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A political girl in need of colleges!

murkywatermurkywater 678 replies29 threads Member
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A H.S. junior here! I'm looking for some colleges to add on to my list (which may sound odd, but I've been told that I have either safety schools or extreme reaches, and not much in-between, so..)

I'm a great student in the Midwest, and don't really mind where schools are located. I also am not considering any LACs (not interested, sorry!)

Anyhow, I suppose it would help to know what I'm interested in studying.. I've always been interested or intrigued by political science, international studies and economics.

I like open, conversant and intellectual communities that foster growth in all areas of life!

Hope that helps. Recommend away!
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Replies to: A political girl in need of colleges!

  • ninja.of.loveninja.of.love 588 replies11 threads Member
    Great student is a bit subjective. If you're looking for match schools and more opinions, it would help to post your stats. Also, posting the schools currently on your list will show more about your personality. I'll share my opinions once I have a better idea of who you are.
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  • murkywatermurkywater 678 replies29 threads Member
    Oh, sorry! I didn't want to repost my stats because I had posted them in the "What are my chances thread?" and I know that people on CC can get a little mad if posters are redundant. If you would like to look at that thread, that would be great, but I'd rather not post it again here.
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  • skyhawkk08skyhawkk08 351 replies79 threads Member
    I'm also interested in Government and Politcs, but I'm more of a Liberal Arts kid so I'm looking into Pomona, Claremont Mckenna, and Whitman. I digress..

    Anyways, I'm also a junior, but I would suggest the following schools, which may be easier/harder to get in depending on how good of a student you are...

    University of Chicago
    Washington Univ. in St. Louis might not be too bad either

    Safety Schools in DC might be:

    George Washington

    Bowdoin has a great gov't dept but you don't like LACs :P
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  • huskem55huskem55 4230 replies54 threadsUser Awaiting Email Confirmation Senior Member
    gotta think about more what you want.

    -are you interested in big schools or small?
    -do you crave the big city life or would you like a traditional college town?
    -do you care if students pack the football stadium on the weekend or the college theater productions?
    etc etc etc
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  • ninja.of.loveninja.of.love 588 replies11 threads Member
    Sorry about that...I would personally suggest taking a look at:
    UNC-CH. Chapel Hill and Carrboro are very political (and pretty liberal, at least by my standards).
    Reed College (I know you said no LACs but IMO, that's one of the most debate/discussion oriented schools in the country).
    American University...in DC, very politically active, should be a safe-match for you.
    Rice University has a well regarded political science program as well.
    I'm a junior with similar interests but looking for smaller schools.
    Reading your comment on the other thread about a shamelessly intellectually geeky community really made me think of Carleton College.
    Hope this helps...
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  • hemingwayisdeadhemingwayisdead 600 replies26 threads Member
    Are you sure you don't want an LAC? Because Macalester would be something to look into.
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  • murkywatermurkywater 678 replies29 threads Member
    Thanks to everyone who replied.

    @ skyhawkk08

    Eh, I'm just not very interested in LACs. I'm not completely unsure about what I'm going to do. I'd only ever go to a LAC if I was clueless about what I wanted to major in. My counselor says I'd fit in better in a university, and I would have to agree with him. But thank you for your suggestions!


    Size doesn't matter all that much to me, but not WAY large, or too small. And if given a preference, I'd choose bigger than smaller. I'm a Chicagoan, so yes, I love the city life, but wouldn't mind a suburb or anything like that! I personally don't like sports, but recently I've discovered I'm a closet sports fan (I jumped up and made commentary during a basketball game with my rather adorable yet dorky friends, and they looked at me with odd expressions!)

    @ ninja.of.love

    Someone else recommended me UNC, and I've never heard of it before, so I'll definitely look into it. And I've gotten a lot of mail from Reed, and they look like an interesting school (I may overlook the fact that they're LAC, but it does disadvantage them, haha.) Rice University.. eh, don't like the area where it's in. Yes, I love shamelessly geeky communities (think: MIT)


    A lot of students from my school apply to Macalester and get in, and it's not that I don't like the students from my school.. I just don't want to see anyone from my H.S. except my friends (though I'd never go to a college based on where they would be going). And also, people with a lot worse scores and even lacking ECs get into Macalester (speaking about someone I know in one of my classes).. I feel like I can aim higher.

    I know you guys are already probably doing this, but I would love to hear more about colleges in my range (meaning that I can reasonably apply there with my scores - this does not mean that I only want matches.. I want reaches as well!) You can check out my other post for my stats and what not :)

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm arrogant or whatnot. I just do love a challenge and want to push myself once I get into college. If anyone else has any comments or suggestions, post away.
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  • BigGreenJenBigGreenJen 353 replies19 threads Member
    Although it may be a bit small for you at about 5000 students, Dartmouth is a wonderful choice for those interested in politics. I am a Government major and am very involved in political and discussion groups on campus. With the New Hampshire primary, there is no shortage of politicians visiting the campus. I was able to work for and get to know our recently elected US Congressman, and have already met several potential '08 presidential candidates.
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  • murkywatermurkywater 678 replies29 threads Member
    I've already been looking into Dartmouth, so I'm glad that you reaffirm this choice :)

    Our senator is considering running for '08. :]
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  • thequakerthequaker 158 replies18 threads Junior Member
    I guess it doesn't really fit into a match category, but it seems to meet your other criteria.
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  • murkywatermurkywater 678 replies29 threads Member
    @ thequaker

    I appreciate your enthusiasm and choice. Haha.
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  • soccerguy315soccerguy315 7168 replies77 threads Senior Member
    look at W&M, may or may not be for you. =)
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  • murkywatermurkywater 678 replies29 threads Member
    W & M?

    I'm sorry, I don't know which college you're talking about (I feel a little stupid, yes.) Care to help out here? :D
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  • citygirlsmomcitygirlsmom 12783 replies375 threads- Senior Member
    a bit of advice

    my D is also into PolySci, etc

    she looked at schools that were in locations for Internships, something that most people interested in politics, economics etc usually like to do

    so if you are in a small town, those opportunities would be fewer

    studying is one thing, doing adds to the education, and bigger cities would have more chances of internships in your area of interest
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  • Luxar3000Luxar3000 278 replies5 threads Junior Member
    W & M = William and Mary
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  • AlexandreAlexandre 24277 replies434 threads Senior Member
    Brown University
    Columbia University
    Cornell University
    Dartmouth College
    Duke University
    Georgetown University
    Harvard University
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Michigan State University
    Northwestern University
    Ohio State University, the!
    Princeton University
    Stanford University
    Tufts University
    University of California-Berkeley
    University of Calfornia-Los Angeles
    University of Calfornia-San Diego
    University of Chicago
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Virginia
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Washington University-St Louis
    Yale University
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  • Georgetown2010Georgetown2010 128 replies7 threads Junior Member
    definitely look into Georgetown I think it's a great fit for what you're looking for
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  • interesteddadinteresteddad 23879 replies298 threads Senior Member
    I'd only ever go to a LAC if I was clueless about what I wanted to major in.

    That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
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  • StrykurStrykur 1731 replies28 threads Senior Member
    Berkeley has a huge political establishment, but it's outrageously liberal. I guarantee, even the most hardcore Marxist won't be ready for what you will experience here, aside from the mention that the College Republicans is the largest student group of actual members here.
    University of Calfornia-San Diego

    I really wouldn't recommend this school aside from its political science department; the campus per se is not very active, nor social.
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  • murkywatermurkywater 678 replies29 threads Member
    @ cmg

    All right, I'll keep it in mind!

    @ Luxar

    Thanks, I didn't know that.

    @ Alexandre

    Can you narrow it down to a few?

    @ Georgetown2010

    I actually got a brochure for summer programs there, and they look really interesting. My dad even likes it!


    I guess what I meant is that I would only go to a LAC if I was unsure about what I'd major in (because I have heard that LACs give their students a greater ability to explore the subjects). But anyhow, I don't expect to go to a LAC.

    @ Strykur

    Wait, the largest group would be College Republicans? Why is that, especially since it's so liberal?
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