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Baylor vs Gonzaga

ashley17ashley17 5 replies3 threads New Member
I am trying to decide on which is better for engineering and the sciences. Which has a better campus/ better students and which is better academically?
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Replies to: Baylor vs Gonzaga

  • CamasiteCamasite 199 replies7 threads Junior Member
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    I lived for 15 years in Waco and worked pretty closely with several Baylor science profs. I was a HS science teacher and did several long-term environmental projects with them related to wetlands restoration. I don't know so much about engineering but they have invested a lot into life sciences over the past decade and have decent facilities. I also had a LOT of students go on to Baylor and a lot of colleagues who were Baylor grads. I would characterize it as about 50% Baptist students from Texas and other states, and about 50% upper middle class types from places like Dallas who use it as a safety school because they didn't get into UT or Vanderbilt/Duke/Emory etc. It's a Big12 school so sports are king and the campus rivals a big public university in size. But make no mistake, it is a Baptist institution and that will flavor your experience there whether you are Baptist or not. Waco is a smaller city 1/2 way between Dallas and Austin without all that much going on. The campus is nice but a lot of the surrounding neighborhoods are rather rough around the edges. Students talk about the "Baylor Bubble" which is the safe space around campus that is surrounded by poorer areas. It is very much a southern sorority type school with lots of "pretty people"

    Gonzaga is a much smaller Jesuit school that will have a lot more liberal flavor than Baylor. My daughter is considering it and we have visited. The place is lily white and full of upper middle class kids from up and down the west coast. Baylor is pretty white too, but not nearly so much as Gonzaga. We did not look into engineering bu the life sciences seem reputable. Gonzaga has a nice campus right on the edge of downtown Spokane (across the river). Spokane is a more interesting city than Waco, but also much more isolated. You have to drive 5 hours to Seattle or Portland to get anywhere larger. But Spokane is surrounded by mountains so lots of opportunities for skiing, hiking, and so forth. It is a long ways north and on the dry side of the Cascades so winters are long and cold with lots of snow. More like Minneapolis or Chicago than Seattle. Gonzaga has Greek life but not on the same order of magnitude as Baylor and I think students are generally more liberal and casual and "west coast".

    If you want to stay in TX or the south after graduation, I'd say Baylor would have the edge. If you want to stay on the west coast then maybe Gonzaga.

    If you are looking for Catholic schools with good science/engineering programs then also look at Santa Clara University in CA.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43234 replies471 threads Senior Member
    What are you looking for in terms of fit?
    Are you Catholic, Baptist, neither?
    What's your budget and what's the net cost for you at both?
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