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Chance me please!

AsparagusislifeAsparagusislife 9 replies5 threads New Member
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My dream school has always been William and Mary from when I was a kid and it's talked about so much in my family because of how much I bring it up that my love for this school has even been deeply instilled into my family! Starting with high school, my high school GPA and stats were not the best and was initially actually rejected from the school. This was a big bummer but was sort of expected but applied with some hope. Everyone I talked to after my rejection had said that VCU was the right fit for me anyways. I wanted to believe them and try it for myself. After spending almost a semester, I don't think it has soaked into me and truthfully I don't think it ever will. It is not where I belong and does not have the sense of home and it really doesn't feel right. I have tried every possible way to go out and turn myself around even out of my comfort zone to find the fit I was looking for but it did not come to me at VCU. On top of all of that, I wanted to switch my major to neuroscience because I thought it would be the right fit for me between biology and psychology but VCU also does not have this major. I couldn't feel more out of place with everything being presented to me and that is when I understood that transferring is the best option. While I am going to admit I was thinking of trying to transfer to William and Mary, I was hoping to find a home at VCU because I believed that there was a reason I had ended up there but that turned into a sour note. I urned for a smaller community and looked for calm serenity which was not what VCU was in any way, in the middle of Richmond city with bustling traffic and city culture. Most of all why William and Mary? because it is home to both my heart and me overall

College wise, I am currently a freshman at VCU and I think that I have drastically shown my level of learning and pushed myself to keep doing better. These are my stats, chance me please!!
High school stats --
GPA: 3.3
SAT: 1350
Extracurriculars: Model UN, Debate, HOSA, FHL, Research program at GMU
Leadership: President of HOSA and Co- Vice President of FHL
100+ volunteer hours

College stats --
GPA: 3.6-3.8 (depending on spring semester as well) , Biology major, 25 credits from H.S and 32 college credits by the time of application deadline in March
Extracurriculars: Tutoring, Tennis club, Student media, American Sign language club, shadowing during winter break at a clinic, Gamma phi beta (social sorority)
Leadership: Gamma phi beta education Vice president

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  • prodesseprodesse 1357 replies71 threads Senior Member
    VCU is a drastically different school from William and Mary! If you have been doing your best and know VCU isn't right for you, it is wise to look into transferring. I'd like to urge you to apply to more than one school. We are so fortunate in Virginia to have a range of state-supported colleges and universities. I urge you to take a specially hard look at the University of Mary Washington, Radford, and Longwood. If you want a more peaceful atmosphere and small classes, they are fine choices.

    W&M has a fairly high acceptance rate for transfer students, mostly because they self-select. Only strong students even apply.

    Note that W&M is more likely to have grade deflation than the other Virginia schools. If you don't already have spectacularly good study habits, spend the rest of the semester trying to acquire them!

    Good luck to you.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 42303 replies454 threads Senior Member
    I agree with applying to Longwood and UMW, plus JMU and perhaps Vtech in addition to W&M.
    Typically, highly selective universities don't go "oops we made a mistake last year". So, you need to identify WHAT exactly you like at W&M so we can help you identify colleges that share these characteristics.
    They'll use your HS GPA and test scores as well as your current GPA so you need to get as many A's as possible. Go to office hours in every class where you don't have an A and get a tutor for any class below a B+. In addition, look at what their neuroscience major requires and take those classes.
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  • AsparagusislifeAsparagusislife 9 replies5 threads New Member
    Sorry for the late response! Thank you @MYOS1634 and @prodesse for coming to my post and giving advice. There is an update to my GPA status, my first semester is a 3.8 and I am planning to use the same study habits I have developed through out the semester to achieve around hopefully a 3.91. As far as why exactly William and Mary specifically? Well it where I wanted to go as a kid, although it cannot be more true in my case, is the clique and boring answer that the admission officers have read a million times. So I will tell you what stood out to me the most. It's calm tight knit community with so many beautiful traditions, like for example their yule log tradition which is so heartwarming to think about even though I myself have not been to one. Secondly, their association with history and so charmful to me. I love anything historical. It is safe to assume that my life inspiration,Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has affected my love so much for historical events and landmarks to this extent. William and Mary in an essence captures the small meaningful which matter the most. Secondly their neuroscience program is one of the nation's best. While VCU is great in its own way doesn't have this. I am currently a biology major and realized that I wanted to do a major that is in between psychology and biology which was neuroscience. To add on, I do not fit in to the city culture. So neither do I fit into the city nor my major. I have decided that it really is in my best interest to attempt to transfer. As far as my application goes, I believe I have shown that I am capable enough to achieve high in college with my grades. I really hope I get in, at this point I do feel like it is based on luck. I have tried my hardest and have seen results.All of my professors are are even willing to write me a recommendation after explaining to them my situation and how well I have actually done in the classes. High school was a very rough time for me with alot of things like moving across the country, death in family and even getting bullying for quite some time. I really do hope they choose to look over my bad times to how much I have grown academically and my real potential which I would say not apparent from my high school record or application. With the change in GPA, I would really like to know my odds with the school and what I can do and must not do with my application. I would also appreciate a feedback on how genuine my reasons are for transferring because I want to show the real me to the admission officers as I know they can really sense superficial reasons.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 42303 replies454 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2019
    The major-related reasons are better reasons.
    What do you have that'd want them to admit you though?
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  • AsparagusislifeAsparagusislife 9 replies5 threads New Member
    @Hippobirdy @lookingforward I was wondering if you guys would like to input any feedback compared to my last post and possibly chance my acceptance.
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  • AsparagusislifeAsparagusislife 9 replies5 threads New Member
    edited December 2019
    @MYOS1634 Could I please get an example on this. Sorry for the late response, the notifications are just weird. I am not sure what the college would get from me. I think that I am very academically orientated but also have many other things that make me someone that William and Mary would like to have. I have good critical thinking and certain abilities that make me come out of even the hardest situations and most of all I won't give up. I also enjoy leadership and being in control of the situation and delivering results. At VCU I hold a leadership in a social sorority and have learned to have a balance while also being able to keep up and really push myself more to do better in my own academics. While I am doing so many things, I am also having fun and have dedicated time to myself. I think the best part of this is that knowing how to not have the stress get to you and doing as much as possible. For me believe it or not, science in general puts a big smile on my face, like there's been multiple times where I would see how the smallest things have an effect on visible things and loved making those connections while understanding how things worked. I love doing research alot and I think that being someone that has alot of experience from summer college programs and other competitions, I would be a great resource.
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