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excel04excel04 Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
edited November 2013 in College Search & Selection
I live in florida and have decided to attend either Florida State University or University of Florida. I know they're not the best schools in the nation, but my high school transcript limits me here.

My intended major is accounting so i'm looking for a strong undergraduate business school.

I like how UF is ranked #50 on USnews (FSU is around 100) and aslo UF apparently has the number 15 best undergraduate accounting program, but I have not confirmed that. What I like about FSU is its great diversity, smaller classes, and its location to a bigger city.

Anyone have more information/suggestions on these schools?
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Replies to: FSU vs UF

  • jarell14jarell14 Registered User Posts: 131 Junior Member
    What is are your test scores like? I was looking into UF for a while so I think I may have some good info, if you give me a little more background.
  • oldmanoldman Registered User Posts: 434 Member
    Have you checked out Miami? Some years ago they were considered to have a good accounting program.
  • poison.ivypoison.ivy Registered User Posts: 496 Member
    I live in FL too.. FSU is defintely more appealing but UF will bring you a long way.
  • SgasrockSgasrock Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    like this post a lot. I am caught in a battle between the two myself.

    UF is better in almost all departments, especially sciences.

    FSU has an amazing theater department. Music is good too.

    Gainesville is solely a college town. UF is all there is.

    Tally also has the whole government thing going on.

    FSU's campus is less than 20% the size of UF's, although imo, its prettier. Its nice to be able to walk across campus instead of taking shuttles.

    They're undergraduate enrollment size is between 29,000 and 32,000 so not a big difference.

    I hear a lot of complaints about UF teachers being hard to reach because of the sheer number of students in some classes, and because a lot of faculty is also engaged in research.

    UF has a lot more competition because a higher proprotion of the students are shooting for grad school.

    UF has a better student union- it has a hotel, bowling alley and 2 story bookstore.

    FSU's union has a bowling alley as well. It also has a nightclub.

    FSU has the worst parking in the world. UF has second worse.

    the dorms are a gamble between the two. All of FSU's are tiny. Some of UF's are huge, but some don't have air. They both have community baths-anywhere between 10-40 ppl share a bathroom.

    Sports. They're both big sports schools. FSU has a lot more intramural participation. The Gators suck, seminoles will kick their butts again this year, even if Miami won against FSU this year :(

    I'm leaning towards FSU because of the feel I got when I was there. Its all about the way each person feels towards a campus and a school. I go to UCF currently and wll be transferring but have spent a decent amount of time at each of these schools.

    The issue with FSU, is if you are in So. Fla its far. They call it east alabama, UF is in southern georgia. So there is my rambling about these schools. What are you planning on studying?
  • excel04excel04 Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    ^great info!!
    i'm plannng on going into accounting.

    Yeah another thing I heard about UF was how it takes many UF undergrads 5-6 YEARS!! to get a 4 year degree since many classes get filled so quickly, leaving them with no choice but to take it another term. But that could have been a rumor, i'm really not sure.

    I live in miami and I enjoy a more urban setting, which is another reason i'm leaning towards FSU.

    and you made a great point on how UF is more competitive, I didn't know that.

    well i dont care much about parking since i'll be living on campus with no car :(, but the dorms is yet another important issue. It's really sad how many students have to share a single bath with so many students in both schools. I dont think you would have this problem since you'll going in as a junior right?....i'll be a freshman, so i'll likely be stuck with the worst housings.

    sports....well im not too much into sports, in fact, i dont even keep track of the UF vs FSU football games - dont get me wrong though, I would enjoy the social life either school has to offer. My view is that FSU has more of the bars and pubs type of night life and UF is more of the binge drinking scene and 'girls-gone-wild' type of parties...lol. I'm more of the pub/bar kinda guy.

    girls...(not to offend you if you are a female).....well i see UF girls as going mainly for the jock-types and athletes (in general)....and i'm not that type at all, so perhaps FSU has a better dating life to offer me...

    but i guess what it comes down to is my education. considering FSU has smaller classes, among other reasons, I believe its the better choice for me. however, UF has more state fundings and I think a better accounting program....so well....i'll just have to wait and see.
  • SgasrockSgasrock Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    Its a horrible dilemma! I am like 95% sure on FSU, but there is still that doubt. Make sure you visit both.

    As far as girls, UCF has the best girls hands down, however, to be honest, the FSU girls go more for the jock-types, HOWEVER< there are so many girls at undergraduate level that you can't really stereotype any of them. FSU and UF both have a fairly wild pary scene, its your choice to participate. Going as a junior, I elected to stay in the dorms next semester, and since I'm transfer, I get the worst ones.

    The biggest difference is the sheer number of people at UF, and the fact that the campus is monstrous, you have to take a shuttle to get around most of the time.
  • excel04excel04 Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    wow i had no idea tranfer studets get the worst housing

    I'm still waiting for acceptance to both schools and if I dont get accepted I'll just have to attend FIU (florida international) and transfer afterwards....which now I know will suck.

    and i'll take you word for all the girls/social life/etc. issues, i haven't visited either campus before. I'll see if I get a chance to do so.

    and is it true that at FSU, the students mainly divide themselves between the party/urban/metrosexual south floridians and the outdoors-type, down-to-earth north floridians....not saying I belong to either group, I just think its silly and amusing.....obviously at any college campus, the whole lable thing disapears
  • SgasrockSgasrock Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    Students who have lived on campus previously get preference over spring transfers. Fall transfers have to apply for housing just like incoming freshman, however freshman get the advantage because something like 80% of housing is set aside for FTIC's (first time in college students).

    Keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with FIU either. UCF is a good option for those who do not get into FSU or UF as well, although its academics are not yet at the level of those two (although they will be within a few years).

    There is definately a diverse population at FSU, but I think who you hang out with ultimately becomes your decision. That's the benefit of social organizations, fraternities, study groups, etc. There is a very large jock group, greek group, a high proportion of african americans and hispanics, and yes, even quite a large redneck contingent. Labels do tend to disappear as you can discover friends who you could never see yourself hanging out with in high school. In high school I never saw myself joining a fraternity, but now I know it was an amazing decision
  • bhwellerbhweller Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Every school in florida has at least one decent degree program, but UF is consistently good and has any major you can think of. UF is larger and better known outside of florida.
  • kls2008kls2008 Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
    I hear UF is pretty hillbillish. Don't know much about FSU, but I'm hearing a lot of bad things about UF. Seems like the town of Gainesville is awful and boring. UF will probably be my safety but I wouldn't go there even with a full ride.
  • Titan124Titan124 Registered User Posts: 385 Member
    All the rednecks at my school go to FSU. All the kids that got into elite privates and can't go due to finances (or just don't want to) go to UF. UF is the flagship, it attracts the best, and that's all there is to it. As for gainesville being a bad town, well Tallahassee is the biggest ****hole I've been in in my life. There is not a single nice area of Tallahassee,
  • rogracerrogracer Registered User Posts: 1,205 Senior Member
    Lots of miss-information in this thread. ~80% of UF students were in the top 10% of their HS class...not sure why this implies that the girls would be attracted mainly to jocks. Odd comment.

    With regard to accounting, US News has UF ranked 16th nationally in the 2009 rankings. FSU and Miami are not ranked.

    And (of course) kls2008 is just a ****.
  • kls2008kls2008 Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
    That's funny, all the rednecks at my school go to UF. UF being the flagship it's like being the tallest midget in the room. Wasn't Gainesville recently called a dump by ESPN? Like I said, UF should be only considered as a safety, at best.
  • CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze Registered User Posts: 5,403 Senior Member
    Wouldn't attend niether of the schools. Since I don't know much about either university, it may not be that accurate but probably University of Florida.
  • FLVADADFLVADAD Registered User Posts: 1,602 Senior Member
    Op, I really think it's a toss up. Best you can do is visit both, talk to current students, and decide which one resonates best with your individual tastes and interests. Good luck.
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