies7 threads Member
    I think the key would be for your to focus on where you are willing to live and can afford to live while he is attending college as he will need you there. I would focus on schools that have excellent programs in areas he is interested in as that will challenge him the best.
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7377 replies34 threads Senior Member
    I would contact professionals in the know. Maybe a local Mensa group would have contacts for this. I would also sit down with any college to have a plan. I also agree maybe a smaller college might be the way to go.
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  • happymomof1happymomof1 30759 replies197 threads Senior Member
    Here is one website worth looking at: https://www.hoagiesgifted.org/early_college.htm
    The team at Hoagie's Gifted may be able to help you get a better sense of each of the places on the list. They have been doing this since before your child was born. ;)

    Since you will be moving to wherever your child goes to study, that could be the biggest factor. You will need to be sure that you can find work in that area that will support the needs of the whole family.

    Chances are that this fall and next spring will be mostly online no matter where your child might like to study, so slowing down high school a bit, and finishing up next May with a plan to start college in the fall of 2021 instead of trying to start in January.

    And don't forget to run the Net Price Calculators at the websites of the places he's looking at. Affordability will be a factor too.
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  • merc81merc81 11809 replies201 threads Senior Member
    edited May 28
    I'm also wondering if the PSAT score posted might indicate a typo.

    As an alternative suggestion, look into the PG-year programs that are available at some private secondary schools.
    edited May 28
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  • Mwfan1921Mwfan1921 5367 replies91 threads Senior Member
    Thanks a lot for the tips.
    To clarify some points:
    PSAT max is 1440, reading and writing section he scored 100%, math 98.5 %- he had had to this time no algebra and did not use a calculator.

    PSAT max is 1520, so a 1250 is around 90th percentile in total..so not sure where your numbers are coming from?
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  • amsunshineamsunshine 1057 replies9 threads Senior Member
    To me, the PSAT score of 1250 is a red flag. If the converted ACT score is around the same or even a little better, I can’t see how Columbia or NYU would admit this kid. I can see how sometimes college might be the best route for some profoundly gifted kids, but a PSAT of 1250 does not reflect that here.
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