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Stonybrook vs NYU Poly vs RIT vs NJIT

hetookmypotatohetookmypotato Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
Hey, I needed some help on deciding which college to attend, made this account.

Alright, so I've been accepted to;
NYU Poly

All in the northeast and a good distance from home. My dilemma; I have not a clue as to how I should choose the school I am going to attend. I've done some research on all of them and I've actually crossed Pace off the list. I've heard nothing but bad things about that school. Moving on, there are 4 schools to choose from, all of which seem relatively similar. I plan on majoring in computer science and all 4 of these schools seem to excel in that field. They also ALL seem to be lacking a decent social life, which is a definite problem on my end. I want to have a good time at school and not just be buried in bookwork for the next 4 years. My request; a good explanation of which of the 4 schools you think is best in your opinion.

I would really appreciate reply's from attending undergraduates from any of these schools.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can lend me, its appreciated for sure
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Replies to: Stonybrook vs NYU Poly vs RIT vs NJIT

  • WanToBeABrownieWanToBeABrownie Registered User Posts: 299 Junior Member
    Your best bet is NYU Poly vs RIT. NYU poly is good mainly because of its job prospects and New york is definitely a PLUS. RIT has a good Co-op program.

    NYU poly is very social and even IF I am proved wrong you can always got to NYU pr Columbia parties and I don't think NY lacks in parties.

    Best of luck.

    My advice would be visit all the schools you have been accepted to and find out which is the best "Fit" for you.
  • static75static75 Registered User Posts: 904 Member
    Idk that Poly is "very social." Maybe friendly. In the New Yorker style way.

    What about NJIT? What do your financial aid packages look like?
  • trollnyctrollnyc Registered User Posts: 139 Junior Member
    NYU or RIT (depending on $$$)
  • hetookmypotatohetookmypotato Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    NJIT is actually the best price-wise; I am in state and am getting a scholarship. Plus the Fafsa that I just filed should make attending NJIT cost next to nothing (in terms of college prices).

    Price it goes NJIT > Stonybrook > NYU Poly > RIT

    to 'wanToBeABrownie' nice name aha, but thats what I was thinking also. NYU Poly and RIT seem to be the better two of the four and this is what ive come to from checking on both of them.

    NYU Poly - large minority, HEAVY workload, no social life, no girls, no parties, strict

    RIT - Surburbs, not much to do, dont have a clue about the social scene or the amount girls that go to the school

    dont know what to do
  • WanToBeABrownieWanToBeABrownie Registered User Posts: 299 Junior Member
    Well , I wanted to go to Brown. Hence the Brownie =P.

    I have a brother who goes to NYU. He has taken Film studies and let me tell you about New York. It is a city filled with opportunities . Parties are actually synonymous with the city of NY.

    As far as workload is concerned, shouldn't it be a good thing ?. You are going to college to get a good education. Girls are hot in NY and people do have social lives even in a university like that of Purdue, Which has the workload often compared to that of MIT (engineering) and being deserted, people do have social lives.

    So my suggestion would be - If you want a good job, girls , parties, + a decent education you should go to NY poly.

    My main concern with NJIT is that, I am not at all a New Jersey fan ( no offense to anyone) . Even though no campus is "crime free" NJIT just doesn't feel right.

    RIT has a great Co-op option. Which may not be the best Co-op program, but after graduation. Your earning would be more.

    Stony brook is a decent university.

    So if you want to save money for grad school or for a transfer then, NJIT > Stonybrook > NYU Poly > RIT

    If not then , NYU poly ≥ RIT > NJIT = Stony brook.

    Best of luck.

    Also NYU poly's starting salaries are in the top 10 for engineer's in USA (I don't have the link though =p). Top 10 means within MIT , Berkley , Stanford , Caltech and Harvey mudd, and many more
  • static75static75 Registered User Posts: 904 Member
    I do. ^ It's a constant reminder of why I'm here. Best Engineering Colleges By Salary Potential

    Ironically, NYU-Poly is holding a financial aid workshop tomorrow, where I'm playing receptionist.

    You need to plan a week or so when you can visit all these schools. It'll be overwhelming, sometimes hellish/hectic, but ultimately worthwhile. You're clearly not from the east coast. You seek an adventure, huh? Or a city school?

    Also, you should know that I was choosing between NJIT, NYU-Poly, and Carnegie Mellon. I got a full-scholarship to NJIT, and decent scholarship money for the other too. But ultimately, I wanted to be situated in a small university in a busy and awesome part of New York. So I am in Brooklyn. NJIT is pretty special though. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Can't speak for the others, but Poly's compsci program is pretty legit. I feel like that's why our payscale average is so high...hell, it can't be because of civils, right? :P (I used to be a meche, and we have a rivalry with civils haha. now in electrical)

    Ultimately, visit these campuses, see what we're about. Why don't you even stop by Poly tomorrow? that'd be freaking awesome.
  • hetookmypotatohetookmypotato Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    I live in northern nj haha, so Im definitely familiar with the city and especially brooklyn. Ironically enough, I havent visited any of these schools. Im kind of just trying to float by and choose a school.

    static75, about that financial aid thing, I've gotten several things in the mail regarding it and why I should go to it. Do you think it will really be that helpful?

    And thanks for the help guys.
  • static75static75 Registered User Posts: 904 Member
    well. honestly, i feel like the agenda makes it sound like the session is more about if poly is worth the money rather than how to magically afford poly or receive greater financial aid consideration.

    I'm from northern NJ too! bergen county baby!

    yeah you need to visit. lmao no excuses!! stony brook too, since it's in the area haha
  • TaggartNYTaggartNY Registered User Posts: 304 Member
    DONT go to stony brook unless you want to have an EXTREMELY BAD social life, low quality of life, and foreign teachers. I can rant for ages about the school, but I'd rather not. I go there and I'm desperately trying to transfer out. It's REALLY bad here. The suicide rates speak for themselves. We're definitely worse than NYU - NYU is in greenwich village! I can't feasibly understand why they'd be anywhere near as depressed as we are. We're in the middle of nowhere on long island. Oh and no name recognition outside of NY btw.
  • hetookmypotatohetookmypotato Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    ^Oh wow, that post was intense haha, completely changed my view on Stonybrook.

    Guys, thanks for the help, I've narrowed my final two schools to NYU Poly and NJIT, I just need to make a decision, haha.
  • collegehelpcollegehelp Registered User Posts: 6,523 Senior Member
    You should visit these schools, including RIT.
  • static75static75 Registered User Posts: 904 Member
    VISIT. Visit NYU-Poly on Wednesday. I work 1-3 then 5:30-7pm. I'll definitely have an admissions counselor speak with you and then find someone to give you a tour.

    I don't want you to necessarily go to Poly for four years. Just a few hours to see what it's like. A safe, wise investment of time haha.

    Also, visit NJIT. RIT is decent, but as you have an awesome scholarship for NJIT.....visit it. Definitely. I didn't and I kinda regret it. A full ride sounds lovely lol
  • polypropolypro Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    PayScale - Salary Comparison, Salary Survey, Search Wages has starting salary data which anyone who is interested can view, and form their own opinion. Poly ranked high for the past two years. For 2010, Poly ranks fifth:
    Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) $62,100 median pay
    See full list at:
    Best Engineering Colleges By Salary Potential
    The payscale site describes their methodology for the survey, and gives statistical variance. Do they only "ask" people who also lie about MIT, RPI, CalTech, WPI, etc?? How are respondents solicited to participate?? I forgot to look whether CUNY is in the full list which Poly is in; it may instead be listed in a different grouping (state schools, etc.).
  • static75static75 Registered User Posts: 904 Member
    Chario, chilllllllllll. lol srsly. I'm in-state and got into Honors, hence the awesome scholarships. why would I lie about that?

    I thought NYU-Poly statistics were skewed, but they actually make sense based on people I've talked to who have graduated from Poly. I mean it when I say, IBM and NASA were in negotiating battles with one student, and that's just one example. Poly is a small school; it's easy for the school to help each individual student find the best paying job they can find.

    Are they exaggerated? we'll never know, about any of the schools, and that's the truth. i'm tempted to say "sure" but then they're all just about relatively exaggerating. although, do I think Poly's rank fits, and does it make sense? yeah, it does, especially given Poly's geographical location and close alumni network. We're so small, we stick together, we only have engineering & tech at Poly, and I know these students and talk with them about their jobs; the statistic can't be far off at all. but again, just my opinion, they can all be liars and secretly are all Starbucks baristas, who knows?
  • viralbhagaliaviralbhagalia Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    Hi frnds,

    I have gt admit frm foll:
    -nyu poly

    I have applied fr MS in Telecommunication and m confused between nyu poly n gmu.
    Pls give ur suggestions to make the best choice.

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