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Chance Me!

NNNN4UU4U4NNNN4UU4U4 0 replies2 threads New Member
Good Evening,
I am currently a rising senior in high school and have no idea to where I would be applying to in January. Given my GPA, I have been told that I should look at schools with acceptance rates of 70+ which devestates me. I plan to major in economics
I will be putting this on my application:
GPA: 87.30 (I had a part-time job during the 2nd semester of my freshman year
throught the first semester of my sophmore year)
- I have taken only 2 APs my junior year but senior year I will be taking AP
Physics 1 and AB Calc.
ACT/SAT: 1030 (I am going to take my ACT as soon as dates are confirmed and not
canceled due to COVID 19)
E.C.: 2018-Current: - Manager of the Girls Varsity Basketball team at my school
- Co-vice president of Muslim Club
- Active seller on Poshmark and Mercari
2019-Current: - Founder of a virtual club that amplifies the lack of women in
financial/economic carreers. My club or should I say social media
page also completes various stock market stimulations
- Founder of a social media page that emphasizes on skin care
advice. I review popular skin care products and create my own
face masks to aid people who are following my page
Other: -College classes I have taken at a local cummunity college:
- Personal Finance (A), Economics (A), Buisness Fundamentals (A),
Psychology (A), and College Composition (A)
-I attend a very competative NYC high school
- I will be having my U.S. History, Personal Finance Professor, Economics
Professor, Buisness Fundamentals Professor write me reccomendations.
My top choice is Bernard College. I would also love to know what other economics schools would I have a shot of getting into. My dream job is to work on Wall Street as an Econ Major. I plan on going to college that has an urban setting so getting internships woudl be easier (in order to build up my resume). My essays will be more on the creative side with one essay empahsizing on my ethnicity as a south-indian women and the other making an argument for the theory that there is such thing as Heaven and Hell.
2 replies
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Replies to: Chance Me!

  • MWolfMWolf 2799 replies14 threads Senior Member
    Most colleges look at a 4 scale GPA, so what you should do is translate each of your grades into a letter grade and redo your GPA. Do it in 4 point scale (90-100=A, etc, and using partial grades (A, A-, B+, etc).

    Here is the thing - it depends. You are competitive for any college in which your GPA is within the mid 50%. You will also be competitive for colleges which accept 70% of their applicants even if your GPA is in the bottom 25%. In any case, since most college post their mid 50% in a 4 point GPA, it is difficult to figure out your chances for colleges.

    Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you GPA with be in the ranges which make you competitive for Barnard. While your 4.0 GPA may get to 3.75 or so, which is pretty low for Barnard. Your SAT is in their bottom 25%, but they may still be test optional when you apply. So being accepted to Barnard is highly unlikely.

    However, if your GPA is in the 3.6-3.7 range, there is a very long list of colleges for which you would be competitive, even for business programs, which tend to be more competitive than the rest of the college's programs.

    However, why are you devastated at being told that you should look at schools with acceptance rates of 70+?

    Here are some of those schools:

    The University of Iowa - an amazing school
    Miami University of Ohio
    Lewis and Clark College
    U Dayton
    Michigan State University
    Hendrix College
    Texas Tech
    IU Bloomington

    These are only a few.

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  • austinmshauriaustinmshauri 10038 replies389 threads Senior Member
    What's your budget? If your parents can afford ~$20k/year you can probably attend a SUNY. The SUNY system is very good. If they can't pay much, look at the CUNY schools. Are you eligible for the Excelsior grant?
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