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SO Uninformed -What a long, long, long, post. VERY RANDOM, but guys I need helpp!!!!!

glamoroussglamorouss Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
edited October 2009 in College Search & Selection
I sincerely hope that I've put this in the correct forum! If not, then please relocate it!

Now, if you're here already, don't hit the X or backspace because I truly need as much input as i can recieve. Either from those very knowing university students, or the parents that have helped/are helping their children decide on a school.

I'm a NYC student, in a good public high school (an admissions test was required for entrance.) My school is really large, with over 4000 students, that's around 1000 per grade. My grade is extremely competitive so I do not see myself being in the top 100 of those 1000 students.

I live in a very sheltered household. My parents are from Russia and Azbaijan and they've brought all their mentalities over with them. We've been living here for 13 years, and my parents are both greatly fluent in English. But, although the success in their new lives have allowed our family to rise from Russian immigrants to upper-middle class citizens of NYC, their customs are all the same. They are extremely strict in their way of life, and they truly believe that sending kids 'away' to college is an oddity. My parents think it's all sorts of absurd for me to not live at home and not commute when I go to college. The only truly excellent colleges here that I would go to are NYU and Fordham, maybe a few others. They are both reaches however, considering my school stats. Not impossible, but reaches. My mother is totally fine sending me to a CUNY, such as Hunter, or Brooklyn College. I don't want to, though! I truly do not want to. I want to get away from here. From this house, and from this city. I love my family, and I love NYC, but I just want to get away. My sister goes to NYU and she adores it beyond anything else in the world. I think it's her favorite place, ever. But it's just not for me. I want something that I've never had, and have never seen. I want a true college community. A college town, where there isn't a starbucks in the middle of campus, or an Urban Outfitters between Psych 101 and Human Anatomy 101. I want a school where people have school spirit, and go to school games, and truly love their school.

I sound like a spoiled baby, but this is really where you guys come in. Colleges like that seem as if they're only heard of when 'ivy-league' is attached to their name. Those schools have students with true school spirit. Pride beyond anything imaginable really transcends from students attending ivies or near-ivies. I seriously don't know much about colleges and I need guidance. I'm starting to look now, as I'm entering junior year, because I know it'll take my mother (notice how I don't say father much, he's the easier one to convince! ;P) a year or two to convince that I AM going to dorm, and no way in hell will I commute to a CUNY College!

I need you guys to point me in the direction of schools with that sort of 'school spirit' thing going on, where the campus doesn't resemble NYU's or BU's. Not a bunch of buildings in the middle of a bustling city. At least not the way-too-familiar city of Manhattan. I really want a campus-campus. Now, that should be easy as pie, buuuuuuut I need to find a school that I can actually get in to! I am not a contender for Yale or Harvard, but I'm not a slacker at all. Like I said, my school's hard and competitive. My GPA last term (2nd of sophmore year) was at it's all time low at 3.3. I've never gotten that low, and I plan to pick that up greatly with a bunch of weighted classes that I'm taking next year. Another requirement in addition to it not being an impossible-to-get-into-school is that it needs to be in or around NY. I mean either New York, Mass, Connecticut, New Jersey, Penn, or Vermont (brrr.)

I have done a bit of research, so here's the list I've compiled. I'm totally looking forward to your responses. Please add additional schools to this list. If they're private, I'm up for it, just make sure that I'd be able to get in!!! If they're public, sure for that too. I also want feedback on the ones I'm listing below. I want to know how you would rank these schools, and why. Education-wise, campus-wise, studentbody-wise, etc. Anything you've got to say about them, I'm up for it. If you have extremely long responses, the longer the better. I know this is A REALLY LONG POST, but if you've made it this far, any bit of input would be more than appreciated.

SUNY Binghamton - 188 mi, 3 hr 30 min

Syracuse - 255 mi, 4 hr 30 min

University of Massachusetts Amherst - 180 mi, 3 hr 30 min

University of Connecticut - 153 mi, 3 hr

Pennsylvania State University - 240 mi, 4 hr 20 min

Rutgers – New Brunswick - 40 mi, 1hr

Those stats are just for me, haha. I had this as a notepad document and pasted, in relation to the distance from my house. My Personal opinions : SUNY Bing is the most appealing since it's in-state, and public (unlike Syracuse) being cheapest. I hear it's dreary though, all around people seem to dislike it from what I read online...yet my friends who go there (and there are quite a few) love it a LOT, no complaints there. Next would be Massachusetts, just cause I think it's a really fun school! BAD way to decide, haha, so I def. need your help, guys!


Junior Year my classes look like this (in addition to PE and the boring stuff)

AP English Language
AP American History
AP Environmental Science

Senior Year

AP English Literature
AP Biology
AP American History (very lame, it's a two-year course in my school so you don't take the exam until the end of senior year, somehow AP economics is part of the syllabus )
Energy Policy/Environmental Medicine and Urban Planning (how this works is that Fall semester I'm randomly put into either of the first two classes and then spring semester is the latter class.)

The reason I have such odd classes (Environmental, and those last three) is because my school makes students declare majors, and thus having their APs set out for them, allowing little leeway in forming our own schedules, and choosing classes which truly would appeal to us. There were Bio-Med majors, and Chemistry Majors, but I chose Environmental as a major because it surprisingly is the one with the most leeway. Environmental Science is also a class which is fairly easy to get high grades in, and it's weighted-ness is reallyyyyy helpful. I am able to take an extra class senior year, due to my my major which I actually want to ask you guys about.

Should I take AP Psychology (something I REALLLLLY want to take) or take Calculus? If I take AP Psych, I need to drop mathematics. I know that this is really bad though, not having math all four years...so, what do I do? If not AP Psych, AP Economics interests me (more than calculus at least.) Is this seen as a math class, or is Calculus truly necessary.

btw, I've taken Chemistry and Biology. I'm also trying to switch my AP Bio and AP Environmental so I take AP Biology in Junior year, and AP Environmental in senior year, allowing me to take my SAT II's for a science. (Noooo Physics for me)

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy long post. PLEASE guys, I really, really, reallyyyyyyyyy will appreciate all that you guys can give me, please!!!
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Replies to: SO Uninformed -What a long, long, long, post. VERY RANDOM, but guys I need helpp!!!!!

  • BigredmedBigredmed Registered User Posts: 3,752 Senior Member
    Long post but a couple of things...

    First, school spirit is probably greater at a big state school than an Ivy. I graduated from a large public state U, and at least from the people that I've met who went to an Ivy, the school spirit is bigger when there is big time sports involved. The Ivy leaguers are certainly proud of their school, dont' get me wrong, but it's just different...kind of hard to explain. Again, this is just from what I've seen. I'm sure there are plenty of people who follow Harvard athletics the same way as someone from Penn State or Michigan or Florida State or Texas might (or UConn!), but obviously there are far more huge supporters of those schools. I think it's just one of those things that having sports be a constant "event" makes you more cognizant of your support for the school.

    Of the schools you've listed, Syracuse, UConn, and PSU will have the most "school spirit"

    I can't, being from the midwest, give you a good idea of other schools around your area, but wish you luck in trying to find the right place for you.
  • midwesternermidwesterner Registered User Posts: 1,920 Senior Member
    It seems like the way to get out of the city is to focus on Environmental Studies as your major, and see what schools fit the bill. Try to get your parents to make one trip to an outlying school and talk up the things that appeal to you about living in a small community.

    You don't mention having a job, but you should be prepared to help with the extra costs of room, board and travel. Take a look at some of the expenses and you'll see why they are a great concern to parents.
  • EuropeGirlEuropeGirl Registered User Posts: 260 Junior Member
    I know nothing about those schools, but someone will come along who does.

    I just wanted to second the idea of a job. Make yourself appear as independent as possible: a job, doing your laundry, making your own meals, looking as if you could live outside your parents' world. I also wanted to suggest that you point out the possible savings of attending one of your schools vs. NYU. I would think that all of those schools, even with travel and out-of-state tuition (assuming you don't get any scholarships) would be cheaper than attending NYU. And why pay for that un-college experience which you don't want? NYU is almost the antithesis of what you want out of a college (though Fordham is a good choice, too, and you should definitely keep that on your list).

    What are you considering as a career? From an admisssions standpoint (and I don't know how competitive you are in your SATs, AP scores, etc, you may or may not need the extra boost), I would choose AP Psych last. Is there any way you can self-study, or maybe even indepedent study under the teacher? Will taking AP Calc in a school as difficult as yours blow your GPA? Micro/macro might be interesting, though.
  • glamoroussglamorouss Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    Whoooaaa, to make things clear I sooooo do not want to study Environmental Science. For the record, I probably want to go into Optometry, so medicine for me. But I have really no idea, I'm also thinking about real estate, and development, a bunch of other things.

    And I don't mean to be rude, but I truly don't need advise for how to deal with my parents. I soo appreciate the things you guys have told me but my parents aren't like conventional parents that see I'm doing things on my own. They're very strict on the 'we are the parents' and 'you are the child' thing. The main reason they don't want me to go to school away is because they think a child (even at 18, 19, 20,) should have their parents there to cook for them, and put a roof over their head, etc. While I really appreciate the input, those kinds of things don't sway my parents, they don't see that as 'holding my own.' They plan to fully pay for my college and/or the loans they take out to help them, as they're doing for my sister at NYU.

    Also, if I were to go to NYU or Fordham, I'd commute 100%, so I'm looking for somewhere that isn't nearby so I have no choice but to dorm.

    I think that Calc, much less AP Calc will def blow my GPA. For sure I wouldn't take the AP. If anything I'd take it as a regular class. It's extremely difficult in my school. Our mathematics honors and APs are the hardest of all. I realllly wanted to take AP Psych, but I sort of understand that I have to take a math class to be a good candidate for more schools...Again, is AP Economics micro/macro going to be 'seen' as a mathematics class, or should I just take Calculus and forget having another AP? Or should I forget both of those in general and just take what I want to take, AP Psych?

    And, the main point of why I created this thread: any other schools to add to the list of those I've mentioned? It'd be really great if you guys would help me out. I'm having the hardest time in this 'selection' process since I have no idea what's out there. :(

    Thanks a million!
  • slipper1234slipper1234 Registered User Posts: 9,084 Senior Member

    I think you are totally on the right track. The issue is that I think CC'ers will need to know your test scores, GPA, and ECs before we can help you find a school you like AND can get into. There are many good LACs below the Ivies that have a great sense of spirit (that has nothing to do with sports). Post your stats and then we can help you!
  • glamoroussglamorouss Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    I totally understand that, but the thing is I won't know for at least half a year, so would it be possible to post at least a few? I think I broke it down somehow saying that I'm only looking in a certain region (NY and border states, about 250 miles away from Brooklyn, NY tops.) I obviously understand that it's impossible to name all, or even most schools that would be okay for me, but a few extra to add to those I've listed would be most helpful, as I seriously don't know where to start looking.

    Truthfully, the way I had arrived at those schools was by looking at the US News list and gathering all schools in and around NY, then I went to each of those school's CC forum boards and looked at the chances threads. From there I pinned those that were out of my league and removed them, keeping only the ones which were slight reaches and matches. From those left, I went to Princeton Review, TheU, and Campus Dirt, seeing if they were 'right' for me. If I liked what people had to say, etc.

    It's not really a great way to pick out schools, haha. But, I know how to do my research, I just don't know where to start.
  • glamoroussglamorouss Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    I really hate to do this, but *bump* ?

    I looked into a few more schools, Quinnipiac University was one I stumbled upon....please guys, any other schools to recommend?
  • ein1ein1 Registered User Posts: 287 Junior Member
    So I just searched your posts and ended up here (no stalking LOL)
    My situation is almost identical, the foreign parents, the competitive school, the "I'd rather see you go to CUNY that leave the city," the "I want a real college" and so on.
    I guess I'll just have to apply to colleges that *I* want to go and then see what happens!
  • edadedad Registered User Posts: 2,584 Senior Member
    "I want a school where people have school spirit, and go to school games, and truly love their school."

    This is NOT a good description of SUNY Binghamton. School spirit has always been lacking, it is not a major sports school and most don't love Binghamton, the school and certainly not the town. They go because it is one of the better SUNY's and it has low tuition.
  • glamoroussglamorouss Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    Wow, holy old thread... Yeah, I totally figured that out in the past four months, edad. Thanks for the information. :) I'm really not interested in Binghamton or other SUNY's for that matter, but I'm still applying to two of them just for that cheap tuition - just in case.

    I've actually still been really interested in researching colleges and stuff, and my parent STILL want me to go to a CUNY, they really, really, don't want me to leave. I'm determined to leave though, and I still have a year to prove myself to them, and then I'm applying wherever, whether they like it or not. I'm still staying in like a 4 hour radius, but I need to leave HERE. It's awesome to see someone on the same boat as me, ein1. I have a pretty solid-ish list of schools at the moment, and I don't think it's going to change too much. So if you want take a look, I pasted it below (BTW, I'm going for undergrad business):

    NYU - Stern
    Boston College – Carroll
    Penn State - Smeal
    U Maryland - Smith
    Syracuse – Whitman
    Conn University
    SUNY Buffalo
    SUNY Binghamton

    That's in order of "I'll never get in at all but let's try just for fun to schools I don't want to really go to." I don't really expect anything besides auto-rejections from BC and above, but I might as well try. Actually, I'd pretty much be happy anywhere besides NYU (my parents will make me apply), a SUNY, or a CUNY...I think I'm actually aiming pretttty high so I certainly need more matches and safeties, but I guess we'll really see when I take the SATs in Jan and when I finish this semester-ish. Another reason I am aiming reallllly high is that considering the schools I'm applying to, the business programs at these schools are sometimes two times as hard as getting into any other program in the school. I might just apply elsewhere in a related field at the school, and then try to transfer within. Or if anything, I guess I'll just apply to a program in the school that allows me to go to a good grad school for business when my undergraduate major isn't specifically business...who knows, I just know that the schools on that list (specifically Penn State and Boston C) are ones that I really, really like, and would be really happy at.......

    anyways, if you (or anyone else) wanna talk about it just send me a PM, IM me, or Email me. :)

    hugzfothugs - aim
    [email protected]
  • MallomarCookieMallomarCookie Registered User Posts: 3,181 Senior Member
    Take calculus and sefl-study Psych. Trust me on this one--some other posters will agree and I'll let them elaborate.
  • glamoroussglamorouss Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    Oh yeah, about that. I'm probably not going to take AP Psych, cuz I found out that we have an AP Economics...So I'm going to take AP Economics and I think I MIGHT have a spot for Calculus, (though it will really like make my schedule super long for a senior, even long for any underclassman.) Should I still take it (in addition to the AP Eco)? The Calc won't be an AP, as I said I'm really not great at math.
  • mozillameistermozillameister Registered User Posts: 441 Member
    I am sooo like you it's not even funny. (except me and my dad are born in NYC) I don't want to take up space on your thread, but I also need help. My GPA is higher (3.6-3.7)than his but my SAT scores probably won't be too high. (like 1900-2000) I don't have any AP's or EC's and my school doesn't offer any.

    Thing is I have no idea what I want to do with myself after Undergrad school yet. I like learnng many diffrent variety of topics, but I just don't see myself working in many. Chances are I would pursue a career in either Science or Law. Which colleges would have a good school spirit and also well-rounded?
  • glamoroussglamorouss Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    Don't feel bad about hi-jackinfg the thread. I encourage anyone in the same situation to post about it, whether they have q's or not.

    And I'm a she, btw :D
  • jPoDjPoD - Posts: 2,524 Senior Member
    NYU - Stern
    Cornell No
    Lehigh No
    Villanova No
    Boston College – Carroll No
    Penn State - Smeal
    U Maryland - Smith No
    Syracuse – Whitman
    Conn University
    SUNY Buffalo
    SUNY Binghamton

    What school is this? Bronx?
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